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Different Female Body Shapes

Who doesn’t want to look in shape? It is an inherent attitude of human beings to look great or have a well carved out physique. Especially when it comes to women, they are even more conscious about their figure because in every culture and in all times, a female had been a symbol of highest degree of aesthetic beauty and bodily perfection.

Though a concept of perfect female body is found in every society but its definition and ingredients varies from one society to the other. E.g. in South East Asia, a women having a voluminous and curvaceous body would fit into the definition of perfect female body whereas, when we talk about West, body measurements depicting a perfect female body are quite different.

They would rather prefer a lean and skinny body outlook. However, there are some principles of MIG welding techniques which underline the agreed definition of a perfect female body in almost all cultures despite differences. Before we address them, it would be better to have an understanding of what are the different kinds of a female body

Different Types of Female Body:

A female body is usually categorized into four types which are as under:

Pear Shape:

It is characterized by wider hips as compared to the width of bust. Fats are mainly located on buttocks, hips and thighs. As the fats increase, the upper part of body, especially abdomen gets fats distribution.

Banana Shape:

Bust and hips are wider than that of the waist with which is mostly less than 9 inches. Fats distribution is more in face, chest, buttocks and abdomen. The greater percentage of androgen than estrogen in such body types, cause them to take a masculine outlook.

Hourglass Shape:

It is characterized by a narrow waist and the bust and hips are of same width. The hourglass shape is considered to be the perfect female body shape in most of the societies because it shows highest level of symmetry.

Apple Shape:

In this case, bust and shoulder width is greater than that of the hips. Women possessing this body shape have the highest level of androgen than any other, resulting in masculine outlook.

Perfect Female Body Measurements:

By birth, every female is given with a specific body type and skeleton measurements. Some may have a short height and bulky figure but may still look attractive. Others may be medium height-ed but still beautiful, there are yet others who are tall and lean and attract many. Almost all types of these body shapes may have likening among way. A body shape which does not seem attractive to one may seem gorgeous to other.

So there are no well-defined set patterns of rules regarding a perfect female body which would be everyone’s ideal. However, a major consensus of most of the beauty experts, and body measurement charts developers is on a measurement which is characterized by 36 inches wide bust, 26 inches wide waist and 36 inches wide hops. This is because almost every type of dress suits on this set of measurement. So the widely agreed equation is 36″- 26″- 36″.

However, an interesting fact is that only 5% of women who know how to weld possess these measurements set as an ideal. Rest can only struggle to be as close to it as possible, but in the end, there would be many who do not look at these measurements as suitable for a body to define as a perfect female body, rather, to them, even a woman with 32″- 34″- 36″ may be even more attractive than 36″- 26″- 36″. So, the definition of perfection is highly subjective.

It is based on your own perception, and even more than that, it is all about your feeling towards a lady. You may not consider someone’s outward beauty in front of her inward ugliness or vice versa. There is nothing bad about trying to achieve a perfect female body, but you don’t have it, it is not a stigma or something to feel inferior about because when you think beautiful, you are beautiful.


What Is the Atkins Diet?

Its global popularity has stimulated release of a large number of similar diets who focus on the actual same concept of high-protein, low-carbohydrate eating. You will discover numerous options when it comes to going for a low-carbohydrate diet.

The Atkins diet is Firstly released by Dr. Robert Atkins in 1972, it limits intake of carbohydrates such as bread, rice, pasta and starchy veggies. This diet depends on the idea that carbohydrates raise blood glucose levels, releasing insulin. Then insulin inhibits fat from breaking down in your body. As a result, you simply will not burn fat or lose weight.

Advantages of the Atkins Diet

Quick Weight Loss:

People who stick to the Atkins diet closely achieve quick and remarkable weight loss, especially throughout the time of induction phase if they’re also using an inversion table. The fast results motivate them to keep on the diet.

Eating Unlimited Protein-Rich and Fatty Foods:

If you were a fat or protein dieter in the past, you’ll really enjoy eating all prohibited foods.

Simple and Proven:

Compared to other diets, the Atkins diet considered one of the simplest diet available today. Only some basic food carbohydrate counts should be learned then you can eat freely from the allowed food list.

Some Health Benefits:

The Atkins diet has some health benefits as low carbohydrates eating reduces blood glucose levels for diabetics and pre-diabetics, in the same time increases levels of the good cholesterol (HDL) and also it leads to increased mental concentration.

