Trying to Come Up with Blog Topics

If you think that blogging is easy, my answer is NOT, especially when I have nothing to write. No idea on writing is a most common reason to escape from blogging. I know the word blogging last year but I start writing since early March 2008, still too soon to know about blogging. I am interested on blogging, as I accidentally dropped into John Chow Dot Com site which make money online by teaching people how to make money online, that’s amazing!

Apart from make money online, blogging about air cleaners for mold to me is more about having an online diary, thoughts, opinion and sharing ideas. In blogging, everyone have right to talk about anything and also share their ideas no matter with or without experience.

As I mentioned above, that blogging is not easy; here some reasons that I wanted to share with you:

No cost required for blogging

Since blogging is FREE, you can start and write posts anytime. No money required to be invested; there is no certain target to be completed. The goal is very depend on personal whether you want to be successful blogger or just for fun.

Technical knowledge required

A simple blog can be set up less than 5 minutes. Not sure whether because of web hosting or because of free blog service. Its ok for beginners, but if you want a certain blog quality, you need to improve your basic knowledge like plug-in and theme which more knowledge about HTML or CSS.

Blog Appearance and Design

Many blogger just ignore how important blog design is. Don’t be surprised if your readers left you behind one by one. Keep your blog updated in term of design, color and contents.

Quality of blog content

You may write 10 posts every day, it doesn’t mean that your blog will be successful. Content is a KING. Writing good contents is essential. How to get your article getting read? More readers to your website will generate comments.

Commitment & Goals

Back to the basic. Ask yourself, why you do blogging, what is the blogging benefit you. Are you blogging for daily journal, or you need rewards from your effort? If so, you must a strong commitment from the beginning.

Time Management

Blogging consumes time to think, write and editing. If you have a low blog traffic, can you leave your main job? So when is your time for blogging?


Blog has been setting up completely, moderate in blog appearance and design, content contents and topic are interesting. Why still quit or no significant traffic to your blog? That’s reality


So, what is the solution? I don’t know, but from my few months experiences there are strategy that may help you to be better person in blogging about your Rabbit Air reviews.

  • As everyone can do blogging, so quality of post to be improved, considers about interesting post title, re-review and include photo into your blog. Get more traffic to your website.
  • Get in touch with friend who understands blogging platform to help you with perfect installation including Search Engine Optimization
  • If you are serious, use small note pad to write down post ideas. Read more to enrich your knowledge, you can write article base on what you was reading or hot news.
  • Spread your URL to your old friends and get new friends by blog walking and leave comments no spam.
  • So, do you want to stop blogging? Of course NOT! Wait for new ideas coming up and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog. I am waiting for your tips and tricks.