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Different Female Body Shapes

Who doesn’t want to look in shape? It is an inherent attitude of human beings to look great or have a well carved out physique. Especially when it comes to women, they are even more conscious about their figure because in every culture and in all times, a female had been a symbol of highest degree of aesthetic beauty and bodily perfection.

Though a concept of perfect female body is found in every society but its definition and ingredients varies from one society to the other. E.g. in South East Asia, a women having a voluminous and curvaceous body would fit into the definition of perfect female body whereas, when we talk about West, body measurements depicting a perfect female body are quite different.

They would rather prefer a lean and skinny body outlook. However, there are some principles of MIG welding techniques which underline the agreed definition of a perfect female body in almost all cultures despite differences. Before we address them, it would be better to have an understanding of what are the different kinds of a female body

Different Types of Female Body:

A female body is usually categorized into four types which are as under:

Pear Shape:

It is characterized by wider hips as compared to the width of bust. Fats are mainly located on buttocks, hips and thighs. As the fats increase, the upper part of body, especially abdomen gets fats distribution.

Banana Shape:

Bust and hips are wider than that of the waist with which is mostly less than 9 inches. Fats distribution is more in face, chest, buttocks and abdomen. The greater percentage of androgen than estrogen in such body types, cause them to take a masculine outlook.

Hourglass Shape:

It is characterized by a narrow waist and the bust and hips are of same width. The hourglass shape is considered to be the perfect female body shape in most of the societies because it shows highest level of symmetry.

Apple Shape:

In this case, bust and shoulder width is greater than that of the hips. Women possessing this body shape have the highest level of androgen than any other, resulting in masculine outlook.

Perfect Female Body Measurements:

By birth, every female is given with a specific body type and skeleton measurements. Some may have a short height and bulky figure but may still look attractive. Others may be medium height-ed but still beautiful, there are yet others who are tall and lean and attract many. Almost all types of these body shapes may have likening among way. A body shape which does not seem attractive to one may seem gorgeous to other.

So there are no well-defined set patterns of rules regarding a perfect female body which would be everyone’s ideal. However, a major consensus of most of the beauty experts, and body measurement charts developers is on a measurement which is characterized by 36 inches wide bust, 26 inches wide waist and 36 inches wide hops. This is because almost every type of dress suits on this set of measurement. So the widely agreed equation is 36″- 26″- 36″.

However, an interesting fact is that only 5% of women who know how to weld possess these measurements set as an ideal. Rest can only struggle to be as close to it as possible, but in the end, there would be many who do not look at these measurements as suitable for a body to define as a perfect female body, rather, to them, even a woman with 32″- 34″- 36″ may be even more attractive than 36″- 26″- 36″. So, the definition of perfection is highly subjective.

It is based on your own perception, and even more than that, it is all about your feeling towards a lady. You may not consider someone’s outward beauty in front of her inward ugliness or vice versa. There is nothing bad about trying to achieve a perfect female body, but you don’t have it, it is not a stigma or something to feel inferior about because when you think beautiful, you are beautiful.


Basic Nail Art How-To


Morning everyone. We hope that you are enjoying your weekend.

Many girls have discovered the wonder of Konad Nail Art, but a lot of you guys have been weary of purchasing anything, and asking how exactly it works, well here is our very basic How-To Guide to Konad Nail Art.

What You Will Need:

  • Stamp and Scraper
  • Image Plate
  • Regular Nail Polish
  • Special Nail Polish
  • Image Plate Holder
  • Nail file and buffer

Morning everyone. We hope that you are enjoying your weekend.

Many girls have discovered the wonder of Konad Nail Art, but a lot of you guys have been weary of purchasing anything, and asking how exactly it works, well here is our very basic How-To Guide to Konad Nail Art.

What You Will Need:

  • Stamp and Scraper
  • Image Plate
  • Regular Nail Polish
  • Special Nail Polish
  • Image Plate Holder
  • Nail file and buffer


File your nails so that they are all a similar in shape and size to the Holset hx60. This just keeps them looking neat. Follow this, by buffering each nail in order to remove previous nail polishes and any other dirt that may be on your nails that could ruin your design, and/or could prevent the polish drying to the desired effect.