Not Time-Consuming and Not Expensive

Disadvantages of the Atkins Diet

Some Health Risks:

The Atkins diet focuses on foods of high protein; but, foods high in protein can also be high in fat. An excessive amount of fat raises the bad cholesterol (LDL). Furthermore, fruits and veggies are restricted in Atkins diet, depriving dieters from the fiber required for food digestion, which may result in chronic bowel disease. Also high protein consumption causes overload on the kidneys and this can be very harmful to kidney function over time.

Possibility of Weight Regain:

One of the main disadvantages of the Atkins diet is that although you can achieve quick weight loss, your weight may return back within few months. Therefore, you should exercise regularly to maintain your desired weight.

Reduction of Important Nutrients:

Atkins diet provides you with a lesser amount of minerals and vitamins due to low consumption of fruits and salads resulting in nutritional deficiency.

Counting Carbohydrates in Every Meal:

You have to count carbohydrates in every meal you eat to ensure that you are remaining inside your own carbohydrate range. You may also want to read a Honeywell 18155 review or two to see if it may be a good way to help you breathe better air.

May Cause Ketosis:

Very dangerous because if ketosis occurs, ketones form in the body that may result in renal failure. This is one of the most important things that you need to watch out for when adhering to the Atkins diet. While it is a proven way to lose weight if you follow their strict regimen, there still are plenty of present dangers – especially the risk to your liver from developing ketones. If you begin to feel sick or out of the ordinary while on the Atkins diet, make sure to follow up with your doctor promptly.

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Should You Take a Break from Your Business?

Any person starting a business will realize that it is all consuming and takes up every waking minute of your day. When I was in the middle of launching my Fund management business with my partners, we were all working very hard and very late – with no guarantee of success.

I banked my first payment from that business this week and I have to tell you reader it felt great. It was not about the money; honestly it never is about the money. It was the sense that the best smokeless ashtray had been found, and people were willing to acknowledge with their hard earned cash. This to me is the principle about consumer sovereignty in practice.

Despite all this, I need to remind Entrepreneurs of the need to take occasional breaks from the business. If you respond by saying that you manage your work load and you work 9-5, I guess you are not the kind of person I am talking about. (I tend not to back Entrepreneurs who take that approach!)

When I was in the midst of my business launch recently, I was working from about 8am until 2am and then squeezing in as much as I could over the weekend. I did not have time for the gym and no doubt had it gone on too long – I would have suffered. The problem really was that I loved it!

What I did though was make sure I was walking to the office every day (about 50 minute walk there and 50 minutes back) and I made sure I stuck to my Saturday routine of reading the Economist in my lovely café. I have met people who are in the thick of it with a business and you can see them looking visibly ill after a while. It is so important that you look after yourself. And you should not work as hard as I had to (and no doubt some of you have to) for more than three months without a break.

I am very lucky that I have a home to retreat to on the Isle of Wight which is just a fantastic place to escape to. There is something about the sea air which makes me sleep so much when I am down here for the weekend that when I get back to London I feel reenergized.

The other issue I recognize of course is how difficult the finances can be when you are starting a business. I have again just personally come through a very difficult period, where although on paper I may have had some wealth, I was absolutely broke in terms of cash, even though I had a surplus of kombucha brewing supplies.

The reality of starting a business (and getting some qualifications) meant that I was not able to earn any money at all for a good six months and as things took a lot longer to materialize than I had hoped, the cash did run out. This was scary and I hope to never be that broke again.

So, if you are starting a business, please do make sure you leave enough money for yourself to have at least one break after the first three months – and ideally a weekend away every month. Just go and visit friends if you can for a weekend away – but make sure you take it as my experience tells me you will really need it!


How Your Basic Metabolic Rate Affects Cystic Acne


Losing weight will be not a mysterious process; it is truly just just a few burning a lot more calories than that which you take. If we make little changes in that which you consume, gradually we can lose weight. By following a below measures we can decide that which you need to do every day time to burn people extra calories.

Calculate BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate):

BMR will be what the body needs to maintain normal functions like breathing and digestion. The minimum number of calories we need to eat every morning with our cystic acne diet. No calculator is 100% exact so we need to adjust these numbers because we go along.

Calculate Activity Level:

By making use of, a calorie monitor we can figure out how many calories we burn while sitting, standing, etc. throughout the day.

