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Should You Choose BlueHost For Your Website?


Going through BlueHost’s customer testimonials, it’s accurate to conclude that indeed the company is a force to reckon with in terms of providing bespoke webhosting services.

Founded in 1996, BlueHost has provided reputable and distinctive services. Alienating itself from other firms providing webhosting services, BlueHost rates as one the best web hosting company between cheap and high-end web hosting service providers the Utah based company is a reckon force.

Performance and Consistency

Finding web hosting that matches all of your needs might sometimes prove to be a difficult task. But thanks to BlueHost’s services they a full package of consistency, reliability and performance. Web Host service providers ride on the pedigrees of their services.

BlueHost has a money-back guarantee if at any point you feel that uptime is an issue, you can easily choose to cancel. BlueHost also promises a simple cancellation process with not many queries asked – they may even throw in a Blueair 203.

BlueHost is consistent in maintaining their servers, I have used JustHost, FatCow, Netfirms, GoDaddy web hosting and I have always been a fan of shared web hosting package because it is cheaper if you will be using it for 2-3 websites, with all the other companies whenever I hosted more than 2 sites the loading time increased and which ultimately resulted in lower search engine rankings and I also lost potential clients.

However, that is not the case with BlueHost because unlike most of the companies BlueHost servers can easily manage high end website. I was chatting with a customer support guy working for JustHost and he told me that their servers are slow because more than 200 websites are hosted on each server.


Support is perhaps the major tenet when it comes to BlueHost’s prolificacy. They have a myriad of support bases and options that clients can choose from in order to meet their needs and questions. Whether you are an international client or based within the locale, Blue hosts have a dependable and efficient support system to meet your condition. They boast well experienced and skilled support think-tanks who offer quality customer help offering 24/7 live technical support.

BlueHost also boasts an extensive knowledge base that incorporates forums, a searchable database, video tutorials, beginner’s guides, a ticket system, a server status checker and a lot more.

Ease of Use

Why pay lots of cash for a complicated and cluttered interface? BlueHost has embraced a very fine and easy to use interface (control panel). It rates top when discussing matters relating to user-friendliness and quick maneuvering of the Control panel thus allowing you easy handling and quick manipulation through your website.

WordPress Hosting

Bloggers best understand the popularity of WordPress in the world of blogging. Word press ideally is known for its content management software that is popular for creating easy and quick blogs. BlueHost is certainly the best preferred firms on WordPress in web hosting firms thus creating websites at BlueHost is easy and quick.

Open Source Hosting

With most preferring open source soft wares such as Joomla, Drupal, with Blue host as your web host you can obtain all the above named open source software together with your Blueair 603 web hosting account.

Monetary Benefits

BlueHost’s provides a channel through which other web host firms can earn monetary benefits. The Reseller programs and the affiliate of BlueHost offer financial opportunities for its users. One can begin a web host by reselling reliable hosting services of the hosting company branded under the name of their company.

Site Builders

BlueHost offers numerous choices for site builders for designing and creating websites without much ado. Blue hosts users can browse through creative and distinctive templates to suit their taste buds.


You need to know that you’ll pay for the domain registration if you opt out early depending on the “going rate”.

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