Mumbai, 3 to 7 December 2007



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Mumbai City

Mumbai's transformation from a small fishing hamlet into a leading port and a prime city of commerce and industry is embedded in the growth process of colonial cities all over the world. Unlike many Indian cities, including Delhi,  it has a much shorter history of urban growth though with a much greater exposure to international capital and market. Role of external forces in shaping the city's space and society has been significant throughout.

The city has grown from the south to the north and east right up to the mainland right to the sister city of New Mumbai through sequential phases of land reclamation and joining of the seven islands. Major road and the suburban rail network follow this alignment serving a large population commuting from north to south every day. The main city centre still lies in the extreme south with a northward extension into a mixed land use area and subsequently into the central (cotton) mill lands that have been undergoing massive transformation in recent times in tune with global imperatives. Closure of the mills started in the 1980s. Further north lie huge industrial and residential areas, developed since 1960s that also are facing vigorous renewal processes. Eastward expansion houses the refinery and industry areas and the sprawling campus of the Government of India's Atomic Research Centre with a number of research institutes in the vicinity. Venue of the 5th International Critical Geography Conference is located in this part in the campuses of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

Most areas of Mumbai are at sea level and the average height of the land ranges from 10 to 15 meters. The northern part is hilly with the highest point at 450 meters [1450 feet]. It is one of the few cities in the world having a forest within its limits. Three lakes are located in the north from where the city receives its daily water supply. Mumbai also has three small rivers within the city limits originating in the Borivali National Park in the North West. The coastline of the city is indented with creeks and bays. On the eastern sea board there are large swamps of mangroves, rich in biodiversity.

Mumbai has a tropical climate with three major seasons. The summer months are from March to May, monsoon from June to September followed by a warm October. November to February are the winter months when the city is at its best to receive visitors. During these months Mumbai is cool and dry with an average range of temperature of a maximum of 32 C to  a minimum of 18 C. 

Venue of the 5th ICG conference will be Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Sion-Trombay Road, Deonar, Mumbai 400088, located to the north-east of the city. The area around is known as Deonar/Chembur.


Suburban trains are efficient and fast for travel between Chembur/ New Mumbai and V.T. Separate counters are there for first class passengers. You are advised to travel by first class.

However, as trains are usually crowded we advise colleagues to share taxis that ply all over the city. Four passengers can travel together in a taxi. Once you are in, make sure that the meter is set. Minimum fare is Rs. 13.  Please ask for rate cards when you pay.

Auto-rickshaws, a semi-public transport, are dependable and cheap mode of transportation in and around Chembur/Deonar where the venue of the conference is located. Three passengers can travel together. Minimum fare is Rs. 9. Like Taxis, please ask for rate cards when you pay.

Buses run by BEST (Bombay Electric Supply and Transport) are efficient and ply all over the city and New Mumbai. State Transport Buses are available between New Mumbai and TISS on the main road up to Dadar located in the central parts of the city. Not as efficient and clean as B.E.S.T buses.

Bus Routes

From TISS to:

  1. Diamond Garden, Chembur and back:
    352, 371, 374, 521 ,505, 92.
  2. Chembur Station and back :
    371 ,92, 355
    360 (via Govandi Station).
  3. Vashi (New Mumbai) and back :

Taxi Stands:

  1. Outside TISS Main Gate
  2. Near Diamond Gardens, Chembur :
    Chembur Taxi Stand (phone no. 2520 1924)
  3. At  Vashi :
    i) New Mumbai Taxi Men's Union Office, Sector-17, (phone no. 2789 0253,  27892814
    (A/C taxi available)
    ii) Vashi Railway Station Taxi Stand, ( phone no. 27811594)

Car Hire Service Agencies

  1. Near TISS :
    Suryavanshi Tours and Travels, Daffodils (adjoining TISS),  phone no. 2557 6031, (91)9819378187 (Contact Mr. Ram Suryavanshi)
  2. Near Yogi Hotel, Diamond Garden, Chembur, Vijay Man Mandir,
    phone no. 25270097, 9821504562 ( Contact Mr. Mahesh Naidu)
  3. Sayal National Travels, phone no. 2527 4668, 2529 7766
  4. Neeta Volvo, phone no. 3940 9804/05, 5598 9275, 9821675874
  5. Adish Tours and Travels, phone no. 6414 6573
  6. In Vashi :
    Mr.Ganesh, phone no. 9892095975 (A/C taxi avalable)
    Ganesh site:http:

Security Measures

Avoid carrying valuable objects and lots of cash. Always be aware of your belongings in public places. Enquiries should be made to the traffic police or roadside shopkeepers and not to passers by. When you arrive in the airport, only use pre-paid taxis or taxis  authorised by the airport. Try to follow normal precautionary measures that you usually take in a new destination. In the city, smoking and alcohol consumption is prohibited on public transport.

Hygiene and Health

You are advised to buy 'bottled water' for drinking. While buying the bottle, check the seal.

In Case of Emergency, Please call:

Police :

  1. Mumbai Head Office 22621855 , 22621983
  2. Deonar Police Station - 25563381/ 8682 (near TISS)
  3. Trombay Police Station 25563382/7190 (near TISS)
  4. New Mumbai Head Office   25443535
  5. Vashi Police Station

Day and Night Pharmacy:

Near TISS :

Near Chembur Station :

  1. Sheetal Chemist, phone no. 25510703
  2. Apollo, phone no
  3. Tulsi Medical and General Stores - web page(home delivery service), phone no. 55691565, 25482006

In Vashi :

  1. MGM Hospital Pharmacy, Sector 4, phone no. 27821169
  2. Lakshadeep Hospital Pharmacy, Sector 10, phone no. 27664696


Near TISS :
  1. Shatabdi  Hospital, phone no. 25564070
  2. Inlacs Hospital,Chembur Camp, phone no. 25204160 /62 /64
  3. Inlacs Ambulance Service, phone no. 25204162

Near Diamond Garden, Chembur :

  1. Diamond Polyclinic, phone no. 25212495
  2. Joy Hospital, Near Chembur Post Office, phone no. 25284281, 25286911, 25223939

In Vashi :

  1. MGM Hospital, Sector 4, phone no. 27821659, 27822203
  2. MGM Ambulance Service (contact Mr. Ganesh, 9819130924)
  3. Lakshadeep Hospital, Sector 10, phone no.27660678/4696/2670
  4. Dr. Yewale's Hospital, Sector 9, Vashi, phone no. 2766 1754