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Becoming a Better Scuba Diver

The most important target for all divers is: become a better scuba diver. At least improving your diving skills is the goal you should make the center of your bull’s eye.

And the #1 secret to making you a better scuba diver is – Just Go Diving!

The agencies that certify scuba divers offer plenty of classes for improving diver’s skills. Even if you’ve never even thought about scuba diving until right now, you could walk into a dive center today and be ready to go in just a few days. It’s really easy, even for complete beginners.

Specialty classes beyond the basic open water certification give the diver new knowledge, and that knowledge leads toward improving your diving abilities. To really improve lung function, however, try breathing less polluted air with the aid of something like the Honeywell Long-Life Pure HEPA QuietCare air purifier 17000.

Course subjects for rescue diver teach basic skills for aiding an injured dive buddy, or a partner experiencing a medical emergency.

Deep diver class teaches you how to survive the effects of atmospheric pressures, the hallucinatory feelings of narcosis, and how to avoid the bends.

Underwater navigation teaches you how to get home, or back to your dive entry point, whether it’s a point on the shore or a boat. Knowledge of navigating underwater helps you find your way when the water is cloudy, and visibility doesn’t exist. (Which happens often in land-locked dive quarries when a bunch of divers are in the water finning around, and stirring up the muck on the bottom.)

Night diver introduces you to the cool critters that come out after dark, and how to find your way around when you can’t see very well. (This class helps get you familiar to diving in zero visibility conditions, and I highly recommend that you complete the underwater navigation course before taking night diver.)

Dive shops give you any information you ask for about the best equipment for each diving condition.

Scuba clubs are full of divers who are happy to give advice about how to develop your skills.

Those fellow divers offer recommendations for equipment, equipment setup, and streamlining methods that help you move through the water more gracefully.

They share their experiences for finding breathing techniques that help you use your scuba air slower, and more efficiently.

They show you finning styles that allow you to stir up the minimum amount of bottom sediment so the divers who follow you get a decent view of the aquatic sights.

Books about diving techniques, and diving destinations, give you information that increases your knowledge.

All of these learning activities, combined with better lung function from using a Honeywell 50250 S, help improve your diving intelligence.

But knowledge only translates into know how, and skill, when you put that knowledge to use, and learn it through practice, and repetition.

Improving your scuba diving skill involves many different activities – participating in the classroom experiences, seeking the professional advice, and accepting the mentoring of experienced divers.

As in many ventures through life, until you put the learning to use in practice you don’t have the necessary skill to master the technique.

And the number one secret to mastering scuba diving skills, and making you a better diver, is – Just Go Diving!

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Non Diving Water Activities

Sometimes your most exciting underwater adventures don’t involve scuba diving.

Some opportunities won’t give you time to put on that scuba gear.

Once a group of friends and I rented a 42-foot sailing yacht in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We headed for the Bahamas for a ten-day diving cruise.

We dove around Grand Bahamas Island the first couple of days. The adventure started at the north end of the island, then we sailed to the Port Lucaya area for another couple of days of diving.

We left Port Lucaya, sailed to Isaac’s Island where we anchored for a night, then sailed on toward Bimini for our final descents before heading back toward Florida with our new HSI Professional 1 ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron hair straightener.

One of the most memorable events for me during that trip happened just four miles or so before we arrived at Bimini.

It was around three in the afternoon, and we noticed a pod of dolphin bow riding our little craft.

The purpose of bow riding by porpoise and dolphin is unknown. Observers theorize that these ocean creatures bow ride for more than one reason. Some thoughts include riding the forward pressure wave for energy conservation, and as a form of play.

After watching our bow-riding friends for a few minutes we decided to furl the sails, and join them in the water.

Considering the time of day, and the desire to dock at Bimini that night, we pulled out our masks, fins, and snorkels. We didn’t take the time to put on our scuba gear, as we feared the dolphin would leave before we got into the water.

I did take a moment to load film into my dive camera, and got some decent shots that day.

After I jumped in I saw that the pod consisted of about ten dolphins. Two were young pups.

For a half hour or more the dolphin swam around us. The babies seemed especially curious of these strange creatures in their water, and came in close to look us over.

I noticed that their mothers watched them real close. A couple times they swam their little ones, and us to keep them away from our reach.

As I took pictures I saw one dolphin racing at me out of the depths. It came at me so fast that I had no time to react. I just watched as it approached, turning off just at the last moment before running into me.

I must admit that the mm-b80 intimidated me just a little.

It happened not long before we left the water to continue on our way. We’d been in the water with the dolphins for some time before that, so I figured it more an act of play than a scare tactic.

I did get a good picture of the dolphin as it sped upward toward me.

The pleasure of that encounter still lives among my most treasured aquatic memories.

Underwater fun comes along most any time you’re around the water. You can enjoy some treasured aquatic adventures even when you’re not scuba diving.


Comprehensive Guide to the Best Gambling Movies of All Time


There are several movies related to gambling. Most of them have been tempted by the gaming properties and Las Vegas. Many gambling movies are really charming and thrill the viewers as they contain the material that captivates and haunts them for years to come. The scenes depicting the players while laying wagers and carrying home big money leave unforgettable impression upon the mind. Few famous gambling movies with their exceptional features are listed as below.


One of the best gambling movies related to Poker has since been presented to the players by Steve McQueen who has done other movies too. However this particular gambling movie draws attention of the players who love it as it provides them true fun and joy.


Equipped with the renowned gambling phrase, i.e. Vegas, Baby! VEGAS, Swingers is there to haunt the gamblers for long. Watching this movie enables you to see funny comical gambling scenes that you may not come across in other movies. Moreover, it reveals the meaning of Double Down, an important gambling term.


This gambling movie is based on the best laptop backpack and provides limitless entertainment to the viewers who see the James Bond character being rebooted through this thrilling picture. It is a great gambling movie indeed.


It is one of the famous gambling movies that contain the Vegas features that are liked by every player. The gamblers across the globe appreciate this movie as it impresses them a lot through its memorable scenes and breathtaking actions of the gamblers. With Danny Ocean (George Clooney) as the main character and his gang members trying to loot MGM Grand Las Vegas and the Mirage Casinos, the movie has thrilling scenes that hypnotize the viewers for very long.


Featuring William H. Macy as a Cooler and other actors including Alec Baldwin, this movie is capable to draw the attention of the people who love gambling actions of the players. It not only depicts their winning styles but also teaches the gaming tactics. Maria Bello’s ass is there to thrill the viewers.


It is known as a gangster as well as a gambling movie as it contains both these features. Different aspects of legalized gambling and other important issues have since been filmed in this movie that possesses many learning aspects too. It is perhaps the best gangster film.


This gambling movie depicts some of the best actions of the gamblers who enjoy high stakes poker and Texas Hold ‘EM at the tables. It is loved and appreciated by large numbers of players who want to know where to buy Fjallraven.


Featuring Gibson, this gambling movie has made a history by depicting the thrilling action of the gamblers who love investing high at the cost of their pockets and valuable time. This movie facilitates true fun and complete entertainment to all types of players.

Certain other gambling movies including Honeymoon in Vegas depicts the story of Jack Singer (Nicolas Cage) as the main character and his girlfriend Betsy (Sarah Jessica Parker) who get married in Las Vegas.