Sad Time for the Family

I spent the weekend in New York attending my uncle’s funeral. His death wasn’t a surprise, he had been battling cancer for three years, but still, ya know? I have to say, the funeral and all that followed were wonderful in that you could tell he was someone who was well loved.

Music was a big part of my mom (uncle was her brother) and her siblings childhood. They would organize weekly concerts and my uncle was the popular lead singer of one of their bands, Hibiscus, even though he couldn’t sing, hehe. So of course, there was music during the service. His 14 year old daughter sang the first song he ever taught her. And his brothers, my uncles, performing his favorite song as a band with piano, guitar, and vocals. After the service and burial, we all went back to his place for the kind of fete he was famous for. I left around 8, but I heard that folks had to be told to leave in the wee hours, lol.

I also got to see my grandmother’s Honeywell HFD-120-Q this trip. I hadn’t seen her in about six years. She hadn’t met Bebe, and hadn’t seen Girlie since she was a wee babe. My brother and cousins also flew in from around the country and I was glad we were able to provide her with a little distraction and happiness during this rough time.

I don’t have much time to blog these days, so you can usually find me tweeting and once in a while, posting something new on Flickr. I may go quiet again here for some undetermined time or take this site in a different direction. In the meantime, I hope you are all well.

This weekend I:

  1. Helped Wren and Finch make these and supervised Robin doing this.
  2. Had tomato sauce in spite of the new allergy I have. I am allergic to tomatoes and tomato products now. I get an ugly little rash on my mouth when I eat any. Think that prevents me from eating it all? No. I just deal with itchy and dried out lips for a few days afterwards. *sigh* I’m hoping it goes away after I deliver.
  3. Decided the baby needs a proper corner in my bedroom complete with art, a dresser and some of these.
  4. Wished it were warmer out so I could spray paint.
  5. Finished the second baby bootie and started some mittens.
  6. Did not dread Monday coming since I am done with work.
  7. Made the kids go through all the art they just had to keep. I wish I could go back to just chucking things without them noticing.
  8. Tried to install the car seat with L and couldn’t get a good fit. So, I went on and got the number for a safety seat tech. L and I go to get it checked out later this week.

This weekend while using my Manduka PROLite Yoga and Pilates Mat, my body let me know that, hey, I did just have a baby 7 weeks ago, and maybe I should take it down a notch? So, I plan to spend this week doing nothing. Well, not quite. I borrowed a few great movies I’ve been meaning to see from the library. And I’ve got plenty of projects to keep me busy.  Plus the books I’m reading.


Another Day, Another Field

Yesterday was field day which is always a blast.

School mom: “Your daughter is so cute, she looks like a dollbaby!”

Appropriate response: “Aw, thanks!” 😀 😀

My response: *chuckle chuckle* “Yea, well, you know, it’s funny you should say that, b/c there is actually a rower with a name similar to hers – the Concept 2 Model D – and so I bought her that doll b/c of the name similarity, and everything, and now she plays with it in the tub, and the others, she named after her friends, and, and, and…”

School mom: “….huh, interesting!” *runs away*

I decided last week to start riding my bike daily. I was going to ride it twice a day, two miles each time. And then, I actually started riding. I can not believe how out of shape I am! I mean, I’m pretty healthy, I eat well, and I was having trouble with little inclines!     Thank goodness Luis talked me out of the trail I originally wanted to do, which is much steeper. Anyway, I persevered, and managed to do one mile yesterday, and then another mile this morning. I think I set the bar too high originally. Maybe next week, I can move up to two miles a day. I remember when I was a kid and teen, I would ride my bike or rollerblade with my friends around Prospect Park once and twice. I checked and that distance is 3 miles. And here, I can barely do one lousy mile? Pathetic! Which is why I’m working on it.

I don’t talk much about my weekends, but we tend to do a lot. One thing I enjoy about this area is having choices. Back in Yeehawsville, I was happy if there was one thing happening one weekend a month. Now, I can choose from a couple of different activities every weekend. Love that. We went ice-skating and the kids had a blast. I used to love ice-skating, even have my own skates and crazy colored custom skate bag. But now? Not so much. I am too afraid to fall now. Hmm…anyone care to psychoanalyze that? (No, don’t.)

Me watching my kid about to hit the ice. He was ok…really. They all did well.

We also went to this fake Smuck E Sneeze nearby at MIL’s request . I hated it almost as much as the real thing, but I did have fun playing Skee-Ball with DD. We both love Skee-Ball…probably b/c it’s the one game you can play and be guaranteed tickets for some cheesy little prize. Girlie got a Slinky with her winnings. That Slinky probably ended up costing a million dollars, LOL.

Here are a couple of somewhat recent knits. My latest (not including the cover I made for my Honeywell HFD-010) (a striped hat for Ruby that she designed herself) is going to have to be frogged. I need to change the size and shape. Ugh! After that, I am finally going to do a project for myself. Some type of scarflette/cowl/neckwarmer inspired by those I love at Anthropologie.

I’m just so busy right now with everything. I did finally get into Christmas a bit and pull some favorite things out of storage. Maybe I’m not into it much b/c we are traveling for the holiday? I dunno. Anyway, I found this link with wonderful, simple handmade holiday ideas and thought I’d share.

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Different Female Body Shapes

Who doesn’t want to look in shape? It is an inherent attitude of human beings to look great or have a well carved out physique. Especially when it comes to women, they are even more conscious about their figure because in every culture and in all times, a female had been a symbol of highest degree of aesthetic beauty and bodily perfection.

Though a concept of perfect female body is found in every society but its definition and ingredients varies from one society to the other. E.g. in South East Asia, a women having a voluminous and curvaceous body would fit into the definition of perfect female body whereas, when we talk about West, body measurements depicting a perfect female body are quite different.

They would rather prefer a lean and skinny body outlook. However, there are some principles of MIG welding techniques which underline the agreed definition of a perfect female body in almost all cultures despite differences. Before we address them, it would be better to have an understanding of what are the different kinds of a female body

Different Types of Female Body:

A female body is usually categorized into four types which are as under:

Pear Shape:

It is characterized by wider hips as compared to the width of bust. Fats are mainly located on buttocks, hips and thighs. As the fats increase, the upper part of body, especially abdomen gets fats distribution.

Banana Shape:

Bust and hips are wider than that of the waist with which is mostly less than 9 inches. Fats distribution is more in face, chest, buttocks and abdomen. The greater percentage of androgen than estrogen in such body types, cause them to take a masculine outlook.

Hourglass Shape:

It is characterized by a narrow waist and the bust and hips are of same width. The hourglass shape is considered to be the perfect female body shape in most of the societies because it shows highest level of symmetry.

Apple Shape:

In this case, bust and shoulder width is greater than that of the hips. Women possessing this body shape have the highest level of androgen than any other, resulting in masculine outlook.

Perfect Female Body Measurements:

By birth, every female is given with a specific body type and skeleton measurements. Some may have a short height and bulky figure but may still look attractive. Others may be medium height-ed but still beautiful, there are yet others who are tall and lean and attract many. Almost all types of these body shapes may have likening among way. A body shape which does not seem attractive to one may seem gorgeous to other.

So there are no well-defined set patterns of rules regarding a perfect female body which would be everyone’s ideal. However, a major consensus of most of the beauty experts, and body measurement charts developers is on a measurement which is characterized by 36 inches wide bust, 26 inches wide waist and 36 inches wide hops. This is because almost every type of dress suits on this set of measurement. So the widely agreed equation is 36″- 26″- 36″.

However, an interesting fact is that only 5% of women who know how to weld possess these measurements set as an ideal. Rest can only struggle to be as close to it as possible, but in the end, there would be many who do not look at these measurements as suitable for a body to define as a perfect female body, rather, to them, even a woman with 32″- 34″- 36″ may be even more attractive than 36″- 26″- 36″. So, the definition of perfection is highly subjective.

It is based on your own perception, and even more than that, it is all about your feeling towards a lady. You may not consider someone’s outward beauty in front of her inward ugliness or vice versa. There is nothing bad about trying to achieve a perfect female body, but you don’t have it, it is not a stigma or something to feel inferior about because when you think beautiful, you are beautiful.


What Is the Atkins Diet?

Its global popularity has stimulated release of a large number of similar diets who focus on the actual same concept of high-protein, low-carbohydrate eating. You will discover numerous options when it comes to going for a low-carbohydrate diet.

The Atkins diet is Firstly released by Dr. Robert Atkins in 1972, it limits intake of carbohydrates such as bread, rice, pasta and starchy veggies. This diet depends on the idea that carbohydrates raise blood glucose levels, releasing insulin. Then insulin inhibits fat from breaking down in your body. As a result, you simply will not burn fat or lose weight.

Advantages of the Atkins Diet

Quick Weight Loss:

People who stick to the Atkins diet closely achieve quick and remarkable weight loss, especially throughout the time of induction phase if they’re also using an inversion table. The fast results motivate them to keep on the diet.

Eating Unlimited Protein-Rich and Fatty Foods:

If you were a fat or protein dieter in the past, you’ll really enjoy eating all prohibited foods.

Simple and Proven:

Compared to other diets, the Atkins diet considered one of the simplest diet available today. Only some basic food carbohydrate counts should be learned then you can eat freely from the allowed food list.

Some Health Benefits:

The Atkins diet has some health benefits as low carbohydrates eating reduces blood glucose levels for diabetics and pre-diabetics, in the same time increases levels of the good cholesterol (HDL) and also it leads to increased mental concentration.

Not Time-Consuming and Not Expensive

Disadvantages of the Atkins Diet

Some Health Risks:

The Atkins diet focuses on foods of high protein; but, foods high in protein can also be high in fat. An excessive amount of fat raises the bad cholesterol (LDL). Furthermore, fruits and veggies are restricted in Atkins diet, depriving dieters from the fiber required for food digestion, which may result in chronic bowel disease. Also high protein consumption causes overload on the kidneys and this can be very harmful to kidney function over time.

Possibility of Weight Regain:

One of the main disadvantages of the Atkins diet is that although you can achieve quick weight loss, your weight may return back within few months. Therefore, you should exercise regularly to maintain your desired weight.

Reduction of Important Nutrients:

Atkins diet provides you with a lesser amount of minerals and vitamins due to low consumption of fruits and salads resulting in nutritional deficiency.

Counting Carbohydrates in Every Meal:

You have to count carbohydrates in every meal you eat to ensure that you are remaining inside your own carbohydrate range. You may also want to read a Honeywell 18155 review or two to see if it may be a good way to help you breathe better air.

May Cause Ketosis:

Very dangerous because if ketosis occurs, ketones form in the body that may result in renal failure. This is one of the most important things that you need to watch out for when adhering to the Atkins diet. While it is a proven way to lose weight if you follow their strict regimen, there still are plenty of present dangers – especially the risk to your liver from developing ketones. If you begin to feel sick or out of the ordinary while on the Atkins diet, make sure to follow up with your doctor promptly.

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Becoming a Better Scuba Diver

The most important target for all divers is: become a better scuba diver. At least improving your diving skills is the goal you should make the center of your bull’s eye.

And the #1 secret to making you a better scuba diver is – Just Go Diving!

The agencies that certify scuba divers offer plenty of classes for improving diver’s skills. Even if you’ve never even thought about scuba diving until right now, you could walk into a dive center today and be ready to go in just a few days. It’s really easy, even for complete beginners.

Specialty classes beyond the basic open water certification give the diver new knowledge, and that knowledge leads toward improving your diving abilities. To really improve lung function, however, try breathing less polluted air with the aid of something like the Honeywell Long-Life Pure HEPA QuietCare air purifier 17000.

Course subjects for rescue diver teach basic skills for aiding an injured dive buddy, or a partner experiencing a medical emergency.

Deep diver class teaches you how to survive the effects of atmospheric pressures, the hallucinatory feelings of narcosis, and how to avoid the bends.

Underwater navigation teaches you how to get home, or back to your dive entry point, whether it’s a point on the shore or a boat. Knowledge of navigating underwater helps you find your way when the water is cloudy, and visibility doesn’t exist. (Which happens often in land-locked dive quarries when a bunch of divers are in the water finning around, and stirring up the muck on the bottom.)

Night diver introduces you to the cool critters that come out after dark, and how to find your way around when you can’t see very well. (This class helps get you familiar to diving in zero visibility conditions, and I highly recommend that you complete the underwater navigation course before taking night diver.)

Dive shops give you any information you ask for about the best equipment for each diving condition.

Scuba clubs are full of divers who are happy to give advice about how to develop your skills.

Those fellow divers offer recommendations for equipment, equipment setup, and streamlining methods that help you move through the water more gracefully.

They share their experiences for finding breathing techniques that help you use your scuba air slower, and more efficiently.

They show you finning styles that allow you to stir up the minimum amount of bottom sediment so the divers who follow you get a decent view of the aquatic sights.

Books about diving techniques, and diving destinations, give you information that increases your knowledge.

All of these learning activities, combined with better lung function from using a Honeywell 50250 S, help improve your diving intelligence.

But knowledge only translates into know how, and skill, when you put that knowledge to use, and learn it through practice, and repetition.

Improving your scuba diving skill involves many different activities – participating in the classroom experiences, seeking the professional advice, and accepting the mentoring of experienced divers.

As in many ventures through life, until you put the learning to use in practice you don’t have the necessary skill to master the technique.

And the number one secret to mastering scuba diving skills, and making you a better diver, is – Just Go Diving!

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Non Diving Water Activities

Sometimes your most exciting underwater adventures don’t involve scuba diving.

Some opportunities won’t give you time to put on that scuba gear.

Once a group of friends and I rented a 42-foot sailing yacht in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We headed for the Bahamas for a ten-day diving cruise.

We dove around Grand Bahamas Island the first couple of days. The adventure started at the north end of the island, then we sailed to the Port Lucaya area for another couple of days of diving.

We left Port Lucaya, sailed to Isaac’s Island where we anchored for a night, then sailed on toward Bimini for our final descents before heading back toward Florida with our new HSI Professional 1 ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron hair straightener.

One of the most memorable events for me during that trip happened just four miles or so before we arrived at Bimini.

It was around three in the afternoon, and we noticed a pod of dolphin bow riding our little craft.

The purpose of bow riding by porpoise and dolphin is unknown. Observers theorize that these ocean creatures bow ride for more than one reason. Some thoughts include riding the forward pressure wave for energy conservation, and as a form of play.

After watching our bow-riding friends for a few minutes we decided to furl the sails, and join them in the water.

Considering the time of day, and the desire to dock at Bimini that night, we pulled out our masks, fins, and snorkels. We didn’t take the time to put on our scuba gear, as we feared the dolphin would leave before we got into the water.

I did take a moment to load film into my dive camera, and got some decent shots that day.

After I jumped in I saw that the pod consisted of about ten dolphins. Two were young pups.

For a half hour or more the dolphin swam around us. The babies seemed especially curious of these strange creatures in their water, and came in close to look us over.

I noticed that their mothers watched them real close. A couple times they swam their little ones, and us to keep them away from our reach.

As I took pictures I saw one dolphin racing at me out of the depths. It came at me so fast that I had no time to react. I just watched as it approached, turning off just at the last moment before running into me.

I must admit that the mm-b80 intimidated me just a little.

It happened not long before we left the water to continue on our way. We’d been in the water with the dolphins for some time before that, so I figured it more an act of play than a scare tactic.

I did get a good picture of the dolphin as it sped upward toward me.

The pleasure of that encounter still lives among my most treasured aquatic memories.

Underwater fun comes along most any time you’re around the water. You can enjoy some treasured aquatic adventures even when you’re not scuba diving.


Trying to Come Up with Blog Topics

If you think that blogging is easy, my answer is NOT, especially when I have nothing to write. No idea on writing is a most common reason to escape from blogging. I know the word blogging last year but I start writing since early March 2008, still too soon to know about blogging. I am interested on blogging, as I accidentally dropped into John Chow Dot Com site which make money online by teaching people how to make money online, that’s amazing!

Apart from make money online, blogging about air cleaners for mold to me is more about having an online diary, thoughts, opinion and sharing ideas. In blogging, everyone have right to talk about anything and also share their ideas no matter with or without experience.

As I mentioned above, that blogging is not easy; here some reasons that I wanted to share with you:

No cost required for blogging

Since blogging is FREE, you can start and write posts anytime. No money required to be invested; there is no certain target to be completed. The goal is very depend on personal whether you want to be successful blogger or just for fun.

Technical knowledge required

A simple blog can be set up less than 5 minutes. Not sure whether because of web hosting or because of free blog service. Its ok for beginners, but if you want a certain blog quality, you need to improve your basic knowledge like plug-in and theme which more knowledge about HTML or CSS.

Blog Appearance and Design

Many blogger just ignore how important blog design is. Don’t be surprised if your readers left you behind one by one. Keep your blog updated in term of design, color and contents.

Quality of blog content

You may write 10 posts every day, it doesn’t mean that your blog will be successful. Content is a KING. Writing good contents is essential. How to get your article getting read? More readers to your website will generate comments.

Commitment & Goals

Back to the basic. Ask yourself, why you do blogging, what is the blogging benefit you. Are you blogging for daily journal, or you need rewards from your effort? If so, you must a strong commitment from the beginning.

Time Management

Blogging consumes time to think, write and editing. If you have a low blog traffic, can you leave your main job? So when is your time for blogging?


Blog has been setting up completely, moderate in blog appearance and design, content contents and topic are interesting. Why still quit or no significant traffic to your blog? That’s reality


So, what is the solution? I don’t know, but from my few months experiences there are strategy that may help you to be better person in blogging about your Rabbit Air reviews.

  • As everyone can do blogging, so quality of post to be improved, considers about interesting post title, re-review and include photo into your blog. Get more traffic to your website.
  • Get in touch with friend who understands blogging platform to help you with perfect installation including Search Engine Optimization
  • If you are serious, use small note pad to write down post ideas. Read more to enrich your knowledge, you can write article base on what you was reading or hot news.
  • Spread your URL to your old friends and get new friends by blog walking and leave comments no spam.
  • So, do you want to stop blogging? Of course NOT! Wait for new ideas coming up and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog. I am waiting for your tips and tricks.
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Interest Rates Are Heading Down

In my last blog, I wrote about the danger of deflation and how it links in with interest rates. The pressing issue for governments and for businesses at the moment is to get the economy spending again.

