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Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer


The day you get married is bound to be one of the most wonderful and unforgettable days of your life. Being there, surrounded by your family and friends, you’re going to want to keep those memories with you for as long as you live. But as with everything else, your ability to recall all of the small, minute details is going to fade. That’s why it’s so important that you hire a skilled Daytona Beach photographer to capture every last facet of your ceremony and reception.

The problem is that there are a ton of different photographers out there who are available for weddings, engagement shoots, and other similar events. How exactly are you supposed to choose the best and avoid getting stuck with a sub-standard photographer who isn’t able to deliver the level of quality that you deserve?

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of important things you should look into before hiring a wedding photographer, as well as how to know when you’ve found the perfect match to shoot your big day:

Look at Past Work

Not all wedding photographers are created equally. By taking an in-depth look at different samples of their work, you can tell a lot about a specific company or studio. Pay careful attention to each photographer’s style – you’ll often notice a reoccurring trend in lighting and effects from each shooter.

Discuss Pricing

Let’s face it: unless you have an endless amount of money to spend on your wedding, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re only spending time considering wedding photographers that you can afford. Get an idea upfront of what their photography packages cost and make sure that it’s realistic for you and your partner’s budget.

What Exactly Do You Need

Most wedding photographers offer a wide variety of different photo packages to fit just about every unique client’s needs. Do you just want someone to come and shoot the ceremony and reception? What about pictures of the bride and groom getting ready? Do you need someone to be there to capture the rehearsal dinner, and important time when many friends and family members get together for what could be the first time in years.

So know you know what to ask, but how are you supposed to know when you’ve found the right photography expert – like Kari Janesko Photography – to capture the most special moments of your big day? The biggest indicator is that you’ll feel right at home – comfortable – with them from the moment you begin talking. Does this feel like a commercial transaction, or are you having a pleasant conversation with what seems like an old friend?

You’ll also know you’ve found the perfect photographer when you look at their style of photography and realize that it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for – even if you didn’t know it at the time.

Altogether, finding the perfect wedding photographer can be a difficult task, especially if you’re not familiar with what to be looking for in the first place. Luckily this helpful guide should have assisted in making you a little bit more informed and ready to make one of the most important decisions of your entire wedding planning process.

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Do You Need WP Engine for Your Blog?


WP Engine was founded in July 2010 by Aaron Brazell and Jason Cohen, WP Engine is an extremely powerful web hosting platform for created especially for WordPress users, WP Engine focuses on 3 of the major issues that every WordPress user faces and these are

  • Security
  • Speed
  • Scalability

WP Engine is a new web hosting company as compared to the other popular web hosts but what makes it a good web hosting is the dedicated support team, management, access to a selection of used zero turn mowers, and rich-features which most of the companies don’t offer. Although WP Engine is very expensive as compared to other web hosting companies but it is nothing compared to the features they have to offer? Many popular brands like HTC, FourSquare, Balsamiq, and SoundCloud are now using WP Engine as a web host.

WP Engine Review


WP Engine WordPress Hosting – Pros

  1. What makes WP Engine so special? The biggest factor which makes it a better hosting is that it is one of its kind WordPress Hosting Company.
  2. WP Engine has hired WordPress experts who specialize in managing WordPress CMS, all the employees (Founders, Support Staff) everyone is a WordPress specialist!
  3. If you are searching for a dedicated WordPress hosting company then WP Engine is by far the best option.
  4. Search Engine Optimized and well-maintained Servers, make them a good choice for those who run their own e-commerce sites, business blogs on WordPress and for those who need speedy web hosting.
  5. WP Engine gives 100% hosting and server uptime guarantee, so there’s no need to worry because WP Engine assures you that your site will not go offline if you start getting massive amount of traffic and that is because of the state of the cloud storage facility.
  6. Secured and Malware Safe hosting, WP Engine scans your website for all types of malicious codes automatically so you don’t have to worry about scanning your site all the time and not only that, WP Engine will also upgrade and create daily backups of your website, they provide you with 100% hacker free hosting guarantee.
  7. They also offer website migration service for those who cannot do it on their own, WP Engine will manage the migration of your WordPress website.

