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Does JustHost Offer the Best Deals on Hosting?


To find the best possible deals on web hosting is starting to become very difficult task. We all want a company that offers the best service and has the latest hardware and in short we want them to be just perfect. This approach usually becomes even more difficult when you have to make a selection from a wide range of companies that are offering such services. Furthermore there are a couple of very technical concepts that needs to be keenly identified. There are so many companies and they offer the hx40 turbo for as low as $3/mo. and up to $20/mo. but before you sign up you have to think about your requirements.

As a result, to choose appropriate web hosting service is important and vital. Factors to evaluate while deciding on any web hosting provider are technical and in addition non-technical. Technical issues include disk space offered, bandwidth supplied, and mailbox size, security supplied by SSL and a lot more. Non-technical factors include cost efficiency, after sales customer support plus more. Each one of these have their own best outputs at JustHost.

I am going to be really honest with you because right now I am hosting my blogs and websites on 4 different hosting accounts.

  • HostGator
  • BlueHost
  • JustHost
  • WP Engine

Do I Recommend JustHost?

The answer to this questions is complicated, Although referring to latest survey carried out in the  industry for web hosting service companies, JustHost have got obtained highest of ratings in virtually every attribute. Their professional services consist of unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and intensely fast transfer, unlimited domain hosting, email accounts as well as huge database support. Additionally you get to use some free services as site builder, domain for lifetime, fast and efficient setup, also anytime money back guarantee.

Nowadays everyone demands that customer needs to be totally satisfied. However, not all companies will issue you a full refund they will only offer you partial refund. JustHost promises you that in case if you are not pleased with their service; they will return all of your money.


JustHost currently offers only a single package and if you subscribe for monthly payment it will cost you $8.95/mo. and in addition you will have to pay $20 for account setup but if you sign up for the whole year the total cost would be $59.40 or $4.95/mo. approx. and the account setup will be free of cost.

Software and Scripts:

They offer all the up to date programming tools such as CGI, PHP, Perl, Ruby, MySQL etc. They offer 1-click WordPress installer and simple script installer with which you can easily install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and all the other popular CMS platforms as well as open source scripts.

They also offer Daily/Weekly/Monthly backups, if you upgrade to Pro plan you can also get the back up for each individual site and database while with basic plan you get the backup of the whole account, which can be a bad thing if you only needed to restore a single file you will have to restore the whole account.

With JustHost you’ll receive many discounts whole year and attain the best deals from your websites. Become a prime member of JustHost to obtain more discounts also to cash in on many exciting schemes. Together with customers, there are numerous resellers that are proud to be affiliated with JustHost. It supports virtually every business website. One of the customer claims that for their photography business, they readily decided to go with JustHost and today they give enough share of their success for it.

Customer Support:

Customer help desk and support services offered by JustHost is good. They offer 24hrs sales and technical support 7 days a weeks for the Holset hx50. You can chat with online support anytime. JustHost also provides free autoresponder to the e-mails.

To reply personally is not always possible especially when you receive tons of emails every day it is nearly impossible. Hence autoresponder turns out to be very fruitful solution for this problem. If you are on vacation or busy with some very important work or even not available on weekends, with this autoresponder service you can send an automated message to the sender.

For large websites, they receive 1000′s of emails every day and sometimes their inbox get blasted with spam, JustHost has a spam filter as well that allows you to filter the e-mails.

Final Verdict:

Recently, I had to migrate a WordPress site from my JustHost account to my friends JustHost account and although I had done it before but still there were some errors which caused the site not to work properly and then I had to contact the staff for assistance although I had to wait for almost 20 minutes every time I contacted them but in the end they sorted it out when I almost lost hope.

I would only recommend JustHost to you if you plan on hosting 2-3 websites otherwise I would highly recommend BlueHost or HostGator. I am telling you this because of my experience although I never faced any downtime but the shared hosting account that JustHost offers are already flooded with websites and each server is hosting up to 200 websites which evidently slows the performance of your website and it takes longer for your site to load properly. They also offer a professional plan but it is very costly, it costs 24$/month.

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