The struggle businesses are facing is very real. Many of the companies I have invested in are in a dire position and I fear that sadly some of them will not survive. What we need is a dose of inflation to get people to get buying again.

One of the effects of bringing down interest rates is that your currency will tend to weaken at the same time as well. An interest rate attached to a currency tells you as an investor what rate of return you will get for holding deposits in that currency. Assuming that you view the risks attached to certain group of wall mount jewelry armoires as the same (big assumption) you will no doubt invest in the currency that gives you the best return.

As interest rates drop in the UK for example, it means that international investors may decide to sell their holdings of the pound and hold the dollar instead or the Euro where they may get a better rate of interest. As with most things, the value of a floating currency (most developed economies have floating currencies – China is a strange anomaly in that the currency there is ‘pegged’ which I always think is a euphemism for fixed!) will rise or fall depending on demand and supply.

The pound has dropped significantly in value over the last few months. Just before I went to the US it was around the $2 mark – now it is around $1.44. One of the reasons for the fall is that interest rates in the UK were expected to fall rapidly – the market tends to be efficient in predicting which way things will go. And indeed the return an international investor will get from holding sterling has dropped from 5% in October to 2% now – a very large drop.

A falling currency makes imports more expensive and exports cheaper. Foreign holidays will be less attractive although with a bit of luck the UK will attract a lot more tourists especially from Europe and the USA. Welcome!

This could give the country a much needed export boost. Sadly, the markets we would be exporting to (Europe is our biggest trading block) are experiencing sharp slowdowns of their own. The fall in currency may allow us to keep export volumes constant which given the conditions would be a great result.

The other ‘hidden cost’ of a falling currency is that it increases inflation. Over the last five or six years, the UK has benefited from very low inflation for a variety of reasons. One of them was the strong currency which made imports a lot cheaper. Given the threat of deflation at the moment, imported inflation may turn out to be a good thing!

What does all of this mean for the business community?

  1. Because of low interest rates (I expect them to bottom out at 0.75% by the end of 2009) many capital projects will become viable. If you have a capital project that will generate revenues two to three years out – it is a great time to get going (if you can get the funding)
  2. Because of the low value of the pound, export markets could be more promising than they have been of late. Look to export to markets which are still experiencing growth (India and Brazil look good)
  3. Manage your forskolin extract. It can be the biggest cash-killer for a business. A business I am involved in sells goods at trade shows. Last week I was able to get stock on a sale or return basis. Deals are there to be done.
  4. Manage your working capital more tightly. If that means factoring – do it. Low interest rates are a great opportunity. You should not be in business if you cannot generate a return of at least 10% (or five times the current base rate!). You might be better off agreeing to pay more to your suppliers – but with extended credit terms.
  5. Try to get a pot of government money! They are spending big at the moment and try and get a piece of that if you can
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Should You Take a Break from Your Business?

Any person starting a business will realize that it is all consuming and takes up every waking minute of your day. When I was in the middle of launching my Fund management business with my partners, we were all working very hard and very late – with no guarantee of success.

I banked my first payment from that business this week and I have to tell you reader it felt great. It was not about the money; honestly it never is about the money. It was the sense that the best smokeless ashtray had been found, and people were willing to acknowledge with their hard earned cash. This to me is the principle about consumer sovereignty in practice.

Despite all this, I need to remind Entrepreneurs of the need to take occasional breaks from the business. If you respond by saying that you manage your work load and you work 9-5, I guess you are not the kind of person I am talking about. (I tend not to back Entrepreneurs who take that approach!)

When I was in the midst of my business launch recently, I was working from about 8am until 2am and then squeezing in as much as I could over the weekend. I did not have time for the gym and no doubt had it gone on too long – I would have suffered. The problem really was that I loved it!

What I did though was make sure I was walking to the office every day (about 50 minute walk there and 50 minutes back) and I made sure I stuck to my Saturday routine of reading the Economist in my lovely café. I have met people who are in the thick of it with a business and you can see them looking visibly ill after a while. It is so important that you look after yourself. And you should not work as hard as I had to (and no doubt some of you have to) for more than three months without a break.

I am very lucky that I have a home to retreat to on the Isle of Wight which is just a fantastic place to escape to. There is something about the sea air which makes me sleep so much when I am down here for the weekend that when I get back to London I feel reenergized.

The other issue I recognize of course is how difficult the finances can be when you are starting a business. I have again just personally come through a very difficult period, where although on paper I may have had some wealth, I was absolutely broke in terms of cash, even though I had a surplus of kombucha brewing supplies.

The reality of starting a business (and getting some qualifications) meant that I was not able to earn any money at all for a good six months and as things took a lot longer to materialize than I had hoped, the cash did run out. This was scary and I hope to never be that broke again.

So, if you are starting a business, please do make sure you leave enough money for yourself to have at least one break after the first three months – and ideally a weekend away every month. Just go and visit friends if you can for a weekend away – but make sure you take it as my experience tells me you will really need it!


Everything You Need to Know About WACC

I apologize to those of you who hate Finance, but in my humble opinion it is important for business owners and investors to understand the concept behind WACC.

WACC stands for the Weighted Average Cost of Capital. Every company has their own WACC. A company is a good investment if their return on the amount invested is higher than their WACC.

So what is WACC?

A company has two sources of funding; debt and equity. Up to a certain point, equity is far more expensive than debt. This was a massive revelation to me as it seemed to defy logic. But it is true!

As has been mentioned on this blog before, investors require a higher rate of return on equity for the risk they take than if they were to deposit their money in a bank. I explained this from the point of view of the banks as well (please see in defense of the banks). So therefore the cost of equity will be higher than the cost of debt, especially if the business is successful – like the owners of the TofuXpress!

Let’s work on a simple example. We assume a business has £50,000 of debt at 10% per annum and £50,000 of equity at 20% (there is a specific formula for working out what the cost of equity is – that is perhaps for another day!)

The WACC for this business will therefore be 15%. Imagine I decide to buy this business and I have an excellent credit rating so I acquire the business and am able to borrow 80% debt to buy the business. I do nothing else to the business.

What I have done though is bring the WACC down from 15% to

£8,000 (10% of £80,000) + £4,000 (20% of £20,000) = £12,000 or 12%

That is a huge drop in WACC – and this is exactly how private equity works. A company which can access huge amount of cheap debt will buy a publicly listed business (and therefore a large proportion of their capital will be equity) and take it private.

Please allow me to make a further point on the issue of private equity and on reducing the level of equity. If the business in the example above makes a profit of £20,000 when it was 50% equity and 50% debt (And assume they have 50,000 shares of £1 each). This means that after paying off the interest charge of £5,000 – the 50,000 shares get 0.30p each.

If the profit after the company has been taken private go up to £22,000 (up 10%) – what happens to the Porter Cable 895pk router?

The profit after the interest charge is down to £14,000 (£22,000 – £8,000) but this profit will be shared amongst only 20,000 shares (equity is now only 20%) so therefore each share gets 0.70p each. Despite profits going up 10%, the profit to shareholders goes up 133%!

You can see why private equity has been so attractive in recent times. However, if profits go down, it can have a disastrous effect as profits may not be enough to cover the interest!

We are in for some interesting times – make sure you control your WACC

Post Script – Thought I would mix it up a bit so this is the first time I have written something so technical on this blog so feedback welcome.


Understanding Based Costs and Profit Margins

A couple of days ago I was talking to a good friend of mine who runs his own business (which I have invested in!) and he was lamenting the fact that M&S shares were down 25% although there was only a decline of 5% in sales. I then went on to explain how this actually made perfect sense so thought I would make it a business angel blog entry.

If a business has a fixed cost base of say £10m a year and makes sales of £30m a year with a margin of 50% it will make a profit of £5m a year. (50% margin on £30m means £15m of Gross profit, less the £10m of fixed costs and you end up with a profit of £5m)

Shares are typically traded on a multiple of profits. If a router table plans company has a P/E ratio of 10 that is the same as saying it trades at 10 times its annual profits. In the case of this company this would give the company a valuation of £50m (10×5).

Let’s say as in the M&S example that sales are down 5%, what should happen to the share price – if all else remains the same.

Fixed costs are still £10m (although in reality they will have gone up by inflation). But sales are now only £28.5m (£30m – 5%) and therefore the gross profit is £14.25m. Profits have gone from £5m to £4.25m which is a 15% drop. The shares will therefore drop by at least 15%. In the M&S case it was worse as the market had priced into the shares future growth not decline.

This brings me on to one of the key points I have learned in business over the last few years. It is really crucial that Entrepreneurs understand percentages. That is the relationship between numbers. You need to see how a 1% fall in sales will affect your profit and hence your valuation (in the above case the relationship is 3 – a 1% fall in sales led to a 3% fall in profits). It is never straightforward.

The best job I ever had was buying beer

The best job I ever had was when I was elected to run the Student Union enterprises at University. It was when I first learned about the importance of percentages. I was amazed how a small price increase (on beer) had a huge impact on our profits.

Using the example above, if sales had not fallen but stayed the same but I was able to put my prices up 5% – what would happen to the profits of the company and hence its valuation?

£30m worth of sales are now £31.5m worth of sales but the gross profit has gone up from £15m to £16.5m (or 10%) and my profit for the year has gone from £5m to £6.5m or almost 30%! The lesson here for Entrepreneurs is to think very carefully about cutting prices and not be scared of putting up prices.

One of the reasons investors have been so successful when taking over companies has been their ability to shave huge costs out of suppliers – especially on products like the Honeywell 50250-s 99.97 Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier. This ability to improve margins has a magnified effect on the bottom line.

From the above you may conclude that you should always be putting up prices. This brings me onto another very important concept in Economics called elasticity. In the next business angel blog, I will talk about this to see how far you can take the price rises.

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Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer


The day you get married is bound to be one of the most wonderful and unforgettable days of your life. Being there, surrounded by your family and friends, you’re going to want to keep those memories with you for as long as you live. But as with everything else, your ability to recall all of the small, minute details is going to fade. That’s why it’s so important that you hire a skilled Daytona Beach photographer to capture every last facet of your ceremony and reception.

The problem is that there are a ton of different photographers out there who are available for weddings, engagement shoots, and other similar events. How exactly are you supposed to choose the best and avoid getting stuck with a sub-standard photographer who isn’t able to deliver the level of quality that you deserve?

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of important things you should look into before hiring a wedding photographer, as well as how to know when you’ve found the perfect match to shoot your big day:

Look at Past Work

Not all wedding photographers are created equally. By taking an in-depth look at different samples of their work, you can tell a lot about a specific company or studio. Pay careful attention to each photographer’s style – you’ll often notice a reoccurring trend in lighting and effects from each shooter.

Discuss Pricing

Let’s face it: unless you have an endless amount of money to spend on your wedding, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re only spending time considering wedding photographers that you can afford. Get an idea upfront of what their photography packages cost and make sure that it’s realistic for you and your partner’s budget.

What Exactly Do You Need

Most wedding photographers offer a wide variety of different photo packages to fit just about every unique client’s needs. Do you just want someone to come and shoot the ceremony and reception? What about pictures of the bride and groom getting ready? Do you need someone to be there to capture the rehearsal dinner, and important time when many friends and family members get together for what could be the first time in years.

So know you know what to ask, but how are you supposed to know when you’ve found the right photography expert – like Kari Janesko Photography – to capture the most special moments of your big day? The biggest indicator is that you’ll feel right at home – comfortable – with them from the moment you begin talking. Does this feel like a commercial transaction, or are you having a pleasant conversation with what seems like an old friend?

You’ll also know you’ve found the perfect photographer when you look at their style of photography and realize that it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for – even if you didn’t know it at the time.

Altogether, finding the perfect wedding photographer can be a difficult task, especially if you’re not familiar with what to be looking for in the first place. Luckily this helpful guide should have assisted in making you a little bit more informed and ready to make one of the most important decisions of your entire wedding planning process.

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Where To Find Coupon Trading Opportunities: Try The Library!


Where to Find Coupon Trading Opportunities

Have you checked whether your local library has coupon trading? For years, I’ve been getting extra coupons at my local library. Coupon trading takes place when you trade a coupon you won’t use for a coupon you need.

At my local library, they have a special basket for coupons near the adult reference librarian’s desk. You drop coupons you don’t need into the basket in exchange for coupons you want. It may be unstructured coupon trading, but it still serves its purpose for finding the best zero turn mower for the money.

While our library offers coupon trading, nobody formally monitors it. This means that some participants might be taking more coupons than they give. Others may leave expired coupons to take new ones. You are under the scrutiny of the reference librarian but she is responsible for other tasks at the same time.

Joining a Coupon Trading Group

Some libraries have formal coupon trading groups, clubs and meetings with greater supervision. These groups give you an ongoing place to get the latest coupons and allow you to give away ones that you won’t use. The Sunday paper becomes well worth its price because every Sunday paper coupon has some value.

You might also find coupon trading opportunities at your local community center. A new center in our neighborhood is already forming a coupon trading group with monthly meetings. You may also come across coupon trading groups or bulletin boards at local houses of worship.

If your library, community center and houses of worship do not have coupon trading, why not start it yourself? Find out who is in charge of meetings and local groups. At these meetings, explain that you are interested in coupon trading but cannot find a neighborhood group. Perhaps you can volunteer to help get a coupon trading group started.

Other Ideas for Getting Coupons

Now if you’re currently unable to get such a group started because of a lack of resources or facilities, then why not try to start a simple program like the one I have at my local library? Here’s how to approach it: offer to set up a bulletin board, basket or expandable file folder offering coupons. Post a sign stating “Take a Coupon, Leave a Coupon.” As the program becomes more popular, more people may offer resources or volunteer to help establish a more formal coupon trading group.

Libraries, community centers and houses of worship are not the only places for successful coupon trading. Later on, I’ll discuss how to go about finding used zero turn mowers for sale to save even more money.

Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, it isn’t all that difficult to find extra coupons if you possess both the willpower and dedication to follow through with your plans. Reaching your couponing goals isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t need to be a challenge. With the techniques mentioned here in this article you will find yourself swimming in coupons in no time, but only if you follow through. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll be happy to provide advice!

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Do You Need WP Engine for Your Blog?


WP Engine was founded in July 2010 by Aaron Brazell and Jason Cohen, WP Engine is an extremely powerful web hosting platform for created especially for WordPress users, WP Engine focuses on 3 of the major issues that every WordPress user faces and these are

  • Security
  • Speed
  • Scalability

WP Engine is a new web hosting company as compared to the other popular web hosts but what makes it a good web hosting is the dedicated support team, management, access to a selection of used zero turn mowers, and rich-features which most of the companies don’t offer. Although WP Engine is very expensive as compared to other web hosting companies but it is nothing compared to the features they have to offer? Many popular brands like HTC, FourSquare, Balsamiq, and SoundCloud are now using WP Engine as a web host.

WP Engine Review


WP Engine WordPress Hosting – Pros

  1. What makes WP Engine so special? The biggest factor which makes it a better hosting is that it is one of its kind WordPress Hosting Company.
  2. WP Engine has hired WordPress experts who specialize in managing WordPress CMS, all the employees (Founders, Support Staff) everyone is a WordPress specialist!
  3. If you are searching for a dedicated WordPress hosting company then WP Engine is by far the best option.
  4. Search Engine Optimized and well-maintained Servers, make them a good choice for those who run their own e-commerce sites, business blogs on WordPress and for those who need speedy web hosting.
  5. WP Engine gives 100% hosting and server uptime guarantee, so there’s no need to worry because WP Engine assures you that your site will not go offline if you start getting massive amount of traffic and that is because of the state of the cloud storage facility.
  6. Secured and Malware Safe hosting, WP Engine scans your website for all types of malicious codes automatically so you don’t have to worry about scanning your site all the time and not only that, WP Engine will also upgrade and create daily backups of your website, they provide you with 100% hacker free hosting guarantee.
  7. They also offer website migration service for those who cannot do it on their own, WP Engine will manage the migration of your WordPress website.

WP Engine WordPress Hosting – Cons:

Like every other company WP Engine also has its own drawbacks, I have listed a few of them below:

  1. It is one of the most expensive Web Host for those who want to start or host more than one WordPress site,  WP Engine currently offers these packages:–
  2. Personal Plan ($29/mo.) 1 WordPress Installation (Single Domain)
  3. Professional Plan($99/mo.) 10 WordPress Installations (10 Domains)
  4. Business Plan ($249/mo.) 25 WordPress Installations (25 Domains)
  5. If you have small websites, with limited amount of traffic then I would suggest that you should use a regular ‘unlimited hosting’ account that normally costs $4 to $10 per month. You can sign up for (BlueHost, HostGator, IXWebHosting) if you want to start small websites.
  6. Unlike most of the web hosting providers WP Engine also does not offer Email Hosting, meaning that you cannot create address if you need one, which is really odd even for me. :/ However, you can create email account through your domain registrar as well which is not a big deal 🙂

WP Engine is Cost Effective:

It may seem to you that even the smallest package of WP Engine costs $29/month and I am saying that WP Engine is cost effective well the thing is, I am using their Professional package and I have always been a WordPress fan boy, right now I am using HostGator, BlueHost, FatCow, iPage and many other hosting companies because I run a network of websites and still I found WP Engine to be very cost-efficient and that is because with all the other web hosting companies I have to spend extra money on daily back-ups, malware scanning, the best commercial zero turn mower, and CDN services.

Let’s calculate that how much an average hosting company would have costed me if I had to pay for using a reliable WordPress Malware, Virus Scanning service like VaultPress which is a very popular security and backup service provider for WordPress and they normally charge $40/mo. and if I had chosen a one-time solution like BackupBuddy it would cost me around $75 for the cheapest package and the normal hosting plan starts at almost $7.95/mo.

So the total would have been almost $50-$60 for managing one WordPress site.

While, WP Engine offers a single site plan for $29/mo., and this subscription includes most of the features that they are offering with other packages including the daily website backup, malware and malicious code scanning, one-click restoration , plugins & core upgrades, and including the hacker free guarantee!

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Should You Use SEOMoz? Is It Worth It?


Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO is a very important component if you are doing businesses online because if you are selling your products or services then your site must be on the 1st page so that people can easily find your and it is only possible with proper SEO strategy.