WP Engine WordPress Hosting – Cons:

Like every other company WP Engine also has its own drawbacks, I have listed a few of them below:

  1. It is one of the most expensive Web Host for those who want to start or host more than one WordPress site,  WP Engine currently offers these packages:–
  2. Personal Plan ($29/mo.) 1 WordPress Installation (Single Domain)
  3. Professional Plan($99/mo.) 10 WordPress Installations (10 Domains)
  4. Business Plan ($249/mo.) 25 WordPress Installations (25 Domains)
  5. If you have small websites, with limited amount of traffic then I would suggest that you should use a regular ‘unlimited hosting’ account that normally costs $4 to $10 per month. You can sign up for (BlueHost, HostGator, IXWebHosting) if you want to start small websites.
  6. Unlike most of the web hosting providers WP Engine also does not offer Email Hosting, meaning that you cannot create address if you need one, which is really odd even for me. :/ However, you can create email account through your domain registrar as well which is not a big deal 🙂

WP Engine is Cost Effective:

It may seem to you that even the smallest package of WP Engine costs $29/month and I am saying that WP Engine is cost effective well the thing is, I am using their Professional package and I have always been a WordPress fan boy, right now I am using HostGator, BlueHost, FatCow, iPage and many other hosting companies because I run a network of websites and still I found WP Engine to be very cost-efficient and that is because with all the other web hosting companies I have to spend extra money on daily back-ups, malware scanning, the best commercial zero turn mower, and CDN services.

Let’s calculate that how much an average hosting company would have costed me if I had to pay for using a reliable WordPress Malware, Virus Scanning service like VaultPress which is a very popular security and backup service provider for WordPress and they normally charge $40/mo. and if I had chosen a one-time solution like BackupBuddy it would cost me around $75 for the cheapest package and the normal hosting plan starts at almost $7.95/mo.

So the total would have been almost $50-$60 for managing one WordPress site.

While, WP Engine offers a single site plan for $29/mo., and this subscription includes most of the features that they are offering with other packages including the daily website backup, malware and malicious code scanning, one-click restoration , plugins & core upgrades, and including the hacker free guarantee!

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Should You Use SEOMoz? Is It Worth It?


Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO is a very important component if you are doing businesses online because if you are selling your products or services then your site must be on the 1st page so that people can easily find your and it is only possible with proper SEO strategy.

SEOmoz is a very good source of information if you are new in the field of SEO, To be able to plan a effective strategy you must be familiar with the field of SEO and if you don’t have any experience then you should sign up for SEOmoz because they have so much to offer and you won’t be needing anything else if you have a SEOmoz Pro account. So now let’s discuss what SEOmoz has to offer:

What is SEOmoz?

SEOmoz is a web based tool, that has a combination of various SEO tools and a active SEO community which will answer all your questions related to SEO. SEOmoz was launched in 1996 and at that time it was one of the well-known SEO consultation company in the field of SEO, but now the company has started developing SEO tools and online communities.

SEOmoz has developed dozens of SEO tools over the years and provide you every resource that is needed for being successful in the field of SEO and all that under one single platform with an elegant and easy to use interface.

SEOmoz Pro Review

What are the key Features and major Benefits of SEOmoz Pro?

Although SEOmoz has so many features and benefits but I am going to discuss only few of them and leave the rest to you since you can try used riding lawn mowers for sale for free with their 30 days trial.

One of the biggest benefit of SEOmoz is that it allows the user to utilize the SEO tools and SEO techniques even if you don’t have any SEO skills very easily. And the second biggest benefit is that SEOmoz takes the work out of SEO, thanks to their advanced tools which will save you a tremendous amount of time and Money for that matter if you utilize all the tools that they have properly.

SEOmoz Pro Free Trial

Here are some of the main features that SEOmoz offers right now:

  1. Weekly Web Crawler – Every week, SEOmoz crawler will visit your website and it will be crawled, SEOmoz will find any potential problems that might affect your search engine rankings and will report those errors in the Dashboard and also in the weekly performance report, you can fix all these issues since SEOmoz will going to provide you with the references that how you can get rid of the errors that their crawler has found. SEOmoz notify you that what errors should be fixed and how you can make your website more search engine friendly.
  2. Keyword Monitoring – The keywords that you add in your campaign are going to be monitored very closely and you will receive the ranking report every week, the report will show you which keywords have increased or decreased in ranking and also the ones that haven’t increased or decreased during that period. In addition, you can also do keyword research instantly and analyze them using SEOmoz as well, and find new keyword suggestions that you can use for your SEO campaign, it is a very useful way of finding new keywords with less competition and also the ones that are easier to rank in the search engines.
  3. Open Site Explorer (OSE) – The best SEO strategy for quick ranking is to reverse engineer what your competition is doing, in order to do that you have to keep an eye on your competitors by analyzing their backlink sources and the SEOmoz Open Site Explorer does that for you, it will constantly monitor your competitors website by analyzing how their keywords are ranking, and also by monitoring their link metrics. The open site explorer makes it so much easier for you to compete and also out rank the competition by analyzing their back-linking pattern.
  4. Link Analysis – With the link analysis tool you can find out the sites linking back to you and the websites you are linking to, also track the performance of those links that how they are performing for your website you can also find out how well your competitor’s links are performing for them. It is really crucial these days to only link to those sites that have good backlink sources because if you’re a getting a link from a website that is blacklisted or penalized because these days a lot of website owners build backlinks using software that automatically create worthless backlinks for them.