Preserve a track of just how many calories we take. We can maintain a meals journal to publish down what we should take and drink each day. Try to always be because exact since possible and measure it when we need to. Search for the nutritional details at dining places if we take out.

To shed weight, one needs to transport out this sort of a plan that will balance the required calories we take daily with the proper exercise and activities. Ideally, dieting is to end up being carried out with a nutritionally balanced as well as low-calorie diet along with that increase increased physical action will help.

The biggest mistake people carry out to shed weight would be to stay away from breakfast. When we skip the lunch we get starved and when we consume next time tend to consume a lot more. It is good you can eat little amounts of foods at regular intervals.

Cardio workout is important for weight loss. It will be about obtaining the heart rate higher so that it can water pump blood faster into the heart which will result in hard breathing and eventually burn far more calories. A cardio exercise helps to find the body moving and in turn burns fat. Experts suggest that each and every adult should get about 30-40 minutes of cardio work out at least five times weekly, if not a lot more.

Before starting any cardio system, we need to seek guidance from a doctor who can evaluate our current health condition and give advice. There are many cardio exercises which we are capable of doing at house with little or no tools at all. The most important benefit of doing cardio exercises are that we can burn a wide range of calories when in comparison with other exercises.

Do not consume anything before walking otherwise it will create issues in the body.

We should alternate between how to cure cystic acne with high-impact and low-impact cardio exercises like working and walking. The second part of cardio exercise routine should include some stretching exercise to increase overall flexibility.

Running is actually a great excellent calorie burner. Human body is normally built to walk and run. Cardio exercise is the healthiest and the very best way to shed these unwanted fat. Workout is important to maintain the body in good form and maintain the weight. The top exercise for weight-loss is actually any exercise that we can perform on a regular basis. While choosing a great exercise for weight loss make sure it is actually a good mix of both types.


Keeping Your Mind and Body In Shape As You Age


You want so as to do everything under your control to remain youthful in mind and body. While it turns into a more difficult job the more aged you get, there may be nonetheless a lot that can be done to ensure that you get the best from your growing older experience. Keep to the recommendations offered in this post to assist you with your ongoing problem with your cat peeing on bed.

When you get old, you often desire to carry into the earlier and resist modify, however, you should really adapt to this transformation as the total section of the process of getting older. It’s all from the perspective. Look ahead to them, and think about them like a new journey.

E Vitamin is touted among the greatest vitamin supplements for that skin. It may help to turn back wrinkling on the skin which has been caused by sunlight. It may also help to avoid numerous illnesses on the skin, brings moisture content towards the deal with, and offers the facial skin extra suppleness.

When you start to get more mature, your metabolic rate decelerates. If you aren’t at the weight you are comfortable with now, it will be even more challenging and also hardwearing. Body weight manageable as you may grow older. Take up exercise and get moving on a regular basis, if at all possible 3 to 4 days and nights per week.

The older you get the greater tough it will turn out to be that you should get and maintain a task. This can be for two good reasons, very first there is a standard fear of using the services of those people who are seniors, but additionally it will actually become a little more challenging that you can maintain the very same amount of power you will need for the work. So, you should stay fit, as well as keep up to date with adjustments in the area of interest or experience.

Shut off the television and acquire off of the sofa. We all need our vices, but in case you are shelling out each night on the couch then one thing is wrong. We have to always keep the body and minds energetic as our bodies’ age and watching television isn’t undertaking some of these. Restrict your television set viewing to simply 1 or 2 nights per week and make a move active or interesting on the times off of.

In case you are experiencing lower since the idea of growing older has you inside a funk, just grin and giggle. You will have the knowledge that people more youthful than you may not – including the answer to do female cats spray. Have fun and look typically, and sometimes weep, but have fun far more. It’s genuine that laughter is the ideal treatment since fun lets out your body’s feel-good sensations referred to as hormones. Hormones cause you to be pleased.

Talk with your physician frequently. A lot of health issues surface when you era. The earlier you talk with your personal doctor to identify any issues, the quicker you could start therapy, along with the better your chances of a good end result. Also, your personal doctor may offer helpful advice on controlling JJ Watt Jersey existing problems and medicines to prevent issues.