SEOmoz is a very good source of information if you are new in the field of SEO, To be able to plan a effective strategy you must be familiar with the field of SEO and if you don’t have any experience then you should sign up for SEOmoz because they have so much to offer and you won’t be needing anything else if you have a SEOmoz Pro account. So now let’s discuss what SEOmoz has to offer:

What is SEOmoz?

SEOmoz is a web based tool, that has a combination of various SEO tools and a active SEO community which will answer all your questions related to SEO. SEOmoz was launched in 1996 and at that time it was one of the well-known SEO consultation company in the field of SEO, but now the company has started developing SEO tools and online communities.

SEOmoz has developed dozens of SEO tools over the years and provide you every resource that is needed for being successful in the field of SEO and all that under one single platform with an elegant and easy to use interface.

SEOmoz Pro Review

What are the key Features and major Benefits of SEOmoz Pro?

Although SEOmoz has so many features and benefits but I am going to discuss only few of them and leave the rest to you since you can try used riding lawn mowers for sale for free with their 30 days trial.

One of the biggest benefit of SEOmoz is that it allows the user to utilize the SEO tools and SEO techniques even if you don’t have any SEO skills very easily. And the second biggest benefit is that SEOmoz takes the work out of SEO, thanks to their advanced tools which will save you a tremendous amount of time and Money for that matter if you utilize all the tools that they have properly.

SEOmoz Pro Free Trial

Here are some of the main features that SEOmoz offers right now:

  1. Weekly Web Crawler – Every week, SEOmoz crawler will visit your website and it will be crawled, SEOmoz will find any potential problems that might affect your search engine rankings and will report those errors in the Dashboard and also in the weekly performance report, you can fix all these issues since SEOmoz will going to provide you with the references that how you can get rid of the errors that their crawler has found. SEOmoz notify you that what errors should be fixed and how you can make your website more search engine friendly.
  2. Keyword Monitoring – The keywords that you add in your campaign are going to be monitored very closely and you will receive the ranking report every week, the report will show you which keywords have increased or decreased in ranking and also the ones that haven’t increased or decreased during that period. In addition, you can also do keyword research instantly and analyze them using SEOmoz as well, and find new keyword suggestions that you can use for your SEO campaign, it is a very useful way of finding new keywords with less competition and also the ones that are easier to rank in the search engines.
  3. Open Site Explorer (OSE) – The best SEO strategy for quick ranking is to reverse engineer what your competition is doing, in order to do that you have to keep an eye on your competitors by analyzing their backlink sources and the SEOmoz Open Site Explorer does that for you, it will constantly monitor your competitors website by analyzing how their keywords are ranking, and also by monitoring their link metrics. The open site explorer makes it so much easier for you to compete and also out rank the competition by analyzing their back-linking pattern.
  4. Link Analysis – With the link analysis tool you can find out the sites linking back to you and the websites you are linking to, also track the performance of those links that how they are performing for your website you can also find out how well your competitor’s links are performing for them. It is really crucial these days to only link to those sites that have good backlink sources because if you’re a getting a link from a website that is blacklisted or penalized because these days a lot of website owners build backlinks using software that automatically create worthless backlinks for them.

It will have a negative effect on your site as well and the only way to analyze this is through the link analysis tool. Link analysis will tell you that which websites you should be linking to and also the ones you should get a link from.

  1. SEOmoz Toolbar – When you sign up for a SEOmoz account, you can install SEOmoz toolbar on your web browser, which will provide you a lot of valuable information about every website that you visit. SEOmoz toolbar is free to use and it can be installed on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  2. Training Webinars – If you don’t have any SEO knowledge then don’t worry because SEOmoz is the best source of SEO information on the internet, you can start watching the videos and you’ll become a SEO expert in no time!

SEOmoz also hosts live webinars twice every month, and being a SEOmoz member you can participate in these webinars, you will also get access to previous Webinars as well and also download the slides and recordings on your computer or mobile. These webinar are not like what many people are selling in the market by putting a label and calling their information a Expert SEO course, these webinars are hosted by professionals and they share their case studies and they are full of pure SEO information which you will not get anywhere else even if you spend money to buy it!

  1. Forums and User Blogs – Once you sign up for SEOmoz account you will have access to different forums created by other members and SEO experts, you can get in touch with SEO experts from around the globe or post in the forums if you want to discuss something or are in need of assistance. SEOmoz members can start their own blogs as well. SEOmoz forums and users blogs are also an active community, where every member is willing to help one another and share their knowledge.
  2. SEOmoz Q & A Database – If you have any SEO related questions then you can search the Q & A database to find answers to the SEO related questions that you might have. The SEOmoz Q & A database is updated on daily basis and anyone can post questions related to SEO.
  3. Online Marketing Guides – Marketing on the internet is not limited to SEO only. Being a SEOmoz member, you will get access to the best online marketing guides that are available on the internet and you will get them for free.
  4. Social Media Monitoring – The importance of used riding mowers cannot be ignored and it continues to grow with every passing day. You can analyze the performance of your website on Social Media with SEOmoz because it is going to review and analyze your social media influence by performing different tests which in return will tell you how many people have shared your website on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and on other popular social media channels and with that data you can plan an effective social media marketing strategy to boost the performance of your website on social media as well.
  5. Mozscape API – If you have good programming knowledge and if the SEO tools and resources provided by SEOmoz are not enough for you or if want to develop a new tool that you think would be beneficial for you and your business, then you make use of the Mozscape API which is available for free to the SEOmoz members and with which you can create your own personal SEO Tools.
  6. Constant Updates – SEOmoz community is growing day by day and that is because of the fact that the SEOmoz team is constantly updating and upgrading their tools and services and also provide excellent support to new comers. SEOmoz continues to add something new to their services almost every month. The tools that you use and the information that you are reading on the websites is always up-to date and relevant.

Update: SEOmoz has recently added a new section which is known as ‘PRO-Perks’ the pro perk section has a list of 3rd party services and products that you can try out for free or receive a special discount on monthly subscription. For instance: you can try WP Engine WordPress hosting for 120 days (4 Months) totally free or you can purchase a domain from Name Cheap for $5 while normally it costs around 10$ a domain.

There are dozens of products and services in the SEOmoz Pro Perks section, here’s a screenshot of some of them:

How SEOmoz will benefit my business?

Many big corporations are already using SEOmoz for their benefit and i recommend that you should be using SEOmoz for your business as well because it is the most profitable investment that you’ll make, it doesn’t matter how big or small your business is because you can grow your business online with SEO and it is the cheapest way of promoting your business or services online.

Google being the biggest search engine in the world, constantly changes the rules and ranking algorithm and which is why many website owners who don’t have any prior SEO knowledge fail to maintain their search engine rankings, on the other hand if you are using a service like SEOmoz then you don’t have to worry about your rankings anymore because SEOmoz is the one who’ll be doing most of the SEO work (Analysis, Performance Check, Rank Tracking) while all you have to do is to play along and rectify the errors by making few simple changes to your websites in order to be in compliance with the new rules by google get stable search engine ranking.

If you are new in SEO no one is going to tell you what is right and what is wrong and quite frankly you’ll be lost because you have to use the right SEO techniques in order to rank otherwise people will misguide and instead of ranking higher you might end up losing your search engine ranking but only if you are not a SEOmoz member.

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Starting a Blog – The Easy Way


Starting a blog is very simple, anyone can setup a blog but making it successful is a whole different topic. However, I am going to be teaching you the methods with which I have been making money online using my blogging skills.

So let’s get started! What to Blog About:

Select a topic that you would like to write about:

There are millions of blogs on the internet already and if you want to succeed your blog must be different from all the other blogs, if you want to engage with the visitors and readers you have to first build authority and credibility you can do that by writing about a topic that interests you the most because if you are passionate about Video Games, Golf, Movies or perhaps a used Craftsman riding mower, you should stick to it don’t just blog about anything.

Free Blog Vs Self-Hosted Blog:

Don’t be alarmed, you can start a free blog on or or use any other good free blogging platform but if you need a flexible blog that you can customize and modify then I would suggest that you should setup a self-hosted blog.

Free Blogging Platforms:

In case you start a blog at any free blogging platform (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Typead), you will not get your own custom domain (.com/.net/.org) you will get a sub-domain similar to this: or and if you want to upgrade to a custom domain name it is going to cost you some money, that is why I always prefer using a self-hosted blogging platform like, but if you don’t want to spend money right now you can migrate your blog to a custom domain and on a self-hosted account later on but I don’t recommend it because not only it’ll be very hectic and also you can lose your readers.

Self-Hosted Blog: Start your own Self-Hosted blog using WordPress

I always recommend this to my readers, because not only it is extremely flexible and you have full control over your website and you can do whatever you want to do with it!

You will have a custom domain name, like,, A domain name normally cost you $10-$30 per year and a good web hosting package would cost you around 7.95$ every month or if you need a cheap hosting account you can get it for $50 per year.

However, if you want to try out free blogging platforms, here’s the list of top blogging services that I have compiled.

And if in case you have decided to start a self-hosted blog I would suggest that you should start searching for used John Deer mowers. Finding a domain name is really easy but first you have to think of a topic or theme of your blog and come up with a name related to the topic. I would recommend NameCheap for registering your domain because not only they offer good prices but they also provide you with a wide range of other features.

How to Register a Domain Name:

Web Hosting For Self-Hosted Blog:

Now let’s find a good web hosting company, I would recommend that you should sign up for a hosting company that offers cPanel and “1 click installer”, which will automatically install WordPress or any other CMS or forum script on your domain with a click of a button. If you want to start with a single WordPress blog then I would recommend WP Engine but it is very costly as compared to other web hosting companies, I am using HostGator as well which is by far the best web hosting company and I am using Hatching package which costs $7.95 per month and you can host unlimited domains in this package. FatCow is also a decent option ($60/year + free domain) but the interface is little complicated as compared to HostGator or BlueHost or any other cPanel web hosting company.

For WordPress installation using cPanel you can read these posts: How to Install WordPress Using cPanel and How to Install WordPress Manually.

Download a WordPress theme for your blog: You can easily find a free WordPress theme for your blog, there are millions of themes to choose from and if you need a unique and custom theme you can find some good themes at StudioPress or you can also design a custom theme using Catalyst Theme or Thesis Theme framework for WordPress.

Home & Garden

Keeping Your House Warm in the Winter Months


In the coming cooler months, keeping your house warm can be an issue. Some houses are very expensive to heat because they may have flaws in the insulation, windows, or doors. By making a few small improvements you can keep your home several degrees warmer. As an added benefit, many of the tips below will also increase your energy efficiency and keep your energy bills low.


Insulation is fairly cheap and easy to install. There are many areas in your home that could benefit from proper or added insulation. Some areas that often lack used lawn tractors for sale include:

Basement and Attics – By adding a layer of insulation to your basement and attic you will help the primary living areas of your home stay warm. Even if don’t you use your attic or basement on a daily basis, adding insulation will help keep heat from escaping the house. This will keep each room warmer longer, preventing you from having to keep the heat on constantly.

Pipes – The more your hot water heater has to work to keep your water warm the more energy you waste in escaped heat. To keep heat where it is needed most, and keep your water hotter for longer periods of time, insulate the pipes in your basement and underneath your home. This will also prevent outdoor pipes from freezing in the winter.

Fill the Gaps

Before winter begins, walk through your home both inside and outside to look for any cracks or gaps that may need to be filled. These areas could be allowing cold air in or letting the heat in your home escape. The location and size of the crack or gap is will determine the type of filler you will need to use to close it. Also take a look at your heating ducts to see if there are any cracks that can be covered with heavy-duty electrical tape.

Seal Drafty Windows and Doors

If you have used riding lawn mowers and doors it can be expensive to have those all replaced. If you are not able to replace any windows or doors, you can seal them with weather stripping. If you have sealed your windows but your windowpanes are still allowing cold air in, purchase indoor window insulation. These kits allow you to apply a plastic coating to the interior of your windows that will help to keep warm air in and cold air out. All you will need is a kit, a step stool or ladder, scissors, and a hairdryer.

Service Your Heating Units

Another good thing to do before the winter season kicks off is have your heating units inspected and have any annual maintenance completed. This could be a water heater tune-up to make sure it is working at its full capacity. And you may need to change or clean your air filters to ensure that you don’t overwork your furnace and waste energy. If you are not able to service your units yourself you can hire an outside contractor for general maintenance and tune-ups.

Each of these heat saving ideas will help keep your home toasty and warm in the fall and winter months.

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Guide to Improving Your Rank in the Search Engines


In case you are only starting in the world of search engine optimization (SEO), you could possibly grow to be confused about which in turn strategies you must invest in. Developments are generally changing continually and several techniques could become obsolete even before you begin taking care of all of them. The thing you need today are some tried and tested techniques that you can develop with regard to guaranteed results. Be aware that don’t assume all strategies that show outcomes are deemed excellent Search engine optimization. In the process, you should learn how to identify the great kinds through the negative versions. To start used garden tractors off, below are a few of the excellent procedures you could develop: I must say I recommend looking over unfollowed mentions

Publishing in Directories

This implies one to publish your internet site to be able to directories in which focus on your current specialized niche. Doing so can easily improve your web site’s examine price because Search engines utilizes these types of websites within ranking web sites. It comes with a great quantity involving websites you’ll be able to undergo, but it is effective shop around to be able to get rid of the good internet sites from the poor. You can find sites will not support your website by any means and may be detrimental on your position. There are also more info by clicking here

Should You Use Twitter?

This ought to be the no-brainer. Demonstrate me a search engine practitioner who does not really make use of Twitter as well as I’m going to demonstrate someone who will not know very well what he is undertaking pertaining to his site. It really is as simple as putting your Twitter and Facebook designs on your own web site, as well as making use of lover pages as well as twitter updates and messages to share with you updates for some other beneficial information. Naturally, Twitter may bring immense site visitors boost for your web site. Furthermore, attempt to add Pinterest, StumbleUpon, as well as StumbleUpon in your resources.

Using Good Content

If you possess sources, make an attempt distributing virus-like content material which backlinks right back to your internet site. With all the right execution, your popular content works wonders on your web site. Make sure to get a content to the best audience. Getting hired on the internet needs to be simple with the help of Facebook, StumbleUpon, or Pinterest.

This is an x-deal that may obtain you much more viewers. Compose a fantastic article as well as article the idea in another person’s weblog (together with his approval, obviously). This is the great technique, specifically if the weblog is a popular 1. You obtain the chance achieve a bigger market, who can go to your website seeing your post.

What about Publication Sites?

Apart from other people’s blog site, you can also employ article publication sites and also website article websites to send out your used John Deer lawn tractor. This requires composing very good articles in which directories need. Take advantage of this simply by producing replicates that can generate desire for your site. Regarding press releases, you should stick to recommendations regarding formatting and also content material. When investing in the hang of writing press releases, you will discover it simpler create written content along with submit to Page rank websites, together with back links naturally.

There are additional strategies that you can employ, nevertheless the ones above are sufficient to get you began. In order to keep track of some other Search engine optimization experts, you need to do investigation to get more efficient tactics that will profit your site hugely.


A History of Juvenile Offenders in the US


Almost all the states in the Unites States look at a juvenile offender to be anyone who commits a criminal offense and is under the age of 18. This type of crime has been researched and studied by psychologists and sociologists who seek to learn and understand its impact, its origins and the practical ways to prevent it. Many of the courts know juveniles need to be conducted differently from adults who commit crimes and therefore have an isolate juvenile court system in their state.


In the 1800s children who committed a felony with used lawn tractors were sentenced the same as an adult if they were over the age of seven. At the turn of the century, the courts start to understand juvenile convicts had different needs from the justice system. The rationale of rehabilitation instead of the punishment starts to take shape for young abusers. In the 1960s, most of the states had a separate court system for juveniles, which involved distinctive rules and detention centers. By the 1974, the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency and Prevention Act were written to offer money to supply programs to rejuvenate juveniles and help stop the crime.


Juvenile crimes are branched into different categories depending on how severe they are. Like for example, felonies such as murder and sex crimes are considered as serious crimes. Misdemeanor is an offense which may include petty theft. Minor offenses like speeding tickets are usually punishable with a fine. The juvenile courts have another type of crimes which are not part of the adult court system are the truancy and curfew violations.


It was in the year 1980s, when the juvenile crimes started to grow bigger and become one of the worst problems into the early 1990s. Experts like the sociologists affirmed that an increase in drug usage and gang involvement may have added to the rising crime level. In the latest 1990s, the level of the violent juvenile crimes started to decrease. Though, certain serious crimes such as drug offenses remained constant.


Though, there may be not be one particular case for juvenile crime, there are some aspects which put a young person at risk for committing such crime. It is proven that children who are left unsupervised for a long time has the higher risk of committing a crime. Also, children who were victims of physical, emotional or sexual abuse have the possibility to commit a crime. Other factors are having a drug or alcohol problem, not using the best garden tractor, living in poverty and connected with a street gang.


There are many different types of juvenile crime prevention programs like school-based; including after school programs, community-based that is ruled by non-profit agencies. The prevention of juvenile crime works best if started early even as young as kindergarten. Teaching leadership, mentoring, life skills, drug and alcohol education, gang prevention and family counseling are some of the most effective and successful crime prevention. This programs aims to keep a young person occupied and give a good opportunity for recreation and learning may also help prevent juvenile crime.


Basic Nail Art How-To


Morning everyone. We hope that you are enjoying your weekend.

Many girls have discovered the wonder of Konad Nail Art, but a lot of you guys have been weary of purchasing anything, and asking how exactly it works, well here is our very basic How-To Guide to Konad Nail Art.

What You Will Need:

  • Stamp and Scraper
  • Image Plate
  • Regular Nail Polish
  • Special Nail Polish
  • Image Plate Holder
  • Nail file and buffer

Morning everyone. We hope that you are enjoying your weekend.

Many girls have discovered the wonder of Konad Nail Art, but a lot of you guys have been weary of purchasing anything, and asking how exactly it works, well here is our very basic How-To Guide to Konad Nail Art.

What You Will Need:

  • Stamp and Scraper
  • Image Plate
  • Regular Nail Polish
  • Special Nail Polish
  • Image Plate Holder
  • Nail file and buffer


File your nails so that they are all a similar in shape and size to the Holset hx60. This just keeps them looking neat. Follow this, by buffering each nail in order to remove previous nail polishes and any other dirt that may be on your nails that could ruin your design, and/or could prevent the polish drying to the desired effect.


