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Where To Find Coupon Trading Opportunities: Try The Library!


Where to Find Coupon Trading Opportunities

Have you checked whether your local library has coupon trading? For years, I’ve been getting extra coupons at my local library. Coupon trading takes place when you trade a coupon you won’t use for a coupon you need.

At my local library, they have a special basket for coupons near the adult reference librarian’s desk. You drop coupons you don’t need into the basket in exchange for coupons you want. It may be unstructured coupon trading, but it still serves its purpose for finding the best zero turn mower for the money.

While our library offers coupon trading, nobody formally monitors it. This means that some participants might be taking more coupons than they give. Others may leave expired coupons to take new ones. You are under the scrutiny of the reference librarian but she is responsible for other tasks at the same time.

Joining a Coupon Trading Group

Some libraries have formal coupon trading groups, clubs and meetings with greater supervision. These groups give you an ongoing place to get the latest coupons and allow you to give away ones that you won’t use. The Sunday paper becomes well worth its price because every Sunday paper coupon has some value.

You might also find coupon trading opportunities at your local community center. A new center in our neighborhood is already forming a coupon trading group with monthly meetings. You may also come across coupon trading groups or bulletin boards at local houses of worship.

If your library, community center and houses of worship do not have coupon trading, why not start it yourself? Find out who is in charge of meetings and local groups. At these meetings, explain that you are interested in coupon trading but cannot find a neighborhood group. Perhaps you can volunteer to help get a coupon trading group started.

Other Ideas for Getting Coupons

Now if you’re currently unable to get such a group started because of a lack of resources or facilities, then why not try to start a simple program like the one I have at my local library? Here’s how to approach it: offer to set up a bulletin board, basket or expandable file folder offering coupons. Post a sign stating “Take a Coupon, Leave a Coupon.” As the program becomes more popular, more people may offer resources or volunteer to help establish a more formal coupon trading group.

Libraries, community centers and houses of worship are not the only places for successful coupon trading. Later on, I’ll discuss how to go about finding used zero turn mowers for sale to save even more money.

Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, it isn’t all that difficult to find extra coupons if you possess both the willpower and dedication to follow through with your plans. Reaching your couponing goals isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t need to be a challenge. With the techniques mentioned here in this article you will find yourself swimming in coupons in no time, but only if you follow through. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll be happy to provide advice!

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