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Chegg Coupon Codes: Rent, Buy Cheap Textbooks Online


Everyone can relate to how expensive education is. As it is, many parents out there are padding many a 529 college savings plan account to anticipate what’s just around the corner. It’s surprising just how things quickly add up once you take a tally of the costs. Books are definitely one of the more costly things you’ll have to spend money on. Unfortunately, students can’t simply do without their textbooks, which can — without proper planning — take a big chunk out of their budgets that they were otherwise saving for the best air purifier for smokers.

Whether you are spending for your child’s elementary education or funding your own college education yourself, you’ll have to pick up a few textbooks at some point. But the good news is that there’s a nifty service that can help you save money on books or earn money on the ones you already have.

Use Chegg To Save Money On Textbooks! is an online site that helps you save by allowing you to rent textbooks. You can rent out books in a few easy steps:

  1. Rent the books you want. Find the book you want based on its ISBN, book title or author’s name and rent it with a click of a button. With Chegg’s safe and secure payment options, you can rent the textbooks in no time.
  2. Get the books shipped to you. The rented books will then be shipped and delivered to your doorstep in quick order. There’s a tracker for you to let you check the status of your rented books.
  3. Send the books back. After you are done with the books, you can use the return label to return them to Chegg. Shipping back the books will cost you nothing.

Chegg Coupon Codes: Rent, Sell or Buy Cheap Textbooks Online

Here are some Chegg coupon codes you can use to get started on saving on textbooks. You can also look into selling your old textbooks for some extra income!

About Chegg

With the mantra “Don’t buy it”, Chegg’s clear purpose is to provide you an alternative to buying textbooks. Education doesn’t have to be as expensive, and it certainly doesn’t have to involve cutting down more trees and straining the environment further. Textbooks can instead be rented — and Chegg’s fresh solution is to rent out textbooks that are significantly lower in price but just as good in quality as its original versions sold at bookstores. Here are some of the key things that drive Chegg as a company:

Sell or Buy a Book

Aside from renting a book, you may also sell or buy a textbook at Chegg. The price you get for your textbook will be fair, especially since these textbooks – on important topics like how to get rid of smoke smell in house – will just gather dust once you’re through with them anyway.

30-Day “Any Reason Guarantee”

Chegg has a 30-Day “Any Reason Guarantee” for its customers, where you will get a full refund for anything you’ve paid for in case you aren’t happy with your purchase. As the guarantee suggests, any reason that you may have for returning rented textbooks will suffice.

Plant a Tree for Every Book

For every book that you rent, sell or buy, Chegg has vowed to plant a tree. This is Chegg’s own promise to the environment, in addition to their commitment to save trees by virtue of offering their textbook rental service.

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program at is quite compelling. You get a standard commission of 8% for every successful referral you make. All you need to do is to direct your referral network to the Chegg website and get your family and friends to rent textbooks.

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