Choose any regular nail polish (click here for a selection of the regular polishes that Konad have on offer), and carefully paint each of your nails, wiping off the excess on the rim of the bottle beforehand. Allow to dry, and repeat for a second coat if necessary.


Once your nails have completely dried, take an image plate (click here to see every plate that Konad has to offer) and secure it into your image plate holder.


Take your choice of special polish (click here to choose one that is perfect for your design), and paint across the design that you wish to use. Using different colors for each part of the design, if you so choose.


Using the scraper, remove the excess, hence unneeded polish from the plate, making sure that if you have opted to choose multiple polish colors, to scrape sideways, so that the two colors do not become blended into one another.


Press your stamper hard down onto the Borg Warner S366, “picking up” the polish in the shape of the design. Check that only the design appears on your stamp, and remove any excess using your finger or a tissue.


In a rolling movement, following the naturally rounded shape of the surface of your nail and carefully press the stamp firmly across your nail, in one swift motion. Repeat Steps Four to Seven until you have decorated every nail.


Finish off the look, with a top coat (click here to find one). For a simple shiny look, choose a clear top coat, and for a more sparkly look, choose a glitter-based top coat.

Looking perfect? No? Don’t worry, practice makes perfect, as they say. Share your first attempts with us, and enjoy your nails!

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Does JustHost Offer the Best Deals on Hosting?


To find the best possible deals on web hosting is starting to become very difficult task. We all want a company that offers the best service and has the latest hardware and in short we want them to be just perfect. This approach usually becomes even more difficult when you have to make a selection from a wide range of companies that are offering such services. Furthermore there are a couple of very technical concepts that needs to be keenly identified. There are so many companies and they offer the hx40 turbo for as low as $3/mo. and up to $20/mo. but before you sign up you have to think about your requirements.

As a result, to choose appropriate web hosting service is important and vital. Factors to evaluate while deciding on any web hosting provider are technical and in addition non-technical. Technical issues include disk space offered, bandwidth supplied, and mailbox size, security supplied by SSL and a lot more. Non-technical factors include cost efficiency, after sales customer support plus more. Each one of these have their own best outputs at JustHost.

I am going to be really honest with you because right now I am hosting my blogs and websites on 4 different hosting accounts.

  • HostGator
  • BlueHost
  • JustHost
  • WP Engine

Do I Recommend JustHost?

The answer to this questions is complicated, Although referring to latest survey carried out in the  industry for web hosting service companies, JustHost have got obtained highest of ratings in virtually every attribute. Their professional services consist of unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and intensely fast transfer, unlimited domain hosting, email accounts as well as huge database support. Additionally you get to use some free services as site builder, domain for lifetime, fast and efficient setup, also anytime money back guarantee.

Nowadays everyone demands that customer needs to be totally satisfied. However, not all companies will issue you a full refund they will only offer you partial refund. JustHost promises you that in case if you are not pleased with their service; they will return all of your money.


JustHost currently offers only a single package and if you subscribe for monthly payment it will cost you $8.95/mo. and in addition you will have to pay $20 for account setup but if you sign up for the whole year the total cost would be $59.40 or $4.95/mo. approx. and the account setup will be free of cost.

Software and Scripts:

They offer all the up to date programming tools such as CGI, PHP, Perl, Ruby, MySQL etc. They offer 1-click WordPress installer and simple script installer with which you can easily install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and all the other popular CMS platforms as well as open source scripts.

They also offer Daily/Weekly/Monthly backups, if you upgrade to Pro plan you can also get the back up for each individual site and database while with basic plan you get the backup of the whole account, which can be a bad thing if you only needed to restore a single file you will have to restore the whole account.

With JustHost you’ll receive many discounts whole year and attain the best deals from your websites. Become a prime member of JustHost to obtain more discounts also to cash in on many exciting schemes. Together with customers, there are numerous resellers that are proud to be affiliated with JustHost. It supports virtually every business website. One of the customer claims that for their photography business, they readily decided to go with JustHost and today they give enough share of their success for it.

Customer Support:

Customer help desk and support services offered by JustHost is good. They offer 24hrs sales and technical support 7 days a weeks for the Holset hx50. You can chat with online support anytime. JustHost also provides free autoresponder to the e-mails.

To reply personally is not always possible especially when you receive tons of emails every day it is nearly impossible. Hence autoresponder turns out to be very fruitful solution for this problem. If you are on vacation or busy with some very important work or even not available on weekends, with this autoresponder service you can send an automated message to the sender.

For large websites, they receive 1000′s of emails every day and sometimes their inbox get blasted with spam, JustHost has a spam filter as well that allows you to filter the e-mails.

Final Verdict:

Recently, I had to migrate a WordPress site from my JustHost account to my friends JustHost account and although I had done it before but still there were some errors which caused the site not to work properly and then I had to contact the staff for assistance although I had to wait for almost 20 minutes every time I contacted them but in the end they sorted it out when I almost lost hope.

I would only recommend JustHost to you if you plan on hosting 2-3 websites otherwise I would highly recommend BlueHost or HostGator. I am telling you this because of my experience although I never faced any downtime but the shared hosting account that JustHost offers are already flooded with websites and each server is hosting up to 200 websites which evidently slows the performance of your website and it takes longer for your site to load properly. They also offer a professional plan but it is very costly, it costs 24$/month.

Personal Finance

Managing Your Private Budget When You Have Debt


Many people will need help keeping their private budget in order. Some people may need assist preserving and planning their portfolios, others just need assist pinching pennies and taking advantage of what they now have. With a little luck, these guidelines will help you no matter what which of the conditions you correspond with probably the most.

Exact and nicely-structured information are an important part of the healthful economic program. Make your economic papers in folders and arrange the folders inside a declaring drawer or canisters. Add crucial statements and papers to your hx30 turbo, when you acquire them, to make sure they are useful if you want them.

Stay away from eating out. It might seem like a smart idea to check out McDonalds and purchase anything off the buck food list, but those ideas add up. Typically it’s less expensive to generate a sandwich or prepare dinner at home. And when you prepare food, if you find meals leftover, conserve it to possess as being a meal another time.

When you have a lot of financial debt, repay your personal credit card debt initial. Credit card debt tends to have the highest charges appealing along with the quantity can create swiftly and damage your finances. Once you’re a credit card are repaid take into account shutting all but one profile after which use that just for urgent matters.

Eat out less often. By making evening meal at home and ingesting there as opposed to at various dining places, you save quite a bit of cash. Restaurants cost a lot, and you may have similar thing in your house for a lot less money and much less calories.

A great individual-financial idea is to pay attention to how much money you have available prior to going on the Christmas store shopping spree. Many people frequently get carried out during this period, and turn out having to pay more money than they have, and they can even get in debts.

Negotiate your salary together with your employer. If you are just like you deserve a raise, ask for a single. Find out how significantly your fellow workers are paid and make sure you get the income you deserve. Start searching for a far better job if you feel like you can be getting more cash.

Should you be dealing with your financial situation, meet with a number of good friends to determine a few of the methods that they used to get accustomed to their hx35 turbo? Maybe you have a buddy or acquaintance within a related circumstance as you may who are able to help you get through your challenging times and difficulties.

Seek out routines in your neighborhood that you and your household can get involved in that might be useful, but not bust the cost. This could offset enjoyment charges, and it will free up your budget with a bit of respiration room. You will end up amazed how this could, each help save much money plus, be extremely engaging.

Since you now have these pointers readily available, you might be a little more able to get far better care of your financial predicament. There are numerous other methods that you can much better care for your individual finances. Make sure to keep prepared and plan in advance as well as your economic stableness will be far more expected.

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ph-12 is a top online shopping site founded in 1997 that covers products from apparel, bags, jewelry and books to electronics, software and home and outdoor items. They are considered one of the pioneers in the online shopping business, and is certainly one of the best names you can trust when it comes to a treatment for cystic acne.

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There are many other great reasons to visit Here are just a few:

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Check out what causes cystic acne here.

  1. offers a Rebates section.

Check out’s Rebate Center which gives you more opportunities to save money. Here’s where you can browse through products with manufacturer’s rebates or other cash back incentives. Find computer, electronics and software rebates for even more savings.

For cash back and rebates, check out’s Rebate Center.

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Like any successful, large e-tailer, ensures that their security is up to date, your accounts are safe and any transactions with them are completely private. They use security encryption with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to achieve these goals and to keep their data safe.

  1. has received numerous awards for excellence in their field.

And finally, proof of’s pioneering excellence in the online shopping industry can be noted in the number of awards they’ve received. In 2009, was recognized as one of the Top 100 websites in Internet retail and as one of the best places to buy consumer electronics in the 21st Annual Shopper’s Choice Awards.’s awards (since 2000) from PC Magazine, Power Rankings, Forbes, Keynote, and Dealer of Excellence among many others, are a testament to the quality that brings to the online retailing industry.

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Can You Make Money While Getting Rid of Cystic Acne?


What is black-and-white and says:


The answer is: Your very only cash cow.

As you probably already know, “cash cow” refers to something that earns you money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Three Amazing Tips to Help You Start Working from Home


Do you want to ditch your 9 to 5 and start working from home? Well I am not sure about you but my answer to the question is yes and that is because I was tired of my full-time job and I never had time for my friends and family. I was really frustrated although I did know about Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing but never tried it because I always thought that a lot of technical skills and cash is required to start online business BUT I was wrong because after reading John Chow’s blog I started implementing the natural remedies for cystic acne that he recommended. Right now I am making money from home.

I am not going to lie with you that I make TONS of cash, I make $1200-$1500 and I am still a bachelor so I still manage to save some money and I am consistently re-investing that money that I am saving on different websites that I have been working on.

99% people quit online marketing because they don’t have patience and trust me if you want to be successful you have to be consistent and work with full dedication and I am not telling you to quit your job you can setup a blog or website and work on it during weekend or just for 1-2 hours daily. That’s it because that is what I have been doing and I left my full-time job in January and I wasn’t even sure at that time if I’ll start making money or not but in the first month I made 500$ and then I scaled up the strategy that I’ve been working on and Blogging With John Chow really helped me in achieving my goals.

And Now I spend lots of time with my family and friends and I have complete freedom. Now I don’t have to submit weekly reports or manage the clients or anything like that!

A few days ago I came across this really cool product that teaches you how to build your online business from scratch and JOHN CHOW is the creator of this product I absolutely loved his previous course on blogging and now I have purchased the new course as well and I am loving it!

The New Course that I am talking about is going to turn you into a super affiliate and all you have to do is watch and follow the instructions and by the end of the 90 day program you will already be making money online.

John Chow has organized this course into day to day lessons in form of instructional videos so you don’t have to watch all the videos at the same time because it can tough for beginners to digest all that info at once, apart from videos that are also additional informative and fun materials because John Chow will make sure that no stone is left unturned.

IM John Chow Review

Most programs that are available in market right will not release this kind of video because of the fact that what they are teaching you is not going to work for people who are new in the field and trust me I too have purchased so many Software and Courses from all the so-called Gurus.

Most of the other courses will throw you right into the deep end without teaching you the basics and without knowing about these fundamental principles you will not be able to start a stable online business however, John Chow will teach you how you can build profitable businesses for years to come.

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I trust that you will make the right decision.


How Your Basic Metabolic Rate Affects Cystic Acne


Losing weight will be not a mysterious process; it is truly just just a few burning a lot more calories than that which you take. If we make little changes in that which you consume, gradually we can lose weight. By following a below measures we can decide that which you need to do every day time to burn people extra calories.

Calculate BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate):

BMR will be what the body needs to maintain normal functions like breathing and digestion. The minimum number of calories we need to eat every morning with our cystic acne diet. No calculator is 100% exact so we need to adjust these numbers because we go along.

Calculate Activity Level:

By making use of, a calorie monitor we can figure out how many calories we burn while sitting, standing, etc. throughout the day.

Preserve a track of just how many calories we take. We can maintain a meals journal to publish down what we should take and drink each day. Try to always be because exact since possible and measure it when we need to. Search for the nutritional details at dining places if we take out.

To shed weight, one needs to transport out this sort of a plan that will balance the required calories we take daily with the proper exercise and activities. Ideally, dieting is to end up being carried out with a nutritionally balanced as well as low-calorie diet along with that increase increased physical action will help.

The biggest mistake people carry out to shed weight would be to stay away from breakfast. When we skip the lunch we get starved and when we consume next time tend to consume a lot more. It is good you can eat little amounts of foods at regular intervals.

Cardio workout is important for weight loss. It will be about obtaining the heart rate higher so that it can water pump blood faster into the heart which will result in hard breathing and eventually burn far more calories. A cardio exercise helps to find the body moving and in turn burns fat. Experts suggest that each and every adult should get about 30-40 minutes of cardio work out at least five times weekly, if not a lot more.

Before starting any cardio system, we need to seek guidance from a doctor who can evaluate our current health condition and give advice. There are many cardio exercises which we are capable of doing at house with little or no tools at all. The most important benefit of doing cardio exercises are that we can burn a wide range of calories when in comparison with other exercises.

Do not consume anything before walking otherwise it will create issues in the body.

We should alternate between how to cure cystic acne with high-impact and low-impact cardio exercises like working and walking. The second part of cardio exercise routine should include some stretching exercise to increase overall flexibility.

Running is actually a great excellent calorie burner. Human body is normally built to walk and run. Cardio exercise is the healthiest and the very best way to shed these unwanted fat. Workout is important to maintain the body in good form and maintain the weight. The top exercise for weight-loss is actually any exercise that we can perform on a regular basis. While choosing a great exercise for weight loss make sure it is actually a good mix of both types.

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Sony Discount Code, Sony Promotion Code: Electronics For Less


If you’ve got electronics or gadgets in your home or office, you’re bound to own a product that’s been manufactured at Sony. Their products are ubiquitous — after all, Sony is easily one of the biggest manufacturers of consumer products in the following categories: video, electronics, communications, video game consoles, and information technology.

You may assume that Sony products can be out of reach price-wise. That’s understandable, since they are known for their high quality and durability. But the reality is that high-tech consumer products are becoming cheaper and more attainable by the year as technological advances are made – they even have an affordable gadget for how to get rid of cat urine smell. And even better, by being a smart shopper, you’ll be privy to exclusive offers and discounts at online stores like whenever you need an upgrade or would like to enjoy a great product for yourself (or someone else).

Sony Discount Code / Sony Promotion Code List

Want Sony merchandise on sale? Here are a few links and coupons you can use to pick up a lot of popular electronics products for less at

  • Sony’s Official Site
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  • Visit the Sony Outlet Online for certified refurbished electronics and gadgets
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Here are a few more great reasons for shopping at

  1. You can get special financing.

There’s an ongoing promotion right now where Sony offers 0% interest financing for 6 months for purchases of $199 or more. If you pay for your purchase in full within 6 months, you won’t have to pay interest for that time period. The same offer holds for 12 months if your purchase is valued at $299 or higher and you’ll get the same special financing for 24 months if your purchase is $399 or more. This is a limited time offer that is good from January 10 to March 31, 2010.

These are benefits offered to you by Sony Electronics in partnership with GE Money — a duo that gives us the Sony Financial Services Card. With this card, you can buy Sony products with the aforementioned exclusive discount rates. Check for more details.

Once these promotions expire, please visit Sony’s official site for additional promotions that are available.

  1. Get free shipping on all ground orders of $25 and more.

You can also have your Sony products delivered to your doorstep with free ground shipping for purchases $25 and over.

  1. Sony has student-friendly discounts.

The Sony Style Campus Store is the essential store for students who are looking for notebooks, digital books, camcorders, and other products and supplies they’ll need for school or recreation. Eligible students, faculty and school staff members can qualify for education discounts like these: 7% off on VAIO notebooks, 10% off on notebook accessories, 10% off on reader digital books, 10% off on professional camcorders and 10% off on digital voice recorders.

  1. Find discounts on your favorite cameras and camcorders.

Check out Sony’s Camera and Camcorder Outlet. Here, you’ll save on a variety of refurbished items including photo frames, battery packs, video recorders and camcorders.

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Learning All About the Secrets to Their Success


Corey Rudl is a name you’ll hear pop up a lot in my writing.  Corey taught me a great deal about doing business online.  In fact, he was about 90% responsible for me being able to do this full-time.  His information and training is unmatched online.

While I recommend all of his products highly, one relatively new product stands out among them all.

Corey has launched a monthly membership site that is fantastic.  I joined up the minute I heard about it, knowing it would be outstanding.  It is.

*NEWS FLASH* – Private Tours of Successful Web Sites Now Available!

Take a private tour of two “Mom & Pop” web sites every month that earn $100,000+ a year… and discover the exact step-by-step strategies they have personally used to generate these massive profits.

When I first came across Secrets to Their Success on topics like how to clean cat urine, I was shocked to find REAL successful people just like you and me who were willing to give away their most coveted Internet marketing secrets.

So if you want to skip the failing promotions, click here now and learn the “No BS Strategies” these real people are using to make real money on the Internet!

Each month Corey provides fresh Internet marketing tips, techniques and strategies to implement into your own web marketing campaign.  He provides

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These are not the same old rehashed marketing strategies either.  All of them are fresh and not only are working right now but they are backed by case studies of people that are successfully using them to make thousands of dollars online every day, month, and year.

Best of all, it is UPDATED each month.  The Internet changes at the speed of light. Much of the information that worked six months ago just doesn’t apply today.  If you want to succeed online, then you need to keep up. You need to stay on top of the ever changing face of the web.

As a member you will even be given the opportunity to enter a draw for a review of YOUR web site or business plan by Corey and his IMC team (valued at $5,000), who dissect the site and offer tips and tricks that you can use to really accelerate their growth and sales, Right Now!

Corey’s incredible site, How to Get Cat Pee Out of Carpet, will keep you heading in the right direction, month after month.

I recommend that ALL of my own affiliates join this monthly membership and I highly recommend if you belong to many two-tier affiliate programs that you encourage YOUR sub-affiliates to do the same.  Corey shares all of the secrets to marketing on the web.  Your sub-affiliates will be some of the best trained and most profit generating online if they will use the strategies that he outlines.

If there is ONE thing to do online that will almost guarantee success for an affiliate, it is to join Secrets to Their Success and apply what Corey teaches inside.