In conclusion, it is far from straightforward getting older. There are several stuff outside of your direct management that can form your feelings and what you really are competent at during this time period in your life. Preferably, the recommendations in the following paragraphs will help you to get the most from everything you have.


Chemicals That Help Cleanse Your Liver


You may remember learning in your biology classes about the importance with the liver. Your liver is the largest internal organ inside your body and it performs well over 500 chemical functions. One of the most significant functions of liver is truly it filters out the toxins and the chemicals that enter your system and puts a stop to them coming from going into your blood.

Over time your liver becomes sluggish because of accrued toxins. It is important to remove the toxic accumulation from the liver and also this will be precisely why a liver detox is important. There are many ways of detoxifying the liver, such as cleansing the air with the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 but one of the best ways will be the liver detox diet.

Preparing It

Before commencing with liver cleanse diet you will need to strategy out everything carefully. Planning is actually important because you’ll need to put together your system for the diet. Preparing the body will give you maximum benefits of the liver detoxification software. Now the big question is actually exactly how will you get ready?

The first thing that you simply will need to carry out is stay away coming from the level of caffeine, alcohol, unhealthy foods, decaf and beef. Before you get started with the detoxification diet consume only vegetables and fruits for weekly. Cut down on your sugar absorption and increase the consumption of water and whole wheat bread. Carry on with the cleanse diet in three phases over a period of a single week.

First Phase

The first phase in the liver cleansing diet will span coming from the first to the third day time. You will have to survive exclusively on liquid. Have 10-12 glasses of water with a dash of lemon juice daily. This particular will help in liver cleansing and will flush out the gathered wastes. Stay away through other beverages and dairy products. This particular will relax your liver and the digestive system. You may experience some tiredness – don’t worry. It happens because all the wastes are being flushed from the system. During this phase you can have rosemary green tea if you need to.

Second Phase

The second phase of the liver detoxification diet will continue for the next three times. You can include fruits, vegetables and semi solid food with your diet during this specific phase. Choose vegetables and fruits that are organically grown. You’ll need to continue drinking 12 glasses of water in this specific phase way too. Berry juices are great for liver cleansing. So each morning prepare of lemon, apple, and celery or carrot juice. Every single evening have a vegetable broth made with carrots, spinach potato and broccoli. In this specific phase way too, you can continue having the rosemary green tea coupled with the best air purifier for asthma.

Third Phase

The third phase from the liver detoxification diet will last only for the seventh evening. Include 12 glasses of water, rosemary tea, fruit and organically grown vegetables inside your diet. Raw vegetables are good for liver cleanse. Even so you can steam your vegetables if you need to. To conclude the eating plan successfully go back to your normal diet gradually. Stay away through alcohol for at least a week after the diet routine ends.


Techniques for Women to Exercise Without Muscle Gain


Today there will be a wide range of health and fitness information out there, which leads to a lot of confusion. Sometimes it could be difficult to sort out the good information from the poor, which offers led to your variety of myths getting passed close to. It’s important that you simply know the different between myth and truth if you’re trying to find fit. Below is truly a search at some in the most common fitness myths and the real truth guiding them you’ll want to understand.

Fitness Myth #1 – Raising Weights Will Give Women As well Much Bulk

A single in the common fitness myths out there will be the notion that raising weights will give women as well much bulk. Many women have visions of bulging biceps, which keeps them from getting involved in strength training. The simple truth is that when you get involved in a strength training routine that has been developed for women, you can build trim, prolonged muscle tissues instead of adding bulk.

Strength training is important for building calorie burning muscle and boosting your metabolism, so don’t fall prey to this specific myth and overlook the Honeywell 50250-S on just about all the benefits of some strength training.

Fitness Myth #2 – You Can Consume Whatever You Want while Lengthy while You Exercise

Another fitness myth you’ll need to understand about is the thought that you just can take in whatever you want while lengthy while you exercise. The truth is that to get fit and stay fit, it takes a good balance of exercise and a healthy diet. You do need to ensure you’re not overeating understanding that you are eating healthy foods.

While this specific doesn’t mean you can’t actually have a slice of pizza or some chocolate, you perform need to focus on a diet that is healthy for your body.

Fitness Myth #3 – You have to a Lot of Time to Get Exercise In

The concept that you simply need a large amount of time to get exercise in is truly just another myth as well. You don’t have to have a lot of time to exercise and enjoy the benefits. In fact, just adding 15-30 minutes of exercise to your daily life 4-5 times weekly, combined with the Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K air purifier, can certainly make a huge difference.

