What Does the Media Tell Us About Air Quality?


We have allowed the media and those who seek to destroy us to define the terms we use to describe ourselves. I can’t blame them, we have allowed it. So I am setting out tonight to define for myself and for those who read this what it means to be a Conservative. Not the modern, media defined, twisted definition of others but what it really means to be Conservative as taught to me by the last great citizen politician of this country and expanded through experience.

Conservatism is the ultimate in human compassion. This statement alone is the basis for everything that follows. I say this because through conservatism all people can and will achieve their fullest potential and there can be no greater compassion than that which sees others succeed. Success is defined on a personal level and is difficult to define, for some it will be financial success, for others it may be spiritual success, and for others still it may be life success, but however you define it conservatism offers the best road to reach that goal. Conservatives politically seek to limit government’s involvement in peoples every day lives. We see this through limited taxes, smaller government, strong military defense, and free market economics.

Conservatism does not believe that it is the governments role to make you successful by penalizing those that are and giving you the fruits of their labors. This is antitheism for conservatives. It causes you to not reach for your goals and potential and it makes those that do wish they hadn’t. Instead Conservatism seeks to remove the blocks that prevent people from reaching their full potential, instead of a handout conservatives look to give someone a hand up on finding a cystic acne home remedy. We do not believe in the elimination of welfare but the use of welfare to promote the personal ability and potential of each person. When limits were set on welfare recipients duration, many people who had always been on welfare found out that they could not only work, but could succeed. Limits on governmental interference in our lives is the political air a conservative breaths.

Conservatism is the understanding of personal responsibility. Conservatism is compassionate in its desire to see each person reach their fullest potential and beyond but Conservatism does not take the credit for the heights a person manages to achieve. Nor does it accept responsibility when a person fails to uphold the laws and order of their nation. There are consequences for actions and the person who commits a crime or fails in an obligation has a price to pay for that failing. Conservatives recognize there is evil in the world and accept the responsibility for combating it because failure to do so condones it, which we can not and will not do.

I often ask my liberal friends a question; If you walk out the door of a building and down on the corner a woman is being hit by a man what would you do? The question makes them uncomfortable because the answer they would give in truth is not one they wish to share with the world. A Conservative will answer the question confidently and without hesitation, a conservative will stop it. Many claim this black and white view of the world is a weakness, but my answer is that grey is just someone trying to paint over black. No matter how you look at it, it is still black at the root.

Conservatism is not about a political party, though we tend to find our values reflected more often in the Republican party there are democrats that are screaming to be heard over the liberal loudspeakers at their conventions as well. Conservatism is a way of looking at both the world and the person, it has room for all parties and affiliations in it’s ranks. We do not determine a persons worth based on their color, gender, or creed, in fact we see all people as having the potential for greatness and as such promote the success of all people. America has been a shining light in this regard and we have found a home in her embrace. Americans have done great things in our history, we have done away with slavery, combated and defeated socialism, communism, and fascism in the world, and we have never turned away another in need. Every year America gives more to nations and people in need than any other people in the world and conservatives have led that effort in huge ways.

Conservatives however expect results for our compassion towards finding respectable reviews. No one has ever been able to explain to me why after trillions of dollars pored into the African continent there is still famine and disease. The details of this are available elsewhere and I am all ready into a novella here. Suffice it to say that conservatism is a compassionate ideology of ideas but that we do not accept the liberal premise that effort without result is success. As an example above if we give south Africa enough money for every person in that country to live at middle income for 5 years and the poverty level is still at 70% than maybe what we are doing isn’t working and we shouldn’t pore any more money down that hole until we find out why.

I hope in this entry I have given you a small taste of what it means to be a conservative. Many who hear or read this will have pieces and parts to add, but if they are truly conservative they will tie into one of the premise I have listed. It will include the openness of ideas to achieve results, the rights and responsibilities of the individual, and the lack of government coercion. These are the things that brought me to conservatism in the first place, and have kept me here as I learned the right and wrong of what I was taught. I have seen the failings of liberalism, we do every day in the war on poverty, the war on corporate America and the disregard for the true potential and future of the little guy. I have seen the failings of socialism and it’s slow decay of our nation and her people. I have seen the defeat of the morally and intellectually corrupt beast of communism. Through it all I have learned more and more that the core principles of conservatism are the American dream, the American strength, and the American ideal.

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