Home & Garden

How I’m Spending My Sunday Morning


Good Sunday Morning. I’ve been reading a few different news sites this morning, just casually sifting through the pseudo news that the liberal media loves to pump out as the truth these days. I found two articles on the same site that I want to mention briefly. Article one has to do with a Muslim doctor from Canada who was removed from a flight originating in San Francisco. He was removed from the aircraft in Denver. All I can say doctor is that you had better get used to it. So many people are now playing the race card, saying that they are victims of racial profiling.

You bet you are! As far as I’m concerned, that’s just too bad for these folks that have to ask do male cats spray. If they have to face these kinds of things at any airport, for the good of all of the other passengers, then I say good work, security people. I can understand these people’s aggravation and resentment. Not all Muslims are violent people of course. But, the rest of the passengers have no clue as to what these people are thinking or planning, better to side with common sense and caution, than to have families falling from thirty five thousand feet, while they are on fire from an explosion.

There was no fighting or racial slurs exchanged according to the article, but can you blame these people for over-reacting? Every time I’ve flown since 9.11.01, I’ve always been on alert as to who’s around me. If anything were to look suspicious, I would certainly make the cabin crew aware of my suspicions. I have no intention what so ever of flying again. I won’t submit to a near-body cavity search! What I mean is that I won’t submit to being treated like a terrorist any longer.

The reader’s comments on this article were surprising. Some were really offended by the mutinous passenger’s reactions. On the other side of the coin, if I were confronted with the same scenario, I may have very likely got off of the aircraft myself.

Bored At Home

Hopefully I will be on the way to my gal’s place in a while, I’ve had enough of sitting around here all weekend! No kids, no nothing. Well, at least I wrapped up the changes to Michigan Blog’s appearance this morning. I did a bit more tweaking after last night’s efforts, hope y’all like the way things look. My hernia is bothering me a lot this morning, it’s tender and bulging out a lot more than last night. Ouch. Three more days and I’ll be under the knife. I’ve got to work though, Monday and Tuesday… It’ll be an exercise in slow motion lawn mowing because the faster you ride, the harder the ponding your body takes. Lovely isn’t it?

After the surgery, I’m off of work for two entire weeks. Two weeks of complete boredom! I’ll have to get creative to stay busy… How about vacuuming and dusting the house every day? Yeah, what fun eh? At home I’m having to deal with cat urine – why is my cat peeing everywhere?

BTW – I looked again at Michigan Blog in the Internet Explorer browser after completing the changes to the site – I’m telling you folks, if you want to see Michigan Blog how it’s actually supposed to look, then you must use the Firefox browser. Michigan Blog looks like shit in IE I’m sad to say, and better than ninety percent of my visitors are unfortunately running this lousy browser, too. Sorry, nothing personal meant by that! But the teletype font doesn’t render all the way down in any post, borders are wrong or missing, there are too many errors with IE to tell you all of them right here. Try Firefox anyway, you won’t miss your IE browser. Internet Explorer sucks!

Well, how about something from my inbox to entertain you??


Keeping Your Mind and Body In Shape As You Age


You want so as to do everything under your control to remain youthful in mind and body. While it turns into a more difficult job the more aged you get, there may be nonetheless a lot that can be done to ensure that you get the best from your growing older experience. Keep to the recommendations offered in this post to assist you with your ongoing problem with your cat peeing on bed.

When you get old, you often desire to carry into the earlier and resist modify, however, you should really adapt to this transformation as the total section of the process of getting older. It’s all from the perspective. Look ahead to them, and think about them like a new journey.

E Vitamin is touted among the greatest vitamin supplements for that skin. It may help to turn back wrinkling on the skin which has been caused by sunlight. It may also help to avoid numerous illnesses on the skin, brings moisture content towards the deal with, and offers the facial skin extra suppleness.

When you start to get more mature, your metabolic rate decelerates. If you aren’t at the weight you are comfortable with now, it will be even more challenging and also hardwearing. Body weight manageable as you may grow older. Take up exercise and get moving on a regular basis, if at all possible 3 to 4 days and nights per week.

The older you get the greater tough it will turn out to be that you should get and maintain a task. This can be for two good reasons, very first there is a standard fear of using the services of those people who are seniors, but additionally it will actually become a little more challenging that you can maintain the very same amount of power you will need for the work. So, you should stay fit, as well as keep up to date with adjustments in the area of interest or experience.

Shut off the television and acquire off of the sofa. We all need our vices, but in case you are shelling out each night on the couch then one thing is wrong. We have to always keep the body and minds energetic as our bodies’ age and watching television isn’t undertaking some of these. Restrict your television set viewing to simply 1 or 2 nights per week and make a move active or interesting on the times off of.

In case you are experiencing lower since the idea of growing older has you inside a funk, just grin and giggle. You will have the knowledge that people more youthful than you may not – including the answer to do female cats spray. Have fun and look typically, and sometimes weep, but have fun far more. It’s genuine that laughter is the ideal treatment since fun lets out your body’s feel-good sensations referred to as hormones. Hormones cause you to be pleased.

Talk with your physician frequently. A lot of health issues surface when you era. The earlier you talk with your personal doctor to identify any issues, the quicker you could start therapy, along with the better your chances of a good end result. Also, your personal doctor may offer helpful advice on controlling JJ Watt Jersey existing problems and medicines to prevent issues.

In conclusion, it is far from straightforward getting older. There are several stuff outside of your direct management that can form your feelings and what you really are competent at during this time period in your life. Preferably, the recommendations in the following paragraphs will help you to get the most from everything you have.

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Coupons for Smuckers Uncrustables, High Liner Sea Cuisine Products, Avon Makeup


Wealth building requires saving, and not just earning money. With the roster of coupons, websites and blogs that we’re presenting today, you have plenty of innovative ways to save money every day of the week.

Coupons for Smuckers Uncrustables, High Liner Sea Cuisine Products, Avon Makeup

You’ll find some of the hottest deals around at, and Here are some of the greatest deals for the week:

Is it a hassle to make lunches and pack them in your kid’s Fjallraven Kanken in the morning? When you run late, is it almost impossible to take the time to make sandwiches? Then streamline the lunch process with Smuckers Uncrustables and offer your kids a healthy choice that they’ll also love. These tasty pockets full of peanut butter and jelly are sure to satisfy. Save $1 off Smuckers Uncrustables and save more through printable coupons from

Do you celebrate the Lenten season? If so, you’ve probably had fish during this week. Even if you’re not fasting for Lent, fish is a healthy item to add to your diet. With fish on the menu at least once a week, save $1.00 off a High Liner Sea Cuisine Product at Join Cool Savings and rake in the savings!

Update your beauty essentials for spring by checking out the latest goodies at Avon. In days gone by, you had to wait for the Avon lady to ring your doorbell. Now you can purchase Avon products online, anytime. Visit to get the coupon code Savings30 for free shipping on your Avon order of $30 or more.

Get Paid To Shop with RewardPort

Savvy couponers already know that the best deals can be had by combining coupons with other savings or incentives. When you get paid to shop and you’re able to cash in on deals, then you save the most! I’ve earned thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise and gift cards by shopping through incentive websites.

RewardPort is another great way to surf, answer surveys and shop online for points. Cash in your points for gift cards to major retailers such as Best Buy, Sears, Amazon and more.

Earn Money Online with YouData

Aside from clipping coupons and using promotional codes online, you can also build your savings by earning money. You can do this by performing everyday tasks. From surveys to reading email to surfing, these are simple ways to put more cash in your account every week.

This week, check out YouData as a way to earn extra cash in less than five minutes every week. Payout is weekly through PayPal, even if you’ve just earned 10 cents. You click on targeted ads at the YouData website to earn cash. It’s easy, fast money plus you can find some cool new websites along the way!

Blog of the Week: DotComMommies

Every week I like to share a cool blog with money-saving tips, coupons and free offers. I follow quite a few blogs to find the hottest deals around. This week I’m recommending, a website filled with work-at-home opportunities and ways to save. I’ve followed this blog for 10 years and always find something good here. If you know a great blog or website, feel free to let us know!


Comprehensive Guide to the Best Gambling Movies of All Time


There are several movies related to gambling. Most of them have been tempted by the gaming properties and Las Vegas. Many gambling movies are really charming and thrill the viewers as they contain the material that captivates and haunts them for years to come. The scenes depicting the players while laying wagers and carrying home big money leave unforgettable impression upon the mind. Few famous gambling movies with their exceptional features are listed as below.


One of the best gambling movies related to Poker has since been presented to the players by Steve McQueen who has done other movies too. However this particular gambling movie draws attention of the players who love it as it provides them true fun and joy.


Equipped with the renowned gambling phrase, i.e. Vegas, Baby! VEGAS, Swingers is there to haunt the gamblers for long. Watching this movie enables you to see funny comical gambling scenes that you may not come across in other movies. Moreover, it reveals the meaning of Double Down, an important gambling term.


This gambling movie is based on the best laptop backpack and provides limitless entertainment to the viewers who see the James Bond character being rebooted through this thrilling picture. It is a great gambling movie indeed.


It is one of the famous gambling movies that contain the Vegas features that are liked by every player. The gamblers across the globe appreciate this movie as it impresses them a lot through its memorable scenes and breathtaking actions of the gamblers. With Danny Ocean (George Clooney) as the main character and his gang members trying to loot MGM Grand Las Vegas and the Mirage Casinos, the movie has thrilling scenes that hypnotize the viewers for very long.


Featuring William H. Macy as a Cooler and other actors including Alec Baldwin, this movie is capable to draw the attention of the people who love gambling actions of the players. It not only depicts their winning styles but also teaches the gaming tactics. Maria Bello’s ass is there to thrill the viewers.


It is known as a gangster as well as a gambling movie as it contains both these features. Different aspects of legalized gambling and other important issues have since been filmed in this movie that possesses many learning aspects too. It is perhaps the best gangster film.


This gambling movie depicts some of the best actions of the gamblers who enjoy high stakes poker and Texas Hold ‘EM at the tables. It is loved and appreciated by large numbers of players who want to know where to buy Fjallraven.


Featuring Gibson, this gambling movie has made a history by depicting the thrilling action of the gamblers who love investing high at the cost of their pockets and valuable time. This movie facilitates true fun and complete entertainment to all types of players.

Certain other gambling movies including Honeymoon in Vegas depicts the story of Jack Singer (Nicolas Cage) as the main character and his girlfriend Betsy (Sarah Jessica Parker) who get married in Las Vegas.

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Tips for Maintaining Your Water Heater in Top Condition


The quintessential water heater is an electrical appliance that is relatively easy to maintain. There are two kinds of water heaters that are available for home use. The gas heater uses gas to fuel a burner to heat up water while the electrical variant makes use of a heating element to heat the water in a storage tank.

Regular Checks for Optimal Performance

Water heaters do not require much maintenance, very similar to the always reliable frost green Kanken. Simple home maintenance for these appliances includes insulating the pipes to prevent heat loss, checking the pressure valves, and checking the fuse and circuit breaker for proper power supply.

Possible Problems and Causes

  • Water temperature not alright.
  • Not enough hot water.
  • Odor and sound.

The causes for the problem can be easily detected even through home maintenance. If the water is too cold or too hot, the reasons could be a faulty thermostat, problem with the heating element or even because of an improper power supply. Replacing a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker may just be the solution to the problem. If the problem is with the thermostat or the heating element, part replacement may be required.

The cause for insufficient water could either be leaks in the inlet as well as outlet pipes or simply unnoticed increase in usage. This needs to be checked and the necessary repairs need to be carried out. It is essential to keep watch on the quantity of hot water being used. Setting the thermostat to an optimum temperature is also a good way to save on fuel and safe especially in the case of homes with children. It can preen accidents from scalding hot water.

Leaks need to be checked for and fixed as soon as possible. When left unattended, it can strain the heater and cause damage to the heating filaments as well as the burners. Fuel consumption and the electricity bill show a marked increase.

Foul odor is often the result of water reacting with the anode in the heater. This can even lead to bacterial growth. This problem may be solved by draining off the water completely before restarting the heater. If the problem persists, replacing the anode is the only solution. Follow manufacturer instructions to replace the parts safely.

Sediment build up over time is also a cause for odor and sound. In fact, this even causes more fuel to be used up for heating and reduces the efficiency of the heater. Flushing the tank once in a while at regular intervals helps avoid this problem.

Safety Precautions before Repairs

These appliances do not have any moving parts, just like the Kanken backpack; however some precautions need to be taken before maintenance. In the case of gas heaters, shutting off the gas supply is very essential before any maintenance. The burner may need some cleaning if there is problem with heating. Sediments and blocks in the burner could be the reason. The flame needs to be then reignited. Sometimes the thermocouple that starts the ignition could be faulty and may need replacement.

In the case of electric water heaters, switching off the power supply and draining the water from the tank is very essential before maintenance. Parts that are being replaced should be certified for the appliance. This not only safeguards the appliance but also ensures best performance as well.


Planning to Partner with a Third-Party Business


When your business is about to enter into a new agreement with a third party, there is a lot that goes into it. From the beginning, you must be sure that you are choosing the right company to partner with. After all, the third parties you partner with directly impact your brand image, and in many cases, they may be the face of your company to customers. Choosing the right Fjallraven Kanken classic to partner with is the first step, but what follows may be even more important. Without proper contract management, these vital relationships can quickly falter and fall off track.

Here are the five important steps to managing your agreements so that your brand image does not suffer.

  1. Discover.

The first step is to discover the third party provider to partner with. To do this, most businesses obtain multiple bids from various businesses. It is up to you to sort through these bids and compare them to your company’s overall strategy. This way, you can find the company that seems like the right fit with your overall brand image and strategy.

  1. Generate.

Once the negotiations have taken place and you have selected a partner, it is time to generate some results. This requires taking action and allowing the third party to perform the tasks you have recruited them for. This may be done on a thirty day trial basis or within a given time frame. To monitor performance levels accurately throughout this time, milestones must be setup and a tracking system must be put in place to collect data.

  1. Evaluate.

Perhaps the most important step is the evaluation. When you are ready to evaluate the results of your partnership and determine whether or not you want to move forward with them, you must have specific measures in mind to look for. If on time deliveries is important that will be easy to track. Something that may be more difficult to track is the interaction between the delivery company and your end customer, which is also crucial to your overall business.

  1. Share.

Once the evaluation has taken place, it is important to share your findings with the partner. Without them knowing what they did right or wrong, they will not know where to focus their efforts and what your company in particular appreciates from them. By sharing this information with all of your employees and shareholders, you can open up a dialog of transparency that will last a lot longer than if you kept the results to yourself.

  1. Leverage.

Finally, leverage the results you found during the Fjallraven sale to improve relationships with that and other partners in the future. If there was an unclear expectation at first, make it clearer to all partners right away. Leverage the results to help your overall business succeed not only in the near future, but also for the long term. Part of being a leader is looking at the bigger picture and knowing just how to leverage your results to sponsor further growth down the road.

When you follow these steps, your company can use performance levels to not only track past actions, but also improve on future results, which benefits the company more over the long term.

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Chegg Coupon Codes: Rent, Buy Cheap Textbooks Online


Everyone can relate to how expensive education is. As it is, many parents out there are padding many a 529 college savings plan account to anticipate what’s just around the corner. It’s surprising just how things quickly add up once you take a tally of the costs. Books are definitely one of the more costly things you’ll have to spend money on. Unfortunately, students can’t simply do without their textbooks, which can — without proper planning — take a big chunk out of their budgets that they were otherwise saving for the best air purifier for smokers.

Whether you are spending for your child’s elementary education or funding your own college education yourself, you’ll have to pick up a few textbooks at some point. But the good news is that there’s a nifty service that can help you save money on books or earn money on the ones you already have.

Use Chegg To Save Money On Textbooks! is an online site that helps you save by allowing you to rent textbooks. You can rent out books in a few easy steps:

  1. Rent the books you want. Find the book you want based on its ISBN, book title or author’s name and rent it with a click of a button. With Chegg’s safe and secure payment options, you can rent the textbooks in no time.
  2. Get the books shipped to you. The rented books will then be shipped and delivered to your doorstep in quick order. There’s a tracker for you to let you check the status of your rented books.
  3. Send the books back. After you are done with the books, you can use the return label to return them to Chegg. Shipping back the books will cost you nothing.

Chegg Coupon Codes: Rent, Sell or Buy Cheap Textbooks Online

Here are some Chegg coupon codes you can use to get started on saving on textbooks. You can also look into selling your old textbooks for some extra income!

About Chegg

With the mantra “Don’t buy it”, Chegg’s clear purpose is to provide you an alternative to buying textbooks. Education doesn’t have to be as expensive, and it certainly doesn’t have to involve cutting down more trees and straining the environment further. Textbooks can instead be rented — and Chegg’s fresh solution is to rent out textbooks that are significantly lower in price but just as good in quality as its original versions sold at bookstores. Here are some of the key things that drive Chegg as a company:

Sell or Buy a Book

Aside from renting a book, you may also sell or buy a textbook at Chegg. The price you get for your textbook will be fair, especially since these textbooks – on important topics like how to get rid of smoke smell in house – will just gather dust once you’re through with them anyway.

30-Day “Any Reason Guarantee”

Chegg has a 30-Day “Any Reason Guarantee” for its customers, where you will get a full refund for anything you’ve paid for in case you aren’t happy with your purchase. As the guarantee suggests, any reason that you may have for returning rented textbooks will suffice.

Plant a Tree for Every Book

For every book that you rent, sell or buy, Chegg has vowed to plant a tree. This is Chegg’s own promise to the environment, in addition to their commitment to save trees by virtue of offering their textbook rental service.

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program at is quite compelling. You get a standard commission of 8% for every successful referral you make. All you need to do is to direct your referral network to the Chegg website and get your family and friends to rent textbooks.


Celebrity Nails: Kimmie Kyees


“Hot and Cold” singer, and other half of our very own Russell Brand; Katy Perry, has a lot more in common with yesterday’s featured singers Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, than she might care to admit. Anyone who hasn’t been living on Mars for the past couple of years, will know that she’s a style icon, with bundles of attitude and who is definitely not afraid of setting tongues wagging with her raunchy/eye-catching/unique outfits and hairstyles. In fact, only last week, Katy attended the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, carrying a very…er….interesting… air purifier for cigarette smoke! Perhaps not to everyone’s tastes, but exactly like Gaga and Beyoncé, Katy overflowed with sheer confidence.