If you are crunched for time, consider exercise choices that can be done at residence. Some great ideas include purchasing and employing a rebounder, walking in your neighborhood, or doing exercises on house health club products while watching television. There is actually a way for everyone to perform some exercise into their life, it doesn’t matter how busy they are.

Fitness Myth #4 – There is truly a Quick Repair for Losing Weight and Getting Fit

You’ll in addition find that lots of people believe the myth that there will be a quick repair for losing weight and acquiring fit. It’s good to image that there is some magic pill or speedy exercise that will carry out the job, but that’s not the case.

There is truly no quick service out there. It’s going to take some work and time if you would like to take off a few pounds and get into good form. Nevertheless, getting the time you can eat a much healthier diet and exercising to improve fitness is really worth the effort.


Choosing the Right Diet for Your Health Needs


Eating with the seasons will be not only one of the keys to lengthy-term health in standard but lengthy-term heart health in particular. When you consume meals in season and ideally neighborhood way too it is actually fresher, tastes better, and typically includes far more heart-healthy antioxidants which help prevent cholesterol levels from oxidizing.

In my opinion one from the factors the original people from the Mediterranean region (particularly the people of Crete) experienced a decreased incidence of heart disease had a lot to do with the fact that they ate food that was actually seasonally available and locally grown and prepared with a food steamer versus remarkably processed or transported through afar.

Which Foods to Buy?

One way to decide what foods are seasonal is to shop at a local farmer’s market, but what goes on in late fall and winter? In my area, there won’t be any farmer’s markets because the growing season is actually over. What foods help lower blood cholesterol and are in season during this time of year? Late fall and winter foods are the types that are harvested (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds) or caught (sea food) in the fall. For a list of the top 5 heart-healthy fall foods see below:

Apples have been shown to have a very positive cardiovascular impact due primarily to water-soluble fiber (pectin) that that they contain and their unusual mix of polyphenols. By eating just one apple per day it is possible to lower your overall and LDL cholesterol levels. In addition, apples contain quercetin which has solid anti-inflammatory properties. Reducing inflammation in the body is truly necessary to help prevent blood cholesterol through oxidizing. Quercetin is truly found at its highest levels in the skin from the apple so make sure to buy organic.

Oranges contain limonin which is truly currently being researched to see if it provides cholesterol levels- lowering results when eaten. It looks that limonin reduces the production of a structural protein needed for LDL production. It’s possible that higher levels on this structural protein may in fact lead to higher LDL levels and vice versa. In addition to limonin, special ingredients in fruit peels may also lower cholesterol, and so they are thought to lower it since successfully since statin drugs. Buy organic oranges and grate some peel on cooked whole grain cereal in the morning hours or grate it over salad at lunch.

Pears are high in soluble fiber. Soluble fiber coats the intestinal liner so that the body absorbs a smaller amount of cholesterol into the body. In addition, soluble fiber gets the added benefit of reducing how much cholesterol levels that the liver produces. The conclusion result is lower cholesterol levels.

What About Nuts?

Almonds lower complete blood cholesterol and LDL cholesterol due to the heart-healthy monounsaturated fats that they contain. Eating almonds on a daily basis in conjunction with a good overall healthy eating program magnifies the beneficial cholesterol levels-lowering results of almonds.

In addition to lowering blood cholesterol, almonds can reduce the risk of heart disease in general and help you sleep better – comparable to the best sleep mask out there. This is probably due to the antioxidant vitamin at the along with the heart-healthy minerals potassium and magnesium. Almonds in addition protect towards diabetes because these people help regulate blood sugar levels. Diabetics are at much greater risk of developing heart disease than the basic public.

Lake trout will be a single in the fish with a relatively high amount of omega-3 fatty acids that will be not talked about while often as wild Alaskan salmon. Omega-3 fatty acids are amazing in that they will reduce blood pressure and the risk of blood clotting. In addition, that they slow the construct-way up of plaques in the arteries and lower the risk of heart disease in common. It is truly accurate that eating a lot more foods that contains omega-3 fatty acids can raise the number of cholesterol in LDL, but it lowers the number of overall LDL particles circulating in the body. In general, the heart-healthy benefits far outweigh any bad increase in the number of blood cholesterol in LDL.


