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Should You Use SEOMoz? Is It Worth It?


Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO is a very important component if you are doing businesses online because if you are selling your products or services then your site must be on the 1st page so that people can easily find your and it is only possible with proper SEO strategy.

SEOmoz is a very good source of information if you are new in the field of SEO, To be able to plan a effective strategy you must be familiar with the field of SEO and if you don’t have any experience then you should sign up for SEOmoz because they have so much to offer and you won’t be needing anything else if you have a SEOmoz Pro account. So now let’s discuss what SEOmoz has to offer:

What is SEOmoz?

SEOmoz is a web based tool, that has a combination of various SEO tools and a active SEO community which will answer all your questions related to SEO. SEOmoz was launched in 1996 and at that time it was one of the well-known SEO consultation company in the field of SEO, but now the company has started developing SEO tools and online communities.

SEOmoz has developed dozens of SEO tools over the years and provide you every resource that is needed for being successful in the field of SEO and all that under one single platform with an elegant and easy to use interface.

SEOmoz Pro Review

What are the key Features and major Benefits of SEOmoz Pro?

Although SEOmoz has so many features and benefits but I am going to discuss only few of them and leave the rest to you since you can try used riding lawn mowers for sale for free with their 30 days trial.

One of the biggest benefit of SEOmoz is that it allows the user to utilize the SEO tools and SEO techniques even if you don’t have any SEO skills very easily. And the second biggest benefit is that SEOmoz takes the work out of SEO, thanks to their advanced tools which will save you a tremendous amount of time and Money for that matter if you utilize all the tools that they have properly.

SEOmoz Pro Free Trial

Here are some of the main features that SEOmoz offers right now:

  1. Weekly Web Crawler – Every week, SEOmoz crawler will visit your website and it will be crawled, SEOmoz will find any potential problems that might affect your search engine rankings and will report those errors in the Dashboard and also in the weekly performance report, you can fix all these issues since SEOmoz will going to provide you with the references that how you can get rid of the errors that their crawler has found. SEOmoz notify you that what errors should be fixed and how you can make your website more search engine friendly.
  2. Keyword Monitoring – The keywords that you add in your campaign are going to be monitored very closely and you will receive the ranking report every week, the report will show you which keywords have increased or decreased in ranking and also the ones that haven’t increased or decreased during that period. In addition, you can also do keyword research instantly and analyze them using SEOmoz as well, and find new keyword suggestions that you can use for your SEO campaign, it is a very useful way of finding new keywords with less competition and also the ones that are easier to rank in the search engines.
  3. Open Site Explorer (OSE) – The best SEO strategy for quick ranking is to reverse engineer what your competition is doing, in order to do that you have to keep an eye on your competitors by analyzing their backlink sources and the SEOmoz Open Site Explorer does that for you, it will constantly monitor your competitors website by analyzing how their keywords are ranking, and also by monitoring their link metrics. The open site explorer makes it so much easier for you to compete and also out rank the competition by analyzing their back-linking pattern.
  4. Link Analysis – With the link analysis tool you can find out the sites linking back to you and the websites you are linking to, also track the performance of those links that how they are performing for your website you can also find out how well your competitor’s links are performing for them. It is really crucial these days to only link to those sites that have good backlink sources because if you’re a getting a link from a website that is blacklisted or penalized because these days a lot of website owners build backlinks using software that automatically create worthless backlinks for them.

It will have a negative effect on your site as well and the only way to analyze this is through the link analysis tool. Link analysis will tell you that which websites you should be linking to and also the ones you should get a link from.

  1. SEOmoz Toolbar – When you sign up for a SEOmoz account, you can install SEOmoz toolbar on your web browser, which will provide you a lot of valuable information about every website that you visit. SEOmoz toolbar is free to use and it can be installed on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  2. Training Webinars – If you don’t have any SEO knowledge then don’t worry because SEOmoz is the best source of SEO information on the internet, you can start watching the videos and you’ll become a SEO expert in no time!

SEOmoz also hosts live webinars twice every month, and being a SEOmoz member you can participate in these webinars, you will also get access to previous Webinars as well and also download the slides and recordings on your computer or mobile. These webinar are not like what many people are selling in the market by putting a label and calling their information a Expert SEO course, these webinars are hosted by professionals and they share their case studies and they are full of pure SEO information which you will not get anywhere else even if you spend money to buy it!

  1. Forums and User Blogs – Once you sign up for SEOmoz account you will have access to different forums created by other members and SEO experts, you can get in touch with SEO experts from around the globe or post in the forums if you want to discuss something or are in need of assistance. SEOmoz members can start their own blogs as well. SEOmoz forums and users blogs are also an active community, where every member is willing to help one another and share their knowledge.
  2. SEOmoz Q & A Database – If you have any SEO related questions then you can search the Q & A database to find answers to the SEO related questions that you might have. The SEOmoz Q & A database is updated on daily basis and anyone can post questions related to SEO.
  3. Online Marketing Guides – Marketing on the internet is not limited to SEO only. Being a SEOmoz member, you will get access to the best online marketing guides that are available on the internet and you will get them for free.
  4. Social Media Monitoring – The importance of used riding mowers cannot be ignored and it continues to grow with every passing day. You can analyze the performance of your website on Social Media with SEOmoz because it is going to review and analyze your social media influence by performing different tests which in return will tell you how many people have shared your website on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and on other popular social media channels and with that data you can plan an effective social media marketing strategy to boost the performance of your website on social media as well.
  5. Mozscape API – If you have good programming knowledge and if the SEO tools and resources provided by SEOmoz are not enough for you or if want to develop a new tool that you think would be beneficial for you and your business, then you make use of the Mozscape API which is available for free to the SEOmoz members and with which you can create your own personal SEO Tools.
  6. Constant Updates – SEOmoz community is growing day by day and that is because of the fact that the SEOmoz team is constantly updating and upgrading their tools and services and also provide excellent support to new comers. SEOmoz continues to add something new to their services almost every month. The tools that you use and the information that you are reading on the websites is always up-to date and relevant.

Update: SEOmoz has recently added a new section which is known as ‘PRO-Perks’ the pro perk section has a list of 3rd party services and products that you can try out for free or receive a special discount on monthly subscription. For instance: you can try WP Engine WordPress hosting for 120 days (4 Months) totally free or you can purchase a domain from Name Cheap for $5 while normally it costs around 10$ a domain.

There are dozens of products and services in the SEOmoz Pro Perks section, here’s a screenshot of some of them:

How SEOmoz will benefit my business?

Many big corporations are already using SEOmoz for their benefit and i recommend that you should be using SEOmoz for your business as well because it is the most profitable investment that you’ll make, it doesn’t matter how big or small your business is because you can grow your business online with SEO and it is the cheapest way of promoting your business or services online.

Google being the biggest search engine in the world, constantly changes the rules and ranking algorithm and which is why many website owners who don’t have any prior SEO knowledge fail to maintain their search engine rankings, on the other hand if you are using a service like SEOmoz then you don’t have to worry about your rankings anymore because SEOmoz is the one who’ll be doing most of the SEO work (Analysis, Performance Check, Rank Tracking) while all you have to do is to play along and rectify the errors by making few simple changes to your websites in order to be in compliance with the new rules by google get stable search engine ranking.

If you are new in SEO no one is going to tell you what is right and what is wrong and quite frankly you’ll be lost because you have to use the right SEO techniques in order to rank otherwise people will misguide and instead of ranking higher you might end up losing your search engine ranking but only if you are not a SEOmoz member.

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