But, that’s not all that Katy Perry has in common with the “Telephone” singers. Katy also shares their love for nail art, and regularly appears wearing some of the quirkiest sets of talons we have seen. The look pictured on the right is made of hundreds of tiny Swarovski crystals, creating truly spectacularly sparkly look. But, that isn’t where the likeness ends, because Katy Perry also has her nails done by the celeb nail tech Kimmie Kyees.

So, who is Kimmie Kyees, and why are A-List celebrities going absolutely crazy for her do their nails?

Hailing from Columbus, in Ohio, Kimmie proclaims that she began doing nails following a bet with a girlfriend, before finding herself studying Cosmetology. Since qualifying as a professional manicurist in1994, Kimmie has spent the past sixteen years dedicated to not only making women’s nails beauty, but promoting wellbeing alongside it.

Since going freelance, Kimmie now works outside of the four walls of a salon or spa, opting to bring the spa experience to people where ever they need it. This is perhaps the biggest selling point of Kimmie’s services. That, and the fact that she has a special talent for creating some truly incredible nail designs, for some very big names and some very big companies.

And Kimmie really does have a long list of clients under her belt, including Kylie Minogue, Chris Brown, Kelis, Rihanna and Juliette Lewis. She has worked on hit TV show Desperate Housewives, and has done the nails for several music videos with the likes of Britney Spears, Alexandra Burke and Miley Cyrus, plus so many others who weigh in on the best air purifier for cigarette smoke removal.

Kimmie is definitely a real inspiration to all girls who are thinking about going into the beauty industry, or even those who are already in the early stages of their careers. And for that Kimmie, we salute you. Because, without people like Kimmie, the craze for nail art just wouldn’t be such a big deal. So, we honestly hope that Kimmie continues to spread the word across the globe.

If you’re a beautician/manicurist/nail technician, then we would love to see your work, so that together we can all spread the world about nail art, so even more women can learn to enjoy their nails!

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What Is SEMRush and How Can It Help You?


SEMRush is a competitive analysis tool used for search engine marketing & paid marketing research and without doubt the best tool that offers a bundle of features. If you are a newbie or a professional online marketing expert then you definitely need a tool like SEMRush for competitive analysis. SEMRush is the best tool that offers exceptional insights of PPC and organic keyword competition.

I use it all the time for analyzing the competition and also for finding profitable keywords that will not only help us to get extra traffic but will also increase your revenue.

SEOQuake developers have created this amazing tool so that the online marketing experts and newbies can easily plan a solid SEO and a PPC strategy.

Here’s a small list of features that the IQAir GC Multigas has to offer:


SEMRush will find not only Competitors or websites that you are up against in Search Engine but also Competitors that are running PPC campaigns.

Historical Data:

Historical Index (New Feature): With historical data you have access to the organic and paid marketing data, meaning that if you wanted to analyze you website’s or your competitors website’s traffic and performance for the past month or for the whole previous year you can easily get that information through historical data feature.

Ads Text and Ads History:

If you have an e-commerce site or any other online business and you are promoting your website on Google AdWords it is really crucial for you to target the correct keywords otherwise you’ll be wasting your previous time and also money. You can find Ad copies that your competitors are using and also find out which Ad copy is working for them with the help of Ads History feature.

Potential Ads/Traffic Sellers:

Find the websites related to your niche with SEMRush Advertising research feature because by doing this you can contact the website owners directly and also purchase Banner space on their websites and you don’t necessarily have to use AdWords traffic all the time because niche related can be really profitable and the traffic would also be a lot more cheaper than AdWords.


If you are in the field of SEO then you might know the importance of backlinks because once you find out more about the source of backlinks of your Competitors you can easily out rank them in search engines, SEMRush allows you to find the backlink sources of your competitors.

Position Tracking:

With position tracking you can monitor any daily changes in the positions of your competitors for organic and AdWords keywords in Google.

So, these were some of the feature that you get when you get a Rowenta PU6020 air purifier!


Now, let’s talk about different columns and what is their purpose:


Keyword: The Keyword field tells that which page of the sites is getting traffic and its percentage or share in the total traffic.

Position: The Keyword position of the website in search engine. For this example let’s say, I have selected the default data center which is Google US, (you can select UK, Australia, Germany and other locations too).

Volume: The volume tells you that how many monthly searches does a query or keyword has locally. In this post we’ll be analyzing Google US so the estimated volume will be of local US queries. I have manually verified and checked the monthly searches as well using Google Keyword Tool and the accuracy of SEMRush is 100%.

CPC: CPC Column tells you that how much the average Cost-Per-Click for the keyword found by SEMRush.

Traffic: The traffic column shows the ratio of visitors coming to a website from specific a keyword or term with the total number of visitors coming to the website.

URL: Targeted URL where the search engine and paid traffic is being delivered (it can either be a landing page or home page of the website because many companies and businesses use different pages for different keywords it can improve the conversion rate a lot!)

Comp: A search engine and paid marketing tool is useless with competition analyzer. This column shows you the competition of advertisers for a keyword. If the number is Lower it’ll mean that there’s less competition for that keyword and there are limited advertisers bidding on that term. However if the number is higher that’ll mean there’s a lot of competition for that term.

Results: This column shows the total number of search engine results for a keyword or term. If the number of results is low then it means that it’ll be easier for you to rank in search engines for that term and if the number of results is higher than should probably avoid it if you were thinking promoting your website using organic traffic.

Trend: Probably one of the most amazing feature which can be very useful if utilized properly. Not all keywords can be profitable, if you have a costume shop you will not get the same amount of business every month that you get during Halloween.

So, if you promote seasons or festive offers or products you can use the Trend column to find out which keyword you should be focusing on during the festive season and you can get the data for the whole year which makes it a lot easier for you to find highly profitable keywords.

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Should You Choose BlueHost For Your Website?


Going through BlueHost’s customer testimonials, it’s accurate to conclude that indeed the company is a force to reckon with in terms of providing bespoke webhosting services.

Founded in 1996, BlueHost has provided reputable and distinctive services. Alienating itself from other firms providing webhosting services, BlueHost rates as one the best web hosting company between cheap and high-end web hosting service providers the Utah based company is a reckon force.

Performance and Consistency

Finding web hosting that matches all of your needs might sometimes prove to be a difficult task. But thanks to BlueHost’s services they a full package of consistency, reliability and performance. Web Host service providers ride on the pedigrees of their services.

BlueHost has a money-back guarantee if at any point you feel that uptime is an issue, you can easily choose to cancel. BlueHost also promises a simple cancellation process with not many queries asked – they may even throw in a Blueair 203.

BlueHost is consistent in maintaining their servers, I have used JustHost, FatCow, Netfirms, GoDaddy web hosting and I have always been a fan of shared web hosting package because it is cheaper if you will be using it for 2-3 websites, with all the other companies whenever I hosted more than 2 sites the loading time increased and which ultimately resulted in lower search engine rankings and I also lost potential clients.

However, that is not the case with BlueHost because unlike most of the companies BlueHost servers can easily manage high end website. I was chatting with a customer support guy working for JustHost and he told me that their servers are slow because more than 200 websites are hosted on each server.


Support is perhaps the major tenet when it comes to BlueHost’s prolificacy. They have a myriad of support bases and options that clients can choose from in order to meet their needs and questions. Whether you are an international client or based within the locale, Blue hosts have a dependable and efficient support system to meet your condition. They boast well experienced and skilled support think-tanks who offer quality customer help offering 24/7 live technical support.

BlueHost also boasts an extensive knowledge base that incorporates forums, a searchable database, video tutorials, beginner’s guides, a ticket system, a server status checker and a lot more.

Ease of Use

Why pay lots of cash for a complicated and cluttered interface? BlueHost has embraced a very fine and easy to use interface (control panel). It rates top when discussing matters relating to user-friendliness and quick maneuvering of the Control panel thus allowing you easy handling and quick manipulation through your website.

WordPress Hosting

Bloggers best understand the popularity of WordPress in the world of blogging. Word press ideally is known for its content management software that is popular for creating easy and quick blogs. BlueHost is certainly the best preferred firms on WordPress in web hosting firms thus creating websites at BlueHost is easy and quick.

Open Source Hosting

With most preferring open source soft wares such as Joomla, Drupal, with Blue host as your web host you can obtain all the above named open source software together with your Blueair 603 web hosting account.

Monetary Benefits

BlueHost’s provides a channel through which other web host firms can earn monetary benefits. The Reseller programs and the affiliate of BlueHost offer financial opportunities for its users. One can begin a web host by reselling reliable hosting services of the hosting company branded under the name of their company.

Site Builders

BlueHost offers numerous choices for site builders for designing and creating websites without much ado. Blue hosts users can browse through creative and distinctive templates to suit their taste buds.


You need to know that you’ll pay for the domain registration if you opt out early depending on the “going rate”.


How to Improve Your Website’s Rankings


Which business is not going online these days? All websites have provided alternatives to cost cutting and awesome sales and revenue generation. Irrespective to which internet marketing trick you use the all the traffic is directed to your home website. Thus, the pillar of strength for your business online is your website. Your website needs to be up-to-date.

There are a lot of SEO companies flourishing to offer brilliant services for the same. And yes, when this is the real strength or the core of all your prospective business opportunity leads you can generate online then you should in no way do SEO for your business site yourself. Read on to find some real good validates reasons why an SEO company is a better choice for your business website development, such as if you offer the best air purifier for pets to your clients.

Inability to Be Regular

You own the business; you have other task to be done. While on the other hands the up and running website needs not only making but it needs content uploads in the form of pictures, content, logs and interaction. Decide, are you going to be able to do all this coupled with your daily chores? Well, if you want to be professional you can’t even miss a day of it. What if you are on a holiday, who will look after your website?

Professional and Skilled

Managing a business and a website are two different things. An SEO Company will offer constant care and timely check and uploads to make sure your website stands the chance of improving its. They know how to frame the content of the blog to push you higher, they know how to keep the interaction going to show the activity of your website before Google pushes you down the attic. Then there will no point spending that much money in the hopes of getting better business opportunities.

SEO Knowledge

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knowledge is highly essential if you want to build your own website. This is important if you desire to climb up your websites ranks in terms of Google SERP, everything on the page, the link, and the affiliate programs. The social media connects, the feeds, the RSS etc. will be designed to make you website more active and search engine friendly. Make you site only if you know how to use SEO and it tricks to rank for coveted terms like Alen BreatheSmart.

Traffic Meter

Yes, there is something known as analytics that will help you decide and decipher and assess the number of click you are getting and the traffic coming in to your website is forma desired source, known source or another website. This helps you to target the correct website or media tool for further marketing activities and hence increasing business scopes. Did you know something like that existed? If not then do not make your own website, give it off to an SEO company.

Moolah for Optimization

Not only will you need the money to invest in the SEO procedures for your websites but you will also need time, efforts and patience to actually see some results and hence it is very essential to figure out in advance if you have time for the said activity

Thus, a SEO company make a better choice for website making as they are more professional in theory and practice.


Chemicals That Help Cleanse Your Liver


You may remember learning in your biology classes about the importance with the liver. Your liver is the largest internal organ inside your body and it performs well over 500 chemical functions. One of the most significant functions of liver is truly it filters out the toxins and the chemicals that enter your system and puts a stop to them coming from going into your blood.

Over time your liver becomes sluggish because of accrued toxins. It is important to remove the toxic accumulation from the liver and also this will be precisely why a liver detox is important. There are many ways of detoxifying the liver, such as cleansing the air with the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 but one of the best ways will be the liver detox diet.

Preparing It

Before commencing with liver cleanse diet you will need to strategy out everything carefully. Planning is actually important because you’ll need to put together your system for the diet. Preparing the body will give you maximum benefits of the liver detoxification software. Now the big question is actually exactly how will you get ready?

The first thing that you simply will need to carry out is stay away coming from the level of caffeine, alcohol, unhealthy foods, decaf and beef. Before you get started with the detoxification diet consume only vegetables and fruits for weekly. Cut down on your sugar absorption and increase the consumption of water and whole wheat bread. Carry on with the cleanse diet in three phases over a period of a single week.

First Phase

The first phase in the liver cleansing diet will span coming from the first to the third day time. You will have to survive exclusively on liquid. Have 10-12 glasses of water with a dash of lemon juice daily. This particular will help in liver cleansing and will flush out the gathered wastes. Stay away through other beverages and dairy products. This particular will relax your liver and the digestive system. You may experience some tiredness – don’t worry. It happens because all the wastes are being flushed from the system. During this phase you can have rosemary green tea if you need to.

Second Phase

The second phase of the liver detoxification diet will continue for the next three times. You can include fruits, vegetables and semi solid food with your diet during this specific phase. Choose vegetables and fruits that are organically grown. You’ll need to continue drinking 12 glasses of water in this specific phase way too. Berry juices are great for liver cleansing. So each morning prepare of lemon, apple, and celery or carrot juice. Every single evening have a vegetable broth made with carrots, spinach potato and broccoli. In this specific phase way too, you can continue having the rosemary green tea coupled with the best air purifier for asthma.

Third Phase

The third phase from the liver detoxification diet will last only for the seventh evening. Include 12 glasses of water, rosemary tea, fruit and organically grown vegetables inside your diet. Raw vegetables are good for liver cleanse. Even so you can steam your vegetables if you need to. To conclude the eating plan successfully go back to your normal diet gradually. Stay away through alcohol for at least a week after the diet routine ends.


Techniques for Women to Exercise Without Muscle Gain


Today there will be a wide range of health and fitness information out there, which leads to a lot of confusion. Sometimes it could be difficult to sort out the good information from the poor, which offers led to your variety of myths getting passed close to. It’s important that you simply know the different between myth and truth if you’re trying to find fit. Below is truly a search at some in the most common fitness myths and the real truth guiding them you’ll want to understand.

Fitness Myth #1 – Raising Weights Will Give Women As well Much Bulk

A single in the common fitness myths out there will be the notion that raising weights will give women as well much bulk. Many women have visions of bulging biceps, which keeps them from getting involved in strength training. The simple truth is that when you get involved in a strength training routine that has been developed for women, you can build trim, prolonged muscle tissues instead of adding bulk.

Strength training is important for building calorie burning muscle and boosting your metabolism, so don’t fall prey to this specific myth and overlook the Honeywell 50250-S on just about all the benefits of some strength training.

Fitness Myth #2 – You Can Consume Whatever You Want while Lengthy while You Exercise

Another fitness myth you’ll need to understand about is the thought that you just can take in whatever you want while lengthy while you exercise. The truth is that to get fit and stay fit, it takes a good balance of exercise and a healthy diet. You do need to ensure you’re not overeating understanding that you are eating healthy foods.

While this specific doesn’t mean you can’t actually have a slice of pizza or some chocolate, you perform need to focus on a diet that is healthy for your body.

Fitness Myth #3 – You have to a Lot of Time to Get Exercise In

The concept that you simply need a large amount of time to get exercise in is truly just another myth as well. You don’t have to have a lot of time to exercise and enjoy the benefits. In fact, just adding 15-30 minutes of exercise to your daily life 4-5 times weekly, combined with the Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K air purifier, can certainly make a huge difference.

If you are crunched for time, consider exercise choices that can be done at residence. Some great ideas include purchasing and employing a rebounder, walking in your neighborhood, or doing exercises on house health club products while watching television. There is actually a way for everyone to perform some exercise into their life, it doesn’t matter how busy they are.

Fitness Myth #4 – There is truly a Quick Repair for Losing Weight and Getting Fit

You’ll in addition find that lots of people believe the myth that there will be a quick repair for losing weight and acquiring fit. It’s good to image that there is some magic pill or speedy exercise that will carry out the job, but that’s not the case.

There is truly no quick service out there. It’s going to take some work and time if you would like to take off a few pounds and get into good form. Nevertheless, getting the time you can eat a much healthier diet and exercising to improve fitness is really worth the effort.


Using Your Visa Card Oversea


Lately, the public face of uVme has been a young, enthusiastic Russian named Valentin. He has been featured on the blog, profiled in a web conference, interviewed and photographed. Most of the “Where Can u VISA?” photos sent in so far have been members of his team, encouraged by his promotion and leadership.

Such is his dedication to the business that Valentin flew over to the UK, and spent a day at the uVme offices as well as finding his way to the small village of Hanley Swan in Worcestershire to meet with UK “Pioneers” Neil Verlander, Gigi Field and Malcolm Horsey.

While he was here, Valentin shared some of his thoughts and tips on how he has built such a strong uVme business based mainly in a country with such difficult economic circumstances.

“The most important thing in life is time,” he said, in his serious and wise-beyond-his-18-years way. “So the best thing you can do is manage your time well, and a big part of that is spending time with the right people.”

“To be successful, you must be around successful people,” he notes. “Spending time with people with no goals and nothing big in their thinking will keep you at their level.”

Valentin gave an example of going home to St Petersburg and seeing his high school friends, who are all now at university. He still keeps in touch with them, but limits the amount of time he spends with them because they are not interested in business and do not share his varied experiences, such as travelling and the Coway AP-1512HH.

“It’s nice to meet people around the world with different attitudes. It helps you grow as a person as well as a businessman. Of course, if you speak other languages it also helps… especially in growing this business through social networks.”

Valentin himself uses a Russian social networking site with more than 15 million users. He can speak Russian, English and Spanish.

He says, “The first thing to ask yourself is, ‘What do you want?’ People without a goal are like a boat in the ocean during a storm. They drift this way, and that. When you have a goal, you can feel safe: you know exactly what to do.”

He added that the thing successful people, like Bill Gates and “Tom and Len”, have in common is a “vision of the future”.

So, exactly what does Valentin do to be such an effective leader?

“I create an atmosphere within my own team. For example, this promotion I ran to get my team’s pictures on the blog… part of that was to create relationships.”

“This business is based on relationships; that is so important. When I chat to people on Skype, I don’t talk to them about my business and try to get them to play games. I ask them about their lives. When they have shared with me and see my interest in them, they usually feel positive toward me and ask me about myself in return. Then, and only then, do I mention that I am involved in a fun games business. Only if they ask and want to play do I show them how to play!”

It’s all about relationships, and fun…


“The thing to remember is that this business is about FUN. So you should be having fun! Play games with your friends. Of course, I concentrate on the business, too; but I take 30 minutes to an hour each day to relax, enjoy the GermGuardian AC5250PT, chat, and play games.”