Choose any regular nail polish (click here for a selection of the regular polishes that Konad have on offer), and carefully paint each of your nails, wiping off the excess on the rim of the bottle beforehand. Allow to dry, and repeat for a second coat if necessary.


Once your nails have completely dried, take an image plate (click here to see every plate that Konad has to offer) and secure it into your image plate holder.


Take your choice of special polish (click here to choose one that is perfect for your design), and paint across the design that you wish to use. Using different colors for each part of the design, if you so choose.


Using the scraper, remove the excess, hence unneeded polish from the plate, making sure that if you have opted to choose multiple polish colors, to scrape sideways, so that the two colors do not become blended into one another.


Press your stamper hard down onto the Borg Warner S366, “picking up” the polish in the shape of the design. Check that only the design appears on your stamp, and remove any excess using your finger or a tissue.


In a rolling movement, following the naturally rounded shape of the surface of your nail and carefully press the stamp firmly across your nail, in one swift motion. Repeat Steps Four to Seven until you have decorated every nail.


Finish off the look, with a top coat (click here to find one). For a simple shiny look, choose a clear top coat, and for a more sparkly look, choose a glitter-based top coat.

Looking perfect? No? Don’t worry, practice makes perfect, as they say. Share your first attempts with us, and enjoy your nails!


Celebrity Nails: Kimmie Kyees


“Hot and Cold” singer, and other half of our very own Russell Brand; Katy Perry, has a lot more in common with yesterday’s featured singers Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, than she might care to admit. Anyone who hasn’t been living on Mars for the past couple of years, will know that she’s a style icon, with bundles of attitude and who is definitely not afraid of setting tongues wagging with her raunchy/eye-catching/unique outfits and hairstyles. In fact, only last week, Katy attended the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, carrying a very…er….interesting… air purifier for cigarette smoke! Perhaps not to everyone’s tastes, but exactly like Gaga and Beyoncé, Katy overflowed with sheer confidence.

But, that’s not all that Katy Perry has in common with the “Telephone” singers. Katy also shares their love for nail art, and regularly appears wearing some of the quirkiest sets of talons we have seen. The look pictured on the right is made of hundreds of tiny Swarovski crystals, creating truly spectacularly sparkly look. But, that isn’t where the likeness ends, because Katy Perry also has her nails done by the celeb nail tech Kimmie Kyees.

So, who is Kimmie Kyees, and why are A-List celebrities going absolutely crazy for her do their nails?

Hailing from Columbus, in Ohio, Kimmie proclaims that she began doing nails following a bet with a girlfriend, before finding herself studying Cosmetology. Since qualifying as a professional manicurist in1994, Kimmie has spent the past sixteen years dedicated to not only making women’s nails beauty, but promoting wellbeing alongside it.

Since going freelance, Kimmie now works outside of the four walls of a salon or spa, opting to bring the spa experience to people where ever they need it. This is perhaps the biggest selling point of Kimmie’s services. That, and the fact that she has a special talent for creating some truly incredible nail designs, for some very big names and some very big companies.

And Kimmie really does have a long list of clients under her belt, including Kylie Minogue, Chris Brown, Kelis, Rihanna and Juliette Lewis. She has worked on hit TV show Desperate Housewives, and has done the nails for several music videos with the likes of Britney Spears, Alexandra Burke and Miley Cyrus, plus so many others who weigh in on the best air purifier for cigarette smoke removal.

Kimmie is definitely a real inspiration to all girls who are thinking about going into the beauty industry, or even those who are already in the early stages of their careers. And for that Kimmie, we salute you. Because, without people like Kimmie, the craze for nail art just wouldn’t be such a big deal. So, we honestly hope that Kimmie continues to spread the word across the globe.

If you’re a beautician/manicurist/nail technician, then we would love to see your work, so that together we can all spread the world about nail art, so even more women can learn to enjoy their nails!