It will have a negative effect on your site as well and the only way to analyze this is through the link analysis tool. Link analysis will tell you that which websites you should be linking to and also the ones you should get a link from.

  1. SEOmoz Toolbar – When you sign up for a SEOmoz account, you can install SEOmoz toolbar on your web browser, which will provide you a lot of valuable information about every website that you visit. SEOmoz toolbar is free to use and it can be installed on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  2. Training Webinars – If you don’t have any SEO knowledge then don’t worry because SEOmoz is the best source of SEO information on the internet, you can start watching the videos and you’ll become a SEO expert in no time!

SEOmoz also hosts live webinars twice every month, and being a SEOmoz member you can participate in these webinars, you will also get access to previous Webinars as well and also download the slides and recordings on your computer or mobile. These webinar are not like what many people are selling in the market by putting a label and calling their information a Expert SEO course, these webinars are hosted by professionals and they share their case studies and they are full of pure SEO information which you will not get anywhere else even if you spend money to buy it!

  1. Forums and User Blogs – Once you sign up for SEOmoz account you will have access to different forums created by other members and SEO experts, you can get in touch with SEO experts from around the globe or post in the forums if you want to discuss something or are in need of assistance. SEOmoz members can start their own blogs as well. SEOmoz forums and users blogs are also an active community, where every member is willing to help one another and share their knowledge.
  2. SEOmoz Q & A Database – If you have any SEO related questions then you can search the Q & A database to find answers to the SEO related questions that you might have. The SEOmoz Q & A database is updated on daily basis and anyone can post questions related to SEO.
  3. Online Marketing Guides – Marketing on the internet is not limited to SEO only. Being a SEOmoz member, you will get access to the best online marketing guides that are available on the internet and you will get them for free.
  4. Social Media Monitoring – The importance of used riding mowers cannot be ignored and it continues to grow with every passing day. You can analyze the performance of your website on Social Media with SEOmoz because it is going to review and analyze your social media influence by performing different tests which in return will tell you how many people have shared your website on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and on other popular social media channels and with that data you can plan an effective social media marketing strategy to boost the performance of your website on social media as well.
  5. Mozscape API – If you have good programming knowledge and if the SEO tools and resources provided by SEOmoz are not enough for you or if want to develop a new tool that you think would be beneficial for you and your business, then you make use of the Mozscape API which is available for free to the SEOmoz members and with which you can create your own personal SEO Tools.
  6. Constant Updates – SEOmoz community is growing day by day and that is because of the fact that the SEOmoz team is constantly updating and upgrading their tools and services and also provide excellent support to new comers. SEOmoz continues to add something new to their services almost every month. The tools that you use and the information that you are reading on the websites is always up-to date and relevant.

Update: SEOmoz has recently added a new section which is known as ‘PRO-Perks’ the pro perk section has a list of 3rd party services and products that you can try out for free or receive a special discount on monthly subscription. For instance: you can try WP Engine WordPress hosting for 120 days (4 Months) totally free or you can purchase a domain from Name Cheap for $5 while normally it costs around 10$ a domain.

There are dozens of products and services in the SEOmoz Pro Perks section, here’s a screenshot of some of them:

How SEOmoz will benefit my business?

Many big corporations are already using SEOmoz for their benefit and i recommend that you should be using SEOmoz for your business as well because it is the most profitable investment that you’ll make, it doesn’t matter how big or small your business is because you can grow your business online with SEO and it is the cheapest way of promoting your business or services online.

Google being the biggest search engine in the world, constantly changes the rules and ranking algorithm and which is why many website owners who don’t have any prior SEO knowledge fail to maintain their search engine rankings, on the other hand if you are using a service like SEOmoz then you don’t have to worry about your rankings anymore because SEOmoz is the one who’ll be doing most of the SEO work (Analysis, Performance Check, Rank Tracking) while all you have to do is to play along and rectify the errors by making few simple changes to your websites in order to be in compliance with the new rules by google get stable search engine ranking.