What Does the Media Tell Us About Air Quality?


We have allowed the media and those who seek to destroy us to define the terms we use to describe ourselves. I can’t blame them, we have allowed it. So I am setting out tonight to define for myself and for those who read this what it means to be a Conservative. Not the modern, media defined, twisted definition of others but what it really means to be Conservative as taught to me by the last great citizen politician of this country and expanded through experience.

Conservatism is the ultimate in human compassion. This statement alone is the basis for everything that follows. I say this because through conservatism all people can and will achieve their fullest potential and there can be no greater compassion than that which sees others succeed. Success is defined on a personal level and is difficult to define, for some it will be financial success, for others it may be spiritual success, and for others still it may be life success, but however you define it conservatism offers the best road to reach that goal. Conservatives politically seek to limit government’s involvement in peoples every day lives. We see this through limited taxes, smaller government, strong military defense, and free market economics.

Conservatism does not believe that it is the governments role to make you successful by penalizing those that are and giving you the fruits of their labors. This is antitheism for conservatives. It causes you to not reach for your goals and potential and it makes those that do wish they hadn’t. Instead Conservatism seeks to remove the blocks that prevent people from reaching their full potential, instead of a handout conservatives look to give someone a hand up on finding a cystic acne home remedy. We do not believe in the elimination of welfare but the use of welfare to promote the personal ability and potential of each person. When limits were set on welfare recipients duration, many people who had always been on welfare found out that they could not only work, but could succeed. Limits on governmental interference in our lives is the political air a conservative breaths.

Conservatism is the understanding of personal responsibility. Conservatism is compassionate in its desire to see each person reach their fullest potential and beyond but Conservatism does not take the credit for the heights a person manages to achieve. Nor does it accept responsibility when a person fails to uphold the laws and order of their nation. There are consequences for actions and the person who commits a crime or fails in an obligation has a price to pay for that failing. Conservatives recognize there is evil in the world and accept the responsibility for combating it because failure to do so condones it, which we can not and will not do.

I often ask my liberal friends a question; If you walk out the door of a building and down on the corner a woman is being hit by a man what would you do? The question makes them uncomfortable because the answer they would give in truth is not one they wish to share with the world. A Conservative will answer the question confidently and without hesitation, a conservative will stop it. Many claim this black and white view of the world is a weakness, but my answer is that grey is just someone trying to paint over black. No matter how you look at it, it is still black at the root.

Conservatism is not about a political party, though we tend to find our values reflected more often in the Republican party there are democrats that are screaming to be heard over the liberal loudspeakers at their conventions as well. Conservatism is a way of looking at both the world and the person, it has room for all parties and affiliations in it’s ranks. We do not determine a persons worth based on their color, gender, or creed, in fact we see all people as having the potential for greatness and as such promote the success of all people. America has been a shining light in this regard and we have found a home in her embrace. Americans have done great things in our history, we have done away with slavery, combated and defeated socialism, communism, and fascism in the world, and we have never turned away another in need. Every year America gives more to nations and people in need than any other people in the world and conservatives have led that effort in huge ways.

Conservatives however expect results for our compassion towards finding respectable reviews. No one has ever been able to explain to me why after trillions of dollars pored into the African continent there is still famine and disease. The details of this are available elsewhere and I am all ready into a novella here. Suffice it to say that conservatism is a compassionate ideology of ideas but that we do not accept the liberal premise that effort without result is success. As an example above if we give south Africa enough money for every person in that country to live at middle income for 5 years and the poverty level is still at 70% than maybe what we are doing isn’t working and we shouldn’t pore any more money down that hole until we find out why.

I hope in this entry I have given you a small taste of what it means to be a conservative. Many who hear or read this will have pieces and parts to add, but if they are truly conservative they will tie into one of the premise I have listed. It will include the openness of ideas to achieve results, the rights and responsibilities of the individual, and the lack of government coercion. These are the things that brought me to conservatism in the first place, and have kept me here as I learned the right and wrong of what I was taught. I have seen the failings of liberalism, we do every day in the war on poverty, the war on corporate America and the disregard for the true potential and future of the little guy. I have seen the failings of socialism and it’s slow decay of our nation and her people. I have seen the defeat of the morally and intellectually corrupt beast of communism. Through it all I have learned more and more that the core principles of conservatism are the American dream, the American strength, and the American ideal.