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How I’m Spending My Sunday Morning


Good Sunday Morning. I’ve been reading a few different news sites this morning, just casually sifting through the pseudo news that the liberal media loves to pump out as the truth these days. I found two articles on the same site that I want to mention briefly. Article one has to do with a Muslim doctor from Canada who was removed from a flight originating in San Francisco. He was removed from the aircraft in Denver. All I can say doctor is that you had better get used to it. So many people are now playing the race card, saying that they are victims of racial profiling.

You bet you are! As far as I’m concerned, that’s just too bad for these folks that have to ask do male cats spray. If they have to face these kinds of things at any airport, for the good of all of the other passengers, then I say good work, security people. I can understand these people’s aggravation and resentment. Not all Muslims are violent people of course. But, the rest of the passengers have no clue as to what these people are thinking or planning, better to side with common sense and caution, than to have families falling from thirty five thousand feet, while they are on fire from an explosion.

There was no fighting or racial slurs exchanged according to the article, but can you blame these people for over-reacting? Every time I’ve flown since 9.11.01, I’ve always been on alert as to who’s around me. If anything were to look suspicious, I would certainly make the cabin crew aware of my suspicions. I have no intention what so ever of flying again. I won’t submit to a near-body cavity search! What I mean is that I won’t submit to being treated like a terrorist any longer.

The reader’s comments on this article were surprising. Some were really offended by the mutinous passenger’s reactions. On the other side of the coin, if I were confronted with the same scenario, I may have very likely got off of the aircraft myself.

Bored At Home

Hopefully I will be on the way to my gal’s place in a while, I’ve had enough of sitting around here all weekend! No kids, no nothing. Well, at least I wrapped up the changes to Michigan Blog’s appearance this morning. I did a bit more tweaking after last night’s efforts, hope y’all like the way things look. My hernia is bothering me a lot this morning, it’s tender and bulging out a lot more than last night. Ouch. Three more days and I’ll be under the knife. I’ve got to work though, Monday and Tuesday… It’ll be an exercise in slow motion lawn mowing because the faster you ride, the harder the ponding your body takes. Lovely isn’t it?

After the surgery, I’m off of work for two entire weeks. Two weeks of complete boredom! I’ll have to get creative to stay busy… How about vacuuming and dusting the house every day? Yeah, what fun eh? At home I’m having to deal with cat urine – why is my cat peeing everywhere?

BTW – I looked again at Michigan Blog in the Internet Explorer browser after completing the changes to the site – I’m telling you folks, if you want to see Michigan Blog how it’s actually supposed to look, then you must use the Firefox browser. Michigan Blog looks like shit in IE I’m sad to say, and better than ninety percent of my visitors are unfortunately running this lousy browser, too. Sorry, nothing personal meant by that! But the teletype font doesn’t render all the way down in any post, borders are wrong or missing, there are too many errors with IE to tell you all of them right here. Try Firefox anyway, you won’t miss your IE browser. Internet Explorer sucks!

Well, how about something from my inbox to entertain you??

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