If you are new in SEO no one is going to tell you what is right and what is wrong and quite frankly you’ll be lost because you have to use the right SEO techniques in order to rank otherwise people will misguide and instead of ranking higher you might end up losing your search engine ranking but only if you are not a SEOmoz member.

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Does JustHost Offer the Best Deals on Hosting?


To find the best possible deals on web hosting is starting to become very difficult task. We all want a company that offers the best service and has the latest hardware and in short we want them to be just perfect. This approach usually becomes even more difficult when you have to make a selection from a wide range of companies that are offering such services. Furthermore there are a couple of very technical concepts that needs to be keenly identified. There are so many companies and they offer the hx40 turbo for as low as $3/mo. and up to $20/mo. but before you sign up you have to think about your requirements.

As a result, to choose appropriate web hosting service is important and vital. Factors to evaluate while deciding on any web hosting provider are technical and in addition non-technical. Technical issues include disk space offered, bandwidth supplied, and mailbox size, security supplied by SSL and a lot more. Non-technical factors include cost efficiency, after sales customer support plus more. Each one of these have their own best outputs at JustHost.

I am going to be really honest with you because right now I am hosting my blogs and websites on 4 different hosting accounts.

  • HostGator
  • BlueHost
  • JustHost
  • WP Engine

Do I Recommend JustHost?

The answer to this questions is complicated, Although referring to latest survey carried out in the  industry for web hosting service companies, JustHost have got obtained highest of ratings in virtually every attribute. Their professional services consist of unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and intensely fast transfer, unlimited domain hosting, email accounts as well as huge database support. Additionally you get to use some free services as site builder, domain for lifetime, fast and efficient setup, also anytime money back guarantee.

Nowadays everyone demands that customer needs to be totally satisfied. However, not all companies will issue you a full refund they will only offer you partial refund. JustHost promises you that in case if you are not pleased with their service; they will return all of your money.


JustHost currently offers only a single package and if you subscribe for monthly payment it will cost you $8.95/mo. and in addition you will have to pay $20 for account setup but if you sign up for the whole year the total cost would be $59.40 or $4.95/mo. approx. and the account setup will be free of cost.

Software and Scripts:

They offer all the up to date programming tools such as CGI, PHP, Perl, Ruby, MySQL etc. They offer 1-click WordPress installer and simple script installer with which you can easily install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and all the other popular CMS platforms as well as open source scripts.

They also offer Daily/Weekly/Monthly backups, if you upgrade to Pro plan you can also get the back up for each individual site and database while with basic plan you get the backup of the whole account, which can be a bad thing if you only needed to restore a single file you will have to restore the whole account.

With JustHost you’ll receive many discounts whole year and attain the best deals from your websites. Become a prime member of JustHost to obtain more discounts also to cash in on many exciting schemes. Together with customers, there are numerous resellers that are proud to be affiliated with JustHost. It supports virtually every business website. One of the customer claims that for their photography business, they readily decided to go with JustHost and today they give enough share of their success for it.

Customer Support:

Customer help desk and support services offered by JustHost is good. They offer 24hrs sales and technical support 7 days a weeks for the Holset hx50. You can chat with online support anytime. JustHost also provides free autoresponder to the e-mails.

To reply personally is not always possible especially when you receive tons of emails every day it is nearly impossible. Hence autoresponder turns out to be very fruitful solution for this problem. If you are on vacation or busy with some very important work or even not available on weekends, with this autoresponder service you can send an automated message to the sender.

For large websites, they receive 1000′s of emails every day and sometimes their inbox get blasted with spam, JustHost has a spam filter as well that allows you to filter the e-mails.

Final Verdict:

Recently, I had to migrate a WordPress site from my JustHost account to my friends JustHost account and although I had done it before but still there were some errors which caused the site not to work properly and then I had to contact the staff for assistance although I had to wait for almost 20 minutes every time I contacted them but in the end they sorted it out when I almost lost hope.

I would only recommend JustHost to you if you plan on hosting 2-3 websites otherwise I would highly recommend BlueHost or HostGator. I am telling you this because of my experience although I never faced any downtime but the shared hosting account that JustHost offers are already flooded with websites and each server is hosting up to 200 websites which evidently slows the performance of your website and it takes longer for your site to load properly. They also offer a professional plan but it is very costly, it costs 24$/month.

Buying Guides Promotion Code, Coupon List: Get Discounts!

ph-12 is a top online shopping site founded in 1997 that covers products from apparel, bags, jewelry and books to electronics, software and home and outdoor items. They are considered one of the pioneers in the online shopping business, and is certainly one of the best names you can trust when it comes to a treatment for cystic acne.