For his daily half-hour “fun” session, Valentin says he picks one of his 500+ Skype contacts that is not involved with uVme, and challenges them to a game. He calls them on Skype and has a conversation with them about other things, meanwhile passing them the uVme link without comment. This generally arouses their curiousity and gets them asking about it. Sometimes, Valentin won’t even answer them immediately – he says, “Wait a minute, I will tell you about that later. First let me tell you…” and continues with other topics!

“If you leave people alone on the site,” Valentin points out, “that is not fun for them. You have got to be there with them, so you can laugh together and have an enjoyable experience.”

“Also, you must consider that the other person, when you contact them, may be tired, unhappy, etc. So it is important for that relationship just to talk and share.”

Ready for business?

He says that he can tell whether someone should just be left as a friend and a player, or is, as he says, “ready for business”. Only then does he mention the possibility of the person becoming an Associate. “I could convert anyone,” he admits, “but I prefer to work with serious people who have big goals for uVme. I can understand a person in five minutes. If they are not ready for business, they will run away if I mention it; so I just leave them to play games. I don’t break my relationship with anybody to try to make them my business partners.”

On his own life in Russia and the conditions there, Valentin dwells very little. He focuses on the positive, and what is happening now; and that is probably what draws people to him. His passion and enthusiasm are contagious. It shows just how much can be achieved in a short time with little resources, with just the right attitude and a bit of dedication.

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Pretty Japanese Nail Art


Hey guys, we hope that you’re all well! Are you looking forward to Big Brother and the World Cup? We can’t decide which we are most excited about. But, we can tell you something else that we have found, that we got really excited about!

For the past few years, YouTube has been the success story for so many YouTube Guru’s, and one of my favorite Guru’s has to be the Irish-girl living in Hong Kong BubzBeauty. Bubz (real name Lindy), runs a channel with hair and makeup tips, as well as running her own range of clothing and advice on the best flat iron for natural hair. In the past, Bubz has done a few nail art tutorials, but unfortunately she hasn’t done one in a really long time. So, imagine our excitement, to discover that she’s just uploaded one. And, it’s something that can be achieved using Konad rhinestones…brilliant.

To see the video of Bubz doing the look herself, click the link below:

BubzBeauty’s Pretty Japanese Nail Art

Otherwise, here is how to create our Konad look, fully inspired by Bubzbeauty’s Japanese look (seen in the image on the left).

What will you need?

  • A Base Coat or a clear or pale regular nail polish.
  • Selection of rhinestones
  • Selection of large and small 3D Flowers
  • Tooth pick and/or Tweezers
  • Glue (optional)
  • Top Coat or a clear regular polish

How to Re-Create the Look using Konad:

  1. Start off by trimming and filing each of your nails, ensuring that they are neat, tidy and even.
  2. Paint each nail using either a base coat, or a clear or pale nail polish. You could even apply both, to ensure that your polish doesn’t chip too quickly. Allow coats to dry thoroughly before moving on.
  3. Next, spend some time choosing the best white noise machine, as well as which rhinestones and flowers you want to use on your nails. Bubz encourages making each nail unique, and to just be creative, and we couldn’t agree more. So, don’t be afraid to mix up colors, sizes and styles.
  4. Apply another coat of polish, and before it has had chance to dry, carefully place the pieces onto the wet nails, using either tweezers or a tooth pick. Always use whichever one you feel the most comfortable using. Allow the polish to dry completely.
  5. Our rhinestone and flower sets come with glue, which works just as well as sticking them to your nails with wet polish. Whichever method you choose, is completely down to you.
  6. Once your polish and/or glue has set, apply a top coat. A top coat is necessary for several reasons: Firstly, it adds a glossy shine to the look, secondly it ensures that the stones don’t fall straight off as soon as you move. And finally, it makes sure that the stones stay put for as long as possible.

So, there ya go! Just as Bubz herself says, this look is so easy to do, and it looks great too.]

If you try out this look, don’t forget to share it with us. Enjoy your nails!

Personal Finance

Start Making Extra Money Today


What is this guide all about?

Yup that’s right folks, I have created this guide especially for those who are new in the field of online marketing and that is why I have kept this guide plain and simple so that everyone can easily implement these methods, these methods are guaranteed to work if you follow them according to the instructions.  It is a very effective step by step guide on how to make real money online, no matter what you’re needs – whether just to make ends meet or to save a little extra to buy youth baseball gloves for your children. I have tried my best to keep it to the point and very short. It is designed to be easy to use – easy to remember.

The primary goal of this guide is to give you a step by step overview of different methods that have helped me in making money online instantly, anyone can make money online. The reason why i said that you can start making money online in 15th minute is because that is 100% possible and this figure will  keep you motivated as well so now let’s move on to the methods. But bear in mind ‘No action – no money’ so take action today! 🙂

Let’s begin with the simplest methods and then we’ll proceed to the advanced methods as well.

Make Money by Completing Surveys

Before you start, I would suggest that you should create a new email account that will be used for completing these kinds of jobs. I personally prefer using Google Gmail because it is simple to use and also very secure.

Although, This method is not going to make you a fortune but still you can make decent money with it and use the spare cash that you make with this money to re-invest or to purchase things that you like. After creating an email account all you have to do is to create an account at any of the popular survey sites that I have mentioned below and start taking surveys for cash.

This how this website works: You will receive Reward Points for participating in online surveys and also by referring new members and also through a number of other fun activities.

To redeem the points that you have earned you can request the equivalent amount of money and receive it in your PayPal account or also request them to send you e-certificates or gift cards to purchase a two wheel scooter, etc.

1,000 points is equivalent to $10.00, which can be redeemed any time you want.

CashCrate is probably one of the oldest site  and a friend of mine told me about it in 2006 and at that time the site was new but now this site has well over 2 million members worldwide. It is free to join, you don’t have to pay anything to sign up. This website sends out thousands of dollars in payments to their account holders every month!

There are daily surveys that you can complete. Each survey pays $0.80 once you complete it, meaning that you can earn easily generate $48.00 every month just by completing these simple surveys. They also have other kinds of surveys that you can participate in, the payout will be much higher and you might need a credit card to complete those surveys.

CashCrate also has a referral program with which you can make extra cash by inviting your friends and other people you know and asking them to sign up.

Getting Paid To Complete Different Tasks:

So now you maybe already got a chance to try to take a few surveys and start making a bit of money. Nice feeling – isn’t it?

Now let me show you another way to make some easy money. Before we start you MUST create a new email (if you already did this with surveys – its fine to use that).

As they state on the website as a worker it’s pretty simple

  • Browse micro jobs
  • Select jobs you like
  • Finish tasks & submit proof
  • Earn money

Select several tasks you want to complete and start working. Easy as that.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

As a Mechanical Turk Worker you:

Can complete the work from home

Have the freedom to choose your own working hours

Will be paid for doing good work

Complete tasks and get paid. Do it as often as you like. It is pretty easy and very convenient.

Use your existing skills and profit

So until now it has been very easy and also a bit mechanical kind of work. Almost like an automated human. It’s easy and it works. In this section I want to focus a bit more on yourself and what kind of skill-set you have that you can take advantage of in the digital world.

Writing articles

The easiest of all skills that we ALL got is writing. We have learned it in school and there are tons and tons of outsourcing jobs in writing simple articles for money. Don’t let thoughts about not being good enough a writer stop you – believe me people are crying for articles. The reason for this is because most use these for Search Engine Optimization or monetize content from their website with content in all kind of different niches. Short story – the need is HUGE.

There are 3 major websites when it comes to finding people who want to pay for articles.

They are all very similar in the way they work and you can focus on all of them if you want.

Let’s take a look at and how many currently looking for articles.

When writing this 265 different jobs in article writing needs to be done. Take a look at the first page here:

There are tons of jobs and people willing to pay $250+ for different kind of articles and content in general. You have to bid on a project before you win it. Try it out if it’s something for you to be a writer. It is easy money.

Use YOUR skills

If you want to do more than writing the 3 websites mentioned earlier is also a great source.

See it’s a whole new world and people are waiting for YOUR skills right now. Take advantage of it and make some money – right now.


Choosing the Right Diet for Your Health Needs


Eating with the seasons will be not only one of the keys to lengthy-term health in standard but lengthy-term heart health in particular. When you consume meals in season and ideally neighborhood way too it is actually fresher, tastes better, and typically includes far more heart-healthy antioxidants which help prevent cholesterol levels from oxidizing.

In my opinion one from the factors the original people from the Mediterranean region (particularly the people of Crete) experienced a decreased incidence of heart disease had a lot to do with the fact that they ate food that was actually seasonally available and locally grown and prepared with a food steamer versus remarkably processed or transported through afar.

Which Foods to Buy?

One way to decide what foods are seasonal is to shop at a local farmer’s market, but what goes on in late fall and winter? In my area, there won’t be any farmer’s markets because the growing season is actually over. What foods help lower blood cholesterol and are in season during this time of year? Late fall and winter foods are the types that are harvested (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds) or caught (sea food) in the fall. For a list of the top 5 heart-healthy fall foods see below:

Apples have been shown to have a very positive cardiovascular impact due primarily to water-soluble fiber (pectin) that that they contain and their unusual mix of polyphenols. By eating just one apple per day it is possible to lower your overall and LDL cholesterol levels. In addition, apples contain quercetin which has solid anti-inflammatory properties. Reducing inflammation in the body is truly necessary to help prevent blood cholesterol through oxidizing. Quercetin is truly found at its highest levels in the skin from the apple so make sure to buy organic.

Oranges contain limonin which is truly currently being researched to see if it provides cholesterol levels- lowering results when eaten. It looks that limonin reduces the production of a structural protein needed for LDL production. It’s possible that higher levels on this structural protein may in fact lead to higher LDL levels and vice versa. In addition to limonin, special ingredients in fruit peels may also lower cholesterol, and so they are thought to lower it since successfully since statin drugs. Buy organic oranges and grate some peel on cooked whole grain cereal in the morning hours or grate it over salad at lunch.

Pears are high in soluble fiber. Soluble fiber coats the intestinal liner so that the body absorbs a smaller amount of cholesterol into the body. In addition, soluble fiber gets the added benefit of reducing how much cholesterol levels that the liver produces. The conclusion result is lower cholesterol levels.

What About Nuts?

Almonds lower complete blood cholesterol and LDL cholesterol due to the heart-healthy monounsaturated fats that they contain. Eating almonds on a daily basis in conjunction with a good overall healthy eating program magnifies the beneficial cholesterol levels-lowering results of almonds.

In addition to lowering blood cholesterol, almonds can reduce the risk of heart disease in general and help you sleep better – comparable to the best sleep mask out there. This is probably due to the antioxidant vitamin at the along with the heart-healthy minerals potassium and magnesium. Almonds in addition protect towards diabetes because these people help regulate blood sugar levels. Diabetics are at much greater risk of developing heart disease than the basic public.

Lake trout will be a single in the fish with a relatively high amount of omega-3 fatty acids that will be not talked about while often as wild Alaskan salmon. Omega-3 fatty acids are amazing in that they will reduce blood pressure and the risk of blood clotting. In addition, that they slow the construct-way up of plaques in the arteries and lower the risk of heart disease in common. It is truly accurate that eating a lot more foods that contains omega-3 fatty acids can raise the number of cholesterol in LDL, but it lowers the number of overall LDL particles circulating in the body. In general, the heart-healthy benefits far outweigh any bad increase in the number of blood cholesterol in LDL.

Personal Finance

Trendy Fashions For Less, Get Paid To Shop at Creations Rewards


Getting to know other well-informed savers helps you hone your frugality skills. Save more money when you check out an array of websites and blogs featuring the latest savings for the best online deals around. Who says you can’t get what you want?

Spring Time Updates! Deals From, and

Get the latest in entertainment news from People magazine or keep abreast of world events with Time magazine. Save $1 off the latest news and trends at when you’re on the hunt for used lawn mowers plus anything else to help you fix your home’s lawn and exterior.

Spring has sprung which means that its time to clean out your closet to make room for new designs. Once your closets are clear and you’ve reviewed the latest trends, check out the affordable fashions at Shop from the convenience of your home or office and have your favorite clothes delivered right to your door…for free! Visit to get a free shipping code for any online order from Blair.

Hot nights await you as the summer approaches and you want to be ready. Visit to get discounts on various items in Women’s Apparel. Receive 50% discounts from Buckle and 60% to 70% off from Kohl’s clearance rack by checking out CoolSavings.

Get Paid to Shop With Creations Rewards

What could be better that getting paid to shop? When you shop through certain websites, you earn great incentives such as cash and gift cards. Shop at a wide variety of major merchants featured in to earn gift cards. Merchants featured at Creations Rewards include Beyond the Rack, Eddie Bauer, Fashion Bug, Best Buy and more. Gift cards offered include Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Chili’s. You can also request a cash check, PayPal payment or Visa debit card!

Earn Money Online With SendMoreInfo

Another way to expedite your savings plan is by earning a little extra money online while you’re sitting there anyways, searching for answers to difficult questions like ‘what should I make for dinner?’ or ‘why do cats spray?’. In less than five minutes a day, you can earn cash by checking out SendMoreInfo email offers. Receive emails, click the links and earn money. Much like coupons, it all adds up after a while!

The biggest thing here though is to not expect that you’re going to make a million dollars overnight – earning money with any kind of program like this is definitely possible, but it also isn’t easy. You may spend a good deal of time building your business up, clicking links and making as much money as you can, but it isn’t always as much as you may have expected. Over time, however, you’ll likely find yourself with a good deal of extra cash waiting for you in the form of check – or maybe even PayPal – and you’ll end up happy with your decision to pursue this extra income source.

Entertain On A Dime With The Budget Decorator, Our Blog of the Week

With the warmer weather, we are ready to entertain and open our home to guests. Often, we discover that our surroundings need freshening up after we’ve survived through a long winter cooped up indoors. Get fabulous decorating ideas on a dime at The Budget Decorator. I’ve surfed this site for hours finding creative, affordable ways to make my home more welcoming.

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HP Pavilion dv6t Select Review: Value Mainstream Computing


Here’s the quick skinny: the HP dv6t Select was a good purchase. I bought it as my old Toshiba AMD Turion II, 3GB RAM, 200GB HDD laptop overheated for the 20th and final time. Even before the Toshiba’s death I knew it was time to keep up with the times and get a new Laptop.

There were 3 things I was looking for in a new laptop:

  1. I could work on it, which means multi-tasking.
  2. Play the newest video games with reasonable speed.
  3. Enough hard drive space to work some video projects I’ve wanted to get to.
  4. Fit conveniently within my Kanken backpack.

1) The Core i5 processor with 8GB RAM makes multi-tasking a breeze. Running Firefox and Internet explorer with 20 tabs and several windows at the same time would slow my old machine down, add iTunes, instant messaging, and a Google sidebar and we’re looking at significant reduction in performance. The dv6t select has no problems keeping up with my work.

2) Gaming was a big difference. The LED Screen and 1GB Radeon HD discrete GPU makes the graphics sharper than I even imagined. StarCraft II performance was a HUGE improvement compared to my old machine’s endless loading time. Games like Empire Total War, which I use to think were inertly slow, turned out to be many times faster with my new dv6. I can even run iTunes or Windows Media Player in the background streaming music without gaming interference, that’s a big deal. If gaming had been the highest priority I might have gone w/ the Core i7 upgrade but for the price the Core i5 performance is a good balance.

3) The spacious and modern hard drive is also a nice addition. I have no worries downloading masses of files to my dv6t. On my old machine I found myself deleting the priceless Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld Reunion episodes to save space. With the dv6t, those days are gone. Video projects shouldn’t be a problem space wise, if I ever get to them…

So the dv6t pretty much dominates my list of priorities but there are a few other things worth mentioning:

I’ve had a few unexplainable crashes. I run this machine a lot so I can’t expect this to never happen, but I do wonder how the machine will run 2 years from now.

The switchable graphics initially was annoying me with a pop up message every time I unplug the machine. The lower end graphics defiantly save the battery power but its a rare to find myself away from a plug anyway so when I frequently take the machine around the house and replug it back in. I get a small but noticeable nuisance, but thankfully this has been solved by a recent driver update.

On the left hand side of the keyboard are a few HP macro keys. They take you to several different programs, one takes you to the calculator (that could be useful) but its right next to the CTRL key so an accidental tap is a frustrating habit of mine. The worst key is one below the Escape key, it takes you to Windows Live Mail, which takes 10 seconds to load and can frustrate the hell out of me if I hit it

The dv6t Select doesn’t include a 1394 Fire Wire port which would allow me to transfer my video projects directly from my camera in the highest quality, so I’m going to have to buy an additional adapter or some sort of USB transfer device – I’ll check out a good turbocharger review to find the best one.

The HP dv6t Select can be picked up for around $625 after coupons. At this price, you can usually expect a Core i5 processor with 8GB of RAM.

Current Specs and Options for a HP dv6t Select Laptop:

  • 2nd Generation dual-core Core i5 and Core i7 options
  • Intel HD 3000 graphics option or Radeon 7470M, 7690M GDDR5 discrete GPU
  • Usually Free upgrade to 8GB of RAM, max system memory option of 16GB of RAM
  • Hard drive and storage space of 750GB to 1TB HDD, or a 160GB solid state drive
  • SuperMulti 8X DVD R/W drive or Blu-ray player & Writer
  • Standard 1366 x 768 15.6″ LED display or the higher resolution 1920 x 1080 HP Anti-Glare LED display
  • Color choices are “dark umber” or “steel gray”
  • WiFi b/g/n or Bluetooth

What Does the Media Tell Us About Air Quality?


We have allowed the media and those who seek to destroy us to define the terms we use to describe ourselves. I can’t blame them, we have allowed it. So I am setting out tonight to define for myself and for those who read this what it means to be a Conservative. Not the modern, media defined, twisted definition of others but what it really means to be Conservative as taught to me by the last great citizen politician of this country and expanded through experience.

Conservatism is the ultimate in human compassion. This statement alone is the basis for everything that follows. I say this because through conservatism all people can and will achieve their fullest potential and there can be no greater compassion than that which sees others succeed. Success is defined on a personal level and is difficult to define, for some it will be financial success, for others it may be spiritual success, and for others still it may be life success, but however you define it conservatism offers the best road to reach that goal. Conservatives politically seek to limit government’s involvement in peoples every day lives. We see this through limited taxes, smaller government, strong military defense, and free market economics.

