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Pretty Japanese Nail Art


Hey guys, we hope that you’re all well! Are you looking forward to Big Brother and the World Cup? We can’t decide which we are most excited about. But, we can tell you something else that we have found, that we got really excited about!

For the past few years, YouTube has been the success story for so many YouTube Guru’s, and one of my favorite Guru’s has to be the Irish-girl living in Hong Kong BubzBeauty. Bubz (real name Lindy), runs a channel with hair and makeup tips, as well as running her own range of clothing and advice on the best flat iron for natural hair. In the past, Bubz has done a few nail art tutorials, but unfortunately she hasn’t done one in a really long time. So, imagine our excitement, to discover that she’s just uploaded one. And, it’s something that can be achieved using Konad rhinestones…brilliant.

To see the video of Bubz doing the look herself, click the link below:

BubzBeauty’s Pretty Japanese Nail Art

Otherwise, here is how to create our Konad look, fully inspired by Bubzbeauty’s Japanese look (seen in the image on the left).

What will you need?

  • A Base Coat or a clear or pale regular nail polish.
  • Selection of rhinestones
  • Selection of large and small 3D Flowers
  • Tooth pick and/or Tweezers
  • Glue (optional)
  • Top Coat or a clear regular polish

How to Re-Create the Look using Konad:

  1. Start off by trimming and filing each of your nails, ensuring that they are neat, tidy and even.
  2. Paint each nail using either a base coat, or a clear or pale nail polish. You could even apply both, to ensure that your polish doesn’t chip too quickly. Allow coats to dry thoroughly before moving on.
  3. Next, spend some time choosing the best white noise machine, as well as which rhinestones and flowers you want to use on your nails. Bubz encourages making each nail unique, and to just be creative, and we couldn’t agree more. So, don’t be afraid to mix up colors, sizes and styles.
  4. Apply another coat of polish, and before it has had chance to dry, carefully place the pieces onto the wet nails, using either tweezers or a tooth pick. Always use whichever one you feel the most comfortable using. Allow the polish to dry completely.
  5. Our rhinestone and flower sets come with glue, which works just as well as sticking them to your nails with wet polish. Whichever method you choose, is completely down to you.
  6. Once your polish and/or glue has set, apply a top coat. A top coat is necessary for several reasons: Firstly, it adds a glossy shine to the look, secondly it ensures that the stones don’t fall straight off as soon as you move. And finally, it makes sure that the stones stay put for as long as possible.

So, there ya go! Just as Bubz herself says, this look is so easy to do, and it looks great too.]

If you try out this look, don’t forget to share it with us. Enjoy your nails!

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