Not only are they known for their focus on environmentally friendly shopping, they’re also a top destination for deals and discounts. Promotion Code & Coupon List

Here are the latest money-saving coupons you can enjoy from

  • Weekly Deals with Free Shipping at You can get as much as $1,000 off in these weekly deals, plus get free budget shipping!
  • Great Weekend Specials from
  • Featured Deals from
  • Weekly Deals on Computers & Electronics
  • Weekly Deals on Appliances
  • Weekly Entertainment Deals
  • Weekly Deals on Small Business Products
  • Weekly Deals on Bags
  • Save Up To 50% Off or More on Home Office Essentials
  • Savings, Sales and Discounts on Toys
  • Special Deals & Offers for Your Baby’s Needs

Black Friday 2010 Coupon Codes

  • Shop the Holiday Superstore at Save up to 50% now through 12.24.10.
  • 24 hours of early Black Friday pricing on 4 products updated Daily M-F.
  • Get the LOWEST prices of the year on TVs at New deals daily.
  • $10 off $75 Everything Else Items at Redeem Now — Valid until 11.29.
  • Free Shipping and Deals starting at $5.99. Shop now at

And more savings can be had by checking out the other features available from, which we describe below.

Great Reasons to Shop at

There are many other great reasons to visit Here are just a few:

  1. Apply for the Premier Account.

If you decide to sign up for the Premier Account, you’ll receive benefits such as financing promotions, exclusive benefits and special discounts that may not be available to regular shoppers. You actually won’t be handed a card but you will receive a dedicated line of credit at The account has no annual fee! In fact, for purchases over $399, you’ll get 0% interest if you pay it in full within 6 months (this offer may only be available for a limited time, so please check the terms). Of course, read the terms on the account before signing up, as there are finance charges attached to the account.

Check out what causes cystic acne here.

  1. offers a Rebates section.

Check out’s Rebate Center which gives you more opportunities to save money. Here’s where you can browse through products with manufacturer’s rebates or other cash back incentives. Find computer, electronics and software rebates for even more savings.

For cash back and rebates, check out’s Rebate Center.

  1. You’re guaranteed cheap deals and great finds at

What sets apart from other online shopping sites is their focus on low-priced items. Their motto basically says it all: Why pay more when you can pay less? They make it a point to offer the lowest prices on the same products that you will find elsewhere.

  1. Shop with confidence at

Like any successful, large e-tailer, ensures that their security is up to date, your accounts are safe and any transactions with them are completely private. They use security encryption with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to achieve these goals and to keep their data safe.

  1. has received numerous awards for excellence in their field.

And finally, proof of’s pioneering excellence in the online shopping industry can be noted in the number of awards they’ve received. In 2009, was recognized as one of the Top 100 websites in Internet retail and as one of the best places to buy consumer electronics in the 21st Annual Shopper’s Choice Awards.’s awards (since 2000) from PC Magazine, Power Rankings, Forbes, Keynote, and Dealer of Excellence among many others, are a testament to the quality that brings to the online retailing industry.

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Sony Discount Code, Sony Promotion Code: Electronics For Less


If you’ve got electronics or gadgets in your home or office, you’re bound to own a product that’s been manufactured at Sony. Their products are ubiquitous — after all, Sony is easily one of the biggest manufacturers of consumer products in the following categories: video, electronics, communications, video game consoles, and information technology.

You may assume that Sony products can be out of reach price-wise. That’s understandable, since they are known for their high quality and durability. But the reality is that high-tech consumer products are becoming cheaper and more attainable by the year as technological advances are made – they even have an affordable gadget for how to get rid of cat urine smell. And even better, by being a smart shopper, you’ll be privy to exclusive offers and discounts at online stores like whenever you need an upgrade or would like to enjoy a great product for yourself (or someone else).

Sony Discount Code / Sony Promotion Code List

Want Sony merchandise on sale? Here are a few links and coupons you can use to pick up a lot of popular electronics products for less at

  • Sony’s Official Site
  • Save Up To 7% On Select VAIO Notebooks
  • Visit the Sony Camera & Camcorder Outlet for great discounts
  • Visit the Sony Outlet Online for certified refurbished electronics and gadgets
  • Shop for Sony VAIO Notebooks at the Outlet Store for top discounts
  • Get Free Ground Shipping on all Sony TVs
  • Sony Reader Daily Edition for wireless access to your books and subscriptions
  • Sony Style Gift Cards

Here are a few more great reasons for shopping at

  1. You can get special financing.

There’s an ongoing promotion right now where Sony offers 0% interest financing for 6 months for purchases of $199 or more. If you pay for your purchase in full within 6 months, you won’t have to pay interest for that time period. The same offer holds for 12 months if your purchase is valued at $299 or higher and you’ll get the same special financing for 24 months if your purchase is $399 or more. This is a limited time offer that is good from January 10 to March 31, 2010.

