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What Is SEMRush and How Can It Help You?


SEMRush is a competitive analysis tool used for search engine marketing & paid marketing research and without doubt the best tool that offers a bundle of features. If you are a newbie or a professional online marketing expert then you definitely need a tool like SEMRush for competitive analysis. SEMRush is the best tool that offers exceptional insights of PPC and organic keyword competition.

I use it all the time for analyzing the competition and also for finding profitable keywords that will not only help us to get extra traffic but will also increase your revenue.

SEOQuake developers have created this amazing tool so that the online marketing experts and newbies can easily plan a solid SEO and a PPC strategy.

Here’s a small list of features that the IQAir GC Multigas has to offer:


SEMRush will find not only Competitors or websites that you are up against in Search Engine but also Competitors that are running PPC campaigns.

Historical Data:

Historical Index (New Feature): With historical data you have access to the organic and paid marketing data, meaning that if you wanted to analyze you website’s or your competitors website’s traffic and performance for the past month or for the whole previous year you can easily get that information through historical data feature.

Ads Text and Ads History:

If you have an e-commerce site or any other online business and you are promoting your website on Google AdWords it is really crucial for you to target the correct keywords otherwise you’ll be wasting your previous time and also money. You can find Ad copies that your competitors are using and also find out which Ad copy is working for them with the help of Ads History feature.

Potential Ads/Traffic Sellers:

Find the websites related to your niche with SEMRush Advertising research feature because by doing this you can contact the website owners directly and also purchase Banner space on their websites and you don’t necessarily have to use AdWords traffic all the time because niche related can be really profitable and the traffic would also be a lot more cheaper than AdWords.


If you are in the field of SEO then you might know the importance of backlinks because once you find out more about the source of backlinks of your Competitors you can easily out rank them in search engines, SEMRush allows you to find the backlink sources of your competitors.

Position Tracking:

With position tracking you can monitor any daily changes in the positions of your competitors for organic and AdWords keywords in Google.

So, these were some of the feature that you get when you get a Rowenta PU6020 air purifier!


Now, let’s talk about different columns and what is their purpose:


Keyword: The Keyword field tells that which page of the sites is getting traffic and its percentage or share in the total traffic.

Position: The Keyword position of the website in search engine. For this example let’s say, I have selected the default data center which is Google US, (you can select UK, Australia, Germany and other locations too).

Volume: The volume tells you that how many monthly searches does a query or keyword has locally. In this post we’ll be analyzing Google US so the estimated volume will be of local US queries. I have manually verified and checked the monthly searches as well using Google Keyword Tool and the accuracy of SEMRush is 100%.

CPC: CPC Column tells you that how much the average Cost-Per-Click for the keyword found by SEMRush.

Traffic: The traffic column shows the ratio of visitors coming to a website from specific a keyword or term with the total number of visitors coming to the website.

URL: Targeted URL where the search engine and paid traffic is being delivered (it can either be a landing page or home page of the website because many companies and businesses use different pages for different keywords it can improve the conversion rate a lot!)

Comp: A search engine and paid marketing tool is useless with competition analyzer. This column shows you the competition of advertisers for a keyword. If the number is Lower it’ll mean that there’s less competition for that keyword and there are limited advertisers bidding on that term. However if the number is higher that’ll mean there’s a lot of competition for that term.

Results: This column shows the total number of search engine results for a keyword or term. If the number of results is low then it means that it’ll be easier for you to rank in search engines for that term and if the number of results is higher than should probably avoid it if you were thinking promoting your website using organic traffic.

Trend: Probably one of the most amazing feature which can be very useful if utilized properly. Not all keywords can be profitable, if you have a costume shop you will not get the same amount of business every month that you get during Halloween.

So, if you promote seasons or festive offers or products you can use the Trend column to find out which keyword you should be focusing on during the festive season and you can get the data for the whole year which makes it a lot easier for you to find highly profitable keywords.

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