Conservatism does not believe that it is the governments role to make you successful by penalizing those that are and giving you the fruits of their labors. This is antitheism for conservatives. It causes you to not reach for your goals and potential and it makes those that do wish they hadn’t. Instead Conservatism seeks to remove the blocks that prevent people from reaching their full potential, instead of a handout conservatives look to give someone a hand up on finding a cystic acne home remedy. We do not believe in the elimination of welfare but the use of welfare to promote the personal ability and potential of each person. When limits were set on welfare recipients duration, many people who had always been on welfare found out that they could not only work, but could succeed. Limits on governmental interference in our lives is the political air a conservative breaths.

Conservatism is the understanding of personal responsibility. Conservatism is compassionate in its desire to see each person reach their fullest potential and beyond but Conservatism does not take the credit for the heights a person manages to achieve. Nor does it accept responsibility when a person fails to uphold the laws and order of their nation. There are consequences for actions and the person who commits a crime or fails in an obligation has a price to pay for that failing. Conservatives recognize there is evil in the world and accept the responsibility for combating it because failure to do so condones it, which we can not and will not do.

I often ask my liberal friends a question; If you walk out the door of a building and down on the corner a woman is being hit by a man what would you do? The question makes them uncomfortable because the answer they would give in truth is not one they wish to share with the world. A Conservative will answer the question confidently and without hesitation, a conservative will stop it. Many claim this black and white view of the world is a weakness, but my answer is that grey is just someone trying to paint over black. No matter how you look at it, it is still black at the root.

Conservatism is not about a political party, though we tend to find our values reflected more often in the Republican party there are democrats that are screaming to be heard over the liberal loudspeakers at their conventions as well. Conservatism is a way of looking at both the world and the person, it has room for all parties and affiliations in it’s ranks. We do not determine a persons worth based on their color, gender, or creed, in fact we see all people as having the potential for greatness and as such promote the success of all people. America has been a shining light in this regard and we have found a home in her embrace. Americans have done great things in our history, we have done away with slavery, combated and defeated socialism, communism, and fascism in the world, and we have never turned away another in need. Every year America gives more to nations and people in need than any other people in the world and conservatives have led that effort in huge ways.

Conservatives however expect results for our compassion towards finding respectable reviews. No one has ever been able to explain to me why after trillions of dollars pored into the African continent there is still famine and disease. The details of this are available elsewhere and I am all ready into a novella here. Suffice it to say that conservatism is a compassionate ideology of ideas but that we do not accept the liberal premise that effort without result is success. As an example above if we give south Africa enough money for every person in that country to live at middle income for 5 years and the poverty level is still at 70% than maybe what we are doing isn’t working and we shouldn’t pore any more money down that hole until we find out why.

I hope in this entry I have given you a small taste of what it means to be a conservative. Many who hear or read this will have pieces and parts to add, but if they are truly conservative they will tie into one of the premise I have listed. It will include the openness of ideas to achieve results, the rights and responsibilities of the individual, and the lack of government coercion. These are the things that brought me to conservatism in the first place, and have kept me here as I learned the right and wrong of what I was taught. I have seen the failings of liberalism, we do every day in the war on poverty, the war on corporate America and the disregard for the true potential and future of the little guy. I have seen the failings of socialism and it’s slow decay of our nation and her people. I have seen the defeat of the morally and intellectually corrupt beast of communism. Through it all I have learned more and more that the core principles of conservatism are the American dream, the American strength, and the American ideal.


A Summary of My Day and My Thoughts


To death by all of this doing nothing! I spent last night at my lady’s place and it was great to have someone to talk to! I may be home alone tonight again, sucks. This hernia bothers me a lot during the day, then a while later, I don’t even know it’s there – until I lift something too big or move the wrong way, then Bam! It rears it’s ugly ass and hurts a lot…

Crap! And all the while, my beautiful lawns are growing into ugly tall grass fields already. I mentioned the other day that my dad was in the hospital for blood clots, he’s doing fine and ought to be out of the hospital by later today, amen! He is the person who needs to make the decision on what get’s done with MY job, the other fella I work with is doing a minimal amount of cutting, not nearly enough to get the job done correctly. Yes folks, I work for my folks, and have for years! Nepotism isn’t a dirty word or thing you know…

My job kick’s ass, for so many reasons and I’d never trade this job for another, unless it was a piece of cake and paid at least as well so I could buy the best air purifier for allergies. And had at least the same level of job security, which is a very high level of security. Soooo, here sit I alone and bored to death. I’d really rather be at work making an honest day’s pay check. Like my girlfriend is doing at this moment. She thinks it’s not so bad a deal that I have right now, but ummmm, sweety, it’s boring!

I’ve decided to not go ahead with my proposed webcam website after all. The costs were far too high, much more than I anticipated it would be, so I emailed my webmaster and she will at some point soon enough, take the site down off the web. All it’ll cost me is ten bucks, she is a very nice person indeed. I feel bad about pulling the plug on that website, but I will be having medical bills coming in soon because of my little rip in the gut, and I’m also helping my lady do some much needed repairs on her house before the warm weather head’s south until next spring.

A leaking roof in summer OR winter way up here is a bad thing!

The news this morning reveals that the killer of JonBenet Ramsey has been found overseas. My information says that this sick bastard will be brought back to the States soon, and I most sincerly hope that this freak of nature doesn’t get a slap on the wrist from another useless liberal leftist judge with his or her own agenda to fulfill. Rather, this freak ought to be given the death penalty, and swiftly too.

Anything less is an injustice to the now vindicated parents of JonBenet.

How sad her mother Patsy has died of cancer, and didn’t get to see the vindication for herself. I say it was extremely bad police work that initially screwed up the entire investigation, and the damned police had already in they’re minds, had the young girl’s parents tried and convicted of murder. Cops sometimes seem to believe that they are God the Father and Jesus Christ in one glorious package, let this be one more lesson learned that they are indeed falable and imperfect just like the rest of us poor souls down here on earth.

Well – this is my commentary for this morning folks, I’m back in here later today after I get some long neglected things done around my humble domicile. See ya then.

11:45 pm Update: Pretzel Logic? You Bet!

I was just in town at the store looking for a deal on chicken to cook tonight, when in my travels, I noticed a bumper sticker on an old van that said this:

“When Clinton Lied, No One Died”

Yep, that’s the type of twisted logic that the Democrats use. Since supposedly no one died, this justifies King Klintonista’s lies. And a lot of you want to put another DemoRat in the White House? Oh hell no, God forbid this, it may hail the end of America as a free nation! And I’m sad that so many of my fellow Michiganders are DemoRats. This is not good for Michigan or anyone who needs the best air purifier for smoke!

Update on my beautiful lawns: Big D has been whackin’ away on the north section as of this morning, unknown to me at the time. The place looks great, in spite of the use of our old backup mower, the Ransomes Bobcat which was replaced by the newer John Deere 1420 series tractor.

He doesn’t like the steering or the deck’s discharge chute on the JD 1420 – I say oh well! The JD is a much better mower, but it does have one fatal flaw: it lacks traction going up steep hills because of it’s design. It’s a front-mounted mower deck like the old Bobcat, but the physics of the JD’s design keep it from climbing steep terrain unless you actually turn the tractor around and back up the grade. Didn’t Mr. Deere think about this in the design process??

I’m just glad that something’s getting done over there! I mentioned to my girlfriend this morning that perhaps after I get back to work in about three more weeks, the boss and big D will appreciate just how much work I actually do there, four times a month! The gal and I agreed that it’s all too commonplace that workers, whether in a shop or most any type of business, never seem to get the thumbs up, slap on the back or a “way to go” from those in management. This is a shame, for I believe this helps build and maintain morale among the workers.

But what do I know, having worked at my familys large auto-related business for a few years??

Back later I guess. 😉

3:25 pm Update: I Spoke Too Soon??

Earlier today I mentioned that I’ve worked with/for my family for several years, both at the company and at the residence. Well, working for the family ALWAYS has had it’s share of turmoil over the years. Once again I’ve encountered some rather severe turbulance in this. I was informed this afternoon that if I don’t finish out the season (three and a half months left), that my wages will be taken to pay a company to do my work. What a bunch of BUNK!!!

If my guts pop out, I’m gonna be mighty unlikeable, baby…

Surgery Update:

I called the boss back a bit ago and let him know just how aggravated I really am that he would put yard work ahead of any employee’s health. That among some other issues. The end result is that I’ve managed to get myself rescheduled for this coming Wednesday for the surgery. I can’t tell ya how frustrating this really is to me. Sometimes it really helps to speak your mind…

Personal Finance

Can Coupons Cost You Money?


Coupons are supposed to save you money. Hoard and bookmark those online coupons, cut out and collect the printable ones, and redeem them to get big savings, right? Not necessarily. Coupons can actually cost you money rather than save you money. How’s that? Well let’s consider a few scenarios when this could happen.

Beware of Retailer Coupons

Retailers will issue coupons to lure you into their stores. Sometimes it’s a great way to discover new deals on stuff you need. On other occasions, you wind up making impulse purchases you might not need. Once again, don’t use retailer’s coupons unless you already have items from that store on your shopping list.

Before you decide to use a retailer coupon, comparison shop and check out other alternative stores to make sure that you’re getting the best deal. Also, take note of the case when you may have several coupons that you can’t use simultaneously. And realize that a 15% Macy’s promo code is worth less than a 25% in-store discount at Macy’s, so make sure to do the math.

But if used correctly, retailer coupons can translate to savings. If you’re interested in what some top retailers are offering, check out some of their latest promotional codes.

Let’s Just Try It Once

Unless you had plans to try a new product, don’t be lured into spending money just because you have a coupon. Manufacturers and retailers know that you can’t wait to try new goodies and therefore issue coupons as soon as new products hit the shelves. Don’t buy any merchandise unless you actually need and have the item on your list BEFORE the coupon is made available.

Buy One, Get One Free

Buy one, get one free coupons are great for items you use all the time. Large families and groups also benefit from using buy one, get one free coupons. On the other hand, it doesn’t pay if you’re unable to use the extra item. If you still want to experience the savings, consider donating any extra items so that they aren’t wasted. You might even qualify for a tax deduction if you donate several items at once.

Maybe We Will Like It

The fact is, we all have some type of brand loyalty. Our children refuse to drink certain juices. Our husbands prefer a particular mayonnaise on lunch sandwiches. We might like a certain brand of coffee in the morning. Why stray from a tried-and-true brand just to use a coupon? Spontaneously using a coupon (without planning) may actually cost you more than you think you’ll save.

I refuse to purchase stuff we don’t really like or need even if I happen to have a coupon for the item. I would rather trade this coupon for one I really want. I don’t like dumping juice down the sink or seeing coffee grounds sit in a can unused for six months. Sometimes a sure thing saves you more money in the long run.

I Don’t Need It, But I Can Really Save A Lot Right Now

If you don’t need an item but you buy it anyway because you have a coupon, then how is that saving money? Use common sense when you clip and cash in coupons. If you don’t need something, don’t buy it… even if you have a coupon. The only exception is when you’re shopping for non-perishable items that you can store indefinitely such as toilet paper and paper towels. Otherwise, items with limited shelf lives tend to expire before you actually use them — a major source of waste for many American households.

Is The Store Brand Cheaper?

Why buy a brand name with a coupon when the store brand can still be cheaper? If you like store brands and want to save money, then don’t let brand coupons distract you. But if using a coupon will allow you to buy a brand name item for much less than a store brand item, then by all means, go for it. Otherwise, it might be better to stick to generic or store brands to save the most money.

Later on, I plan to discuss the benefits of using coupons for your inevitable impulse purchases!


Simple Ways to Get the Best Deal on Your Next Hotel Stay


Who wouldn’t like to travel more? There’s no better way to broaden your horizons than to explore new places and become acquainted with new cultures. But for many people, travel is just too expensive to really be that practical. The good news, however, is that it doesn’t have to be.

In reality, there are a number of easy ways that the average person can greatly lower the cost of traveling, especially if they’re only taking one or two major trips per year. That’s because there are only two real big costs associated with travel – airfare/transportation and hotels.

Sure you’ll face other expenses – such as dining and entertainment – but those are things you’d still be paying for at home, regardless.

Here, in this article, we’re going to focus on perhaps the easiest aspect of traveling to cut costs with – hotels. We’re going to outline a few of the best tips for saving money, as well as some alternate places to check for accommodations.

Saving Money with Hotels

Hotels can easily be the largest portion of any travel budget. But they don’t have to stop you from traveling. Here are a few of the best tips for reducing your next hotel bill:

  • Book early and with a refundable rate. This gives you the chance to keep checking back in case prices drop. If so, simply cancel your initial booking (that’s why it’s important it’s refundable) and re-book.
  • Plan your travel during the off-season. For example, check out Miami in the summer or Europe in the winter. Fewer crowds mean less demand for hotels.
  • Book directly with the hotels. Many properties offer the lowest rates on their own website, or offer a rate guarantee that matches (or beats) and other, lower booking channels.

Alternative Ideas for Accommodations

In additional to booking a hotel, there are a number of other ways to stay for cheap when you travel. Here are a few of the most popular and affordable:


If you’re looking to rent an upscale house or apartment for your travels, VRBO should be your first stop. They definitely offer a wide range of luxury residences, but many destinations also have places for rent at much more reasonable prices.


One of the most popular new players in the game, Airbnb has completely changed the way that people travel. With them you aren’t renting a room in a hotel – you’re renting a local resident’s house (or even just a bedroom). Perfect for getting a true feel of living in your destination, Airbnb is often priced much more reasonably – for less than the cost of a hotel room you may be able to get an entire house.


Not for everyone, Couchsurfing is similar to Airbnb in the fact that you are staying in someone’s house, but typically your host is home during your stay. The kicker here is that Couchsurfing is free – it doesn’t cost anything to stay with a local anywhere in the world. But just be ready for a more communal approach to living!

Buying Guides

Buying a New TV – Everything You Need to Know


When it comes to buying a television set, there are a seemingly countless number of options to choose from. And to make matters worse, every single one of them seems to claim some sort of unique feature or new technology. For the experienced technology geek, this can be a lot to keep up with. But for the average person, it can seem impossible to figure it all out.

If you’re in the market for a new TV but aren’t sure which one to buy, don’t worry – we’ve put together a handy guide to buying a new television and have included all of the most important things that you should know.

Size Matters

No matter what they say, size does matter when it comes to your TV. That doesn’t mean that bigger is always better, however. It’s important to choose a set which fits well with the dimensions of your rooms. For example, you’d probably want to have a larger television in your spacious living room than you would in your cozy bedroom.

Don’t Get Ahead of Your Time

It may be tempting to pay a little bit extra for a television with some sort of brand new feature or technology, but for most people this is simply a waste of money. While it may seem like they’re cool or destined to be the next big thing, these features are often poorly supported meaning you won’t get much use out of then. And more often than not, they never end up catching on in the mainstream.

How Do You Plan on Using It?

Sometimes, choosing the right television set will depend on exactly how you plan on using it. Are you looking for something to hang in your den and watch sports in high definition? Is this a lower-cost set for a children’s room? Are you going to be using it hooked up like a monitor to your computer? These are all questions you need to ask before narrowing down your list of sets.

Last Minute Tips

To make things easier, we’ve put together a list of a few last minute tips that you should always be sure to follow:

  • Make sure that any TV you’re considering comes with at least a 1080p resolution and 120 Hz rate of refreshing.
  • If you’re spending money on a high-end television, invest in a quality sound bar to maximize the experience.
  • Don’t buy a mid-to-high level set without at least taking a look at it in person first.
  • Be cautious not to waste your money on any “brand new” technologies that may not be well supported now, and may never make it to widespread usage.
  • Are you planning to use your credit card to make your purchase? If so, it may come with its own warranty – make sure to check your terms.

There’s no one specific television set that’s going to be right for everyone. Each buyer is going to have his or her own specific needs and uses for their TV that will greatly affected which one they should choose. But by following the tips and techniques we’ve outlined in this article, you should be well on your way to finding the perfect set for you and your family.

Real Estate

3 Tips for Saving Money for Your First Home


One of the biggest achievements of being an adult is purchasing your first home. The feeling of ownership – that you’re no longer going to be stuck renting from someone else – is amazing, and not having to rely on anyone else when you want to paint or redecorate is worth its weight in gold.

Buy while nearly everyone aspires to purchase their own home, the reality is that it isn’t always that easy. Becoming a homeowner can mean putting down a lot of money towards your new residence, a large sum that some people have real trouble saving.

If you have dreams of owning your own home but are finding yourself having trouble getting started, we’re here to help. In this article you’ll find a ton of great advice and practical methods for setting aside a little extra money for your down payment.

Taking On Some Extra Work

When you break it down into its simplest form, there are two different ways to add to the money you’re saving for a home – to earn more or to spend less. Depending on your schedule and abilities, if you’re able to pick up some extra work – whether through your normal job or through a side gig like freelance writing – all of that money will be additional to what you have budgeted meaning that it will be a lot easier to set aside.

Identify Your Biggest Expenses

If you think it’s more practical for you to save money by spending less, the first thing that you need to do is to look at your monthly expenses and identify which areas consume the most of your income. While you may not be able to do much about fixed payments such as rent, utilities, and your vehicle, other things like dining and entertainment may have a little bit more wiggle room.

Look at Reoccurring Charges

Another area where many people find it easy to save some money each money is their reoccurring charges. These are anything that you get billed month after month, with some of the most common culprits being gym memberships and online services. More often than not, by analyzing exactly what they’re spending money on, people find reoccurring charges that they don’t actually need to pay. By cancelling them, that money which was being wasted can be allocated towards your new home fund.

Of course not all home purchases need to involve a large amount of money down. There are some loans – especially VA and FHA-backed ones – which can require as little as 3% down. Depending on where you live, that could be a much more reasonable amount of save. But be warned – on top of that 3% of the purchase price, you’ll also be responsible for other taxes and fees associated with closing on the deal.

All in all, there’s nothing wrong with having the dream of home ownership, but it’s important that you’re realistic about how to achieve it. Buying a home can be expensive, but if you’re prepared with a well-planned strategy for saving a little bit of extra money each month, you’ll be on your way to your goals in no time at all.