These are benefits offered to you by Sony Electronics in partnership with GE Money — a duo that gives us the Sony Financial Services Card. With this card, you can buy Sony products with the aforementioned exclusive discount rates. Check for more details.

Once these promotions expire, please visit Sony’s official site for additional promotions that are available.

  1. Get free shipping on all ground orders of $25 and more.

You can also have your Sony products delivered to your doorstep with free ground shipping for purchases $25 and over.

  1. Sony has student-friendly discounts.

The Sony Style Campus Store is the essential store for students who are looking for notebooks, digital books, camcorders, and other products and supplies they’ll need for school or recreation. Eligible students, faculty and school staff members can qualify for education discounts like these: 7% off on VAIO notebooks, 10% off on notebook accessories, 10% off on reader digital books, 10% off on professional camcorders and 10% off on digital voice recorders.

  1. Find discounts on your favorite cameras and camcorders.

Check out Sony’s Camera and Camcorder Outlet. Here, you’ll save on a variety of refurbished items including photo frames, battery packs, video recorders and camcorders.

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What Is SEMRush and How Can It Help You?


SEMRush is a competitive analysis tool used for search engine marketing & paid marketing research and without doubt the best tool that offers a bundle of features. If you are a newbie or a professional online marketing expert then you definitely need a tool like SEMRush for competitive analysis. SEMRush is the best tool that offers exceptional insights of PPC and organic keyword competition.

I use it all the time for analyzing the competition and also for finding profitable keywords that will not only help us to get extra traffic but will also increase your revenue.

SEOQuake developers have created this amazing tool so that the online marketing experts and newbies can easily plan a solid SEO and a PPC strategy.

Here’s a small list of features that the IQAir GC Multigas has to offer:


SEMRush will find not only Competitors or websites that you are up against in Search Engine but also Competitors that are running PPC campaigns.

Historical Data:

Historical Index (New Feature): With historical data you have access to the organic and paid marketing data, meaning that if you wanted to analyze you website’s or your competitors website’s traffic and performance for the past month or for the whole previous year you can easily get that information through historical data feature.

Ads Text and Ads History:

If you have an e-commerce site or any other online business and you are promoting your website on Google AdWords it is really crucial for you to target the correct keywords otherwise you’ll be wasting your previous time and also money. You can find Ad copies that your competitors are using and also find out which Ad copy is working for them with the help of Ads History feature.

Potential Ads/Traffic Sellers:

Find the websites related to your niche with SEMRush Advertising research feature because by doing this you can contact the website owners directly and also purchase Banner space on their websites and you don’t necessarily have to use AdWords traffic all the time because niche related can be really profitable and the traffic would also be a lot more cheaper than AdWords.


If you are in the field of SEO then you might know the importance of backlinks because once you find out more about the source of backlinks of your Competitors you can easily out rank them in search engines, SEMRush allows you to find the backlink sources of your competitors.

Position Tracking:

With position tracking you can monitor any daily changes in the positions of your competitors for organic and AdWords keywords in Google.

So, these were some of the feature that you get when you get a Rowenta PU6020 air purifier!


Now, let’s talk about different columns and what is their purpose:


Keyword: The Keyword field tells that which page of the sites is getting traffic and its percentage or share in the total traffic.

Position: The Keyword position of the website in search engine. For this example let’s say, I have selected the default data center which is Google US, (you can select UK, Australia, Germany and other locations too).

Volume: The volume tells you that how many monthly searches does a query or keyword has locally. In this post we’ll be analyzing Google US so the estimated volume will be of local US queries. I have manually verified and checked the monthly searches as well using Google Keyword Tool and the accuracy of SEMRush is 100%.

CPC: CPC Column tells you that how much the average Cost-Per-Click for the keyword found by SEMRush.

Traffic: The traffic column shows the ratio of visitors coming to a website from specific a keyword or term with the total number of visitors coming to the website.

URL: Targeted URL where the search engine and paid traffic is being delivered (it can either be a landing page or home page of the website because many companies and businesses use different pages for different keywords it can improve the conversion rate a lot!)

Comp: A search engine and paid marketing tool is useless with competition analyzer. This column shows you the competition of advertisers for a keyword. If the number is Lower it’ll mean that there’s less competition for that keyword and there are limited advertisers bidding on that term. However if the number is higher that’ll mean there’s a lot of competition for that term.

Results: This column shows the total number of search engine results for a keyword or term. If the number of results is low then it means that it’ll be easier for you to rank in search engines for that term and if the number of results is higher than should probably avoid it if you were thinking promoting your website using organic traffic.

Trend: Probably one of the most amazing feature which can be very useful if utilized properly. Not all keywords can be profitable, if you have a costume shop you will not get the same amount of business every month that you get during Halloween.

So, if you promote seasons or festive offers or products you can use the Trend column to find out which keyword you should be focusing on during the festive season and you can get the data for the whole year which makes it a lot easier for you to find highly profitable keywords.

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Pretty Japanese Nail Art


Hey guys, we hope that you’re all well! Are you looking forward to Big Brother and the World Cup? We can’t decide which we are most excited about. But, we can tell you something else that we have found, that we got really excited about!

For the past few years, YouTube has been the success story for so many YouTube Guru’s, and one of my favorite Guru’s has to be the Irish-girl living in Hong Kong BubzBeauty. Bubz (real name Lindy), runs a channel with hair and makeup tips, as well as running her own range of clothing and advice on the best flat iron for natural hair. In the past, Bubz has done a few nail art tutorials, but unfortunately she hasn’t done one in a really long time. So, imagine our excitement, to discover that she’s just uploaded one. And, it’s something that can be achieved using Konad rhinestones…brilliant.

To see the video of Bubz doing the look herself, click the link below:

BubzBeauty’s Pretty Japanese Nail Art

Otherwise, here is how to create our Konad look, fully inspired by Bubzbeauty’s Japanese look (seen in the image on the left).

What will you need?

  • A Base Coat or a clear or pale regular nail polish.
  • Selection of rhinestones
  • Selection of large and small 3D Flowers
  • Tooth pick and/or Tweezers
  • Glue (optional)
  • Top Coat or a clear regular polish

How to Re-Create the Look using Konad:

  1. Start off by trimming and filing each of your nails, ensuring that they are neat, tidy and even.
  2. Paint each nail using either a base coat, or a clear or pale nail polish. You could even apply both, to ensure that your polish doesn’t chip too quickly. Allow coats to dry thoroughly before moving on.
  3. Next, spend some time choosing the best white noise machine, as well as which rhinestones and flowers you want to use on your nails. Bubz encourages making each nail unique, and to just be creative, and we couldn’t agree more. So, don’t be afraid to mix up colors, sizes and styles.
  4. Apply another coat of polish, and before it has had chance to dry, carefully place the pieces onto the wet nails, using either tweezers or a tooth pick. Always use whichever one you feel the most comfortable using. Allow the polish to dry completely.
  5. Our rhinestone and flower sets come with glue, which works just as well as sticking them to your nails with wet polish. Whichever method you choose, is completely down to you.
  6. Once your polish and/or glue has set, apply a top coat. A top coat is necessary for several reasons: Firstly, it adds a glossy shine to the look, secondly it ensures that the stones don’t fall straight off as soon as you move. And finally, it makes sure that the stones stay put for as long as possible.

So, there ya go! Just as Bubz herself says, this look is so easy to do, and it looks great too.]

If you try out this look, don’t forget to share it with us. Enjoy your nails!

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HP Pavilion dv6t Select Review: Value Mainstream Computing


Here’s the quick skinny: the HP dv6t Select was a good purchase. I bought it as my old Toshiba AMD Turion II, 3GB RAM, 200GB HDD laptop overheated for the 20th and final time. Even before the Toshiba’s death I knew it was time to keep up with the times and get a new Laptop.

There were 3 things I was looking for in a new laptop:

  1. I could work on it, which means multi-tasking.
  2. Play the newest video games with reasonable speed.
  3. Enough hard drive space to work some video projects I’ve wanted to get to.
  4. Fit conveniently within my Kanken backpack.

1) The Core i5 processor with 8GB RAM makes multi-tasking a breeze. Running Firefox and Internet explorer with 20 tabs and several windows at the same time would slow my old machine down, add iTunes, instant messaging, and a Google sidebar and we’re looking at significant reduction in performance. The dv6t select has no problems keeping up with my work.

2) Gaming was a big difference. The LED Screen and 1GB Radeon HD discrete GPU makes the graphics sharper than I even imagined. StarCraft II performance was a HUGE improvement compared to my old machine’s endless loading time. Games like Empire Total War, which I use to think were inertly slow, turned out to be many times faster with my new dv6. I can even run iTunes or Windows Media Player in the background streaming music without gaming interference, that’s a big deal. If gaming had been the highest priority I might have gone w/ the Core i7 upgrade but for the price the Core i5 performance is a good balance.

3) The spacious and modern hard drive is also a nice addition. I have no worries downloading masses of files to my dv6t. On my old machine I found myself deleting the priceless Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld Reunion episodes to save space. With the dv6t, those days are gone. Video projects shouldn’t be a problem space wise, if I ever get to them…

So the dv6t pretty much dominates my list of priorities but there are a few other things worth mentioning:

I’ve had a few unexplainable crashes. I run this machine a lot so I can’t expect this to never happen, but I do wonder how the machine will run 2 years from now.

The switchable graphics initially was annoying me with a pop up message every time I unplug the machine. The lower end graphics defiantly save the battery power but its a rare to find myself away from a plug anyway so when I frequently take the machine around the house and replug it back in. I get a small but noticeable nuisance, but thankfully this has been solved by a recent driver update.

On the left hand side of the keyboard are a few HP macro keys. They take you to several different programs, one takes you to the calculator (that could be useful) but its right next to the CTRL key so an accidental tap is a frustrating habit of mine. The worst key is one below the Escape key, it takes you to Windows Live Mail, which takes 10 seconds to load and can frustrate the hell out of me if I hit it

The dv6t Select doesn’t include a 1394 Fire Wire port which would allow me to transfer my video projects directly from my camera in the highest quality, so I’m going to have to buy an additional adapter or some sort of USB transfer device – I’ll check out a good turbocharger review to find the best one.

The HP dv6t Select can be picked up for around $625 after coupons. At this price, you can usually expect a Core i5 processor with 8GB of RAM.

Current Specs and Options for a HP dv6t Select Laptop:

  • 2nd Generation dual-core Core i5 and Core i7 options
  • Intel HD 3000 graphics option or Radeon 7470M, 7690M GDDR5 discrete GPU
  • Usually Free upgrade to 8GB of RAM, max system memory option of 16GB of RAM
  • Hard drive and storage space of 750GB to 1TB HDD, or a 160GB solid state drive
  • SuperMulti 8X DVD R/W drive or Blu-ray player & Writer
  • Standard 1366 x 768 15.6″ LED display or the higher resolution 1920 x 1080 HP Anti-Glare LED display
  • Color choices are “dark umber” or “steel gray”
  • WiFi b/g/n or Bluetooth
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Buying a New TV – Everything You Need to Know


When it comes to buying a television set, there are a seemingly countless number of options to choose from. And to make matters worse, every single one of them seems to claim some sort of unique feature or new technology. For the experienced technology geek, this can be a lot to keep up with. But for the average person, it can seem impossible to figure it all out.

If you’re in the market for a new TV but aren’t sure which one to buy, don’t worry – we’ve put together a handy guide to buying a new television and have included all of the most important things that you should know.

Size Matters

No matter what they say, size does matter when it comes to your TV. That doesn’t mean that bigger is always better, however. It’s important to choose a set which fits well with the dimensions of your rooms. For example, you’d probably want to have a larger television in your spacious living room than you would in your cozy bedroom.

Don’t Get Ahead of Your Time

It may be tempting to pay a little bit extra for a television with some sort of brand new feature or technology, but for most people this is simply a waste of money. While it may seem like they’re cool or destined to be the next big thing, these features are often poorly supported meaning you won’t get much use out of then. And more often than not, they never end up catching on in the mainstream.

How Do You Plan on Using It?

Sometimes, choosing the right television set will depend on exactly how you plan on using it. Are you looking for something to hang in your den and watch sports in high definition? Is this a lower-cost set for a children’s room? Are you going to be using it hooked up like a monitor to your computer? These are all questions you need to ask before narrowing down your list of sets.

Last Minute Tips

To make things easier, we’ve put together a list of a few last minute tips that you should always be sure to follow:

  • Make sure that any TV you’re considering comes with at least a 1080p resolution and 120 Hz rate of refreshing.
  • If you’re spending money on a high-end television, invest in a quality sound bar to maximize the experience.
  • Don’t buy a mid-to-high level set without at least taking a look at it in person first.
  • Be cautious not to waste your money on any “brand new” technologies that may not be well supported now, and may never make it to widespread usage.
  • Are you planning to use your credit card to make your purchase? If so, it may come with its own warranty – make sure to check your terms.

There’s no one specific television set that’s going to be right for everyone. Each buyer is going to have his or her own specific needs and uses for their TV that will greatly affected which one they should choose. But by following the tips and techniques we’ve outlined in this article, you should be well on your way to finding the perfect set for you and your family.