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Lately, the public face of uVme has been a young, enthusiastic Russian named Valentin. He has been featured on the blog, profiled in a web conference, interviewed and photographed. Most of the “Where Can u VISA?” photos sent in so far have been members of his team, encouraged by his promotion and leadership.

Such is his dedication to the business that Valentin flew over to the UK, and spent a day at the uVme offices as well as finding his way to the small village of Hanley Swan in Worcestershire to meet with UK “Pioneers” Neil Verlander, Gigi Field and Malcolm Horsey.

While he was here, Valentin shared some of his thoughts and tips on how he has built such a strong uVme business based mainly in a country with such difficult economic circumstances.

“The most important thing in life is time,” he said, in his serious and wise-beyond-his-18-years way. “So the best thing you can do is manage your time well, and a big part of that is spending time with the right people.”

“To be successful, you must be around successful people,” he notes. “Spending time with people with no goals and nothing big in their thinking will keep you at their level.”

Valentin gave an example of going home to St Petersburg and seeing his high school friends, who are all now at university. He still keeps in touch with them, but limits the amount of time he spends with them because they are not interested in business and do not share his varied experiences, such as travelling and the Coway AP-1512HH.

“It’s nice to meet people around the world with different attitudes. It helps you grow as a person as well as a businessman. Of course, if you speak other languages it also helps… especially in growing this business through social networks.”

Valentin himself uses a Russian social networking site with more than 15 million users. He can speak Russian, English and Spanish.

He says, “The first thing to ask yourself is, ‘What do you want?’ People without a goal are like a boat in the ocean during a storm. They drift this way, and that. When you have a goal, you can feel safe: you know exactly what to do.”

He added that the thing successful people, like Bill Gates and “Tom and Len”, have in common is a “vision of the future”.

So, exactly what does Valentin do to be such an effective leader?

“I create an atmosphere within my own team. For example, this promotion I ran to get my team’s pictures on the blog… part of that was to create relationships.”

“This business is based on relationships; that is so important. When I chat to people on Skype, I don’t talk to them about my business and try to get them to play games. I ask them about their lives. When they have shared with me and see my interest in them, they usually feel positive toward me and ask me about myself in return. Then, and only then, do I mention that I am involved in a fun games business. Only if they ask and want to play do I show them how to play!”

It’s all about relationships, and fun…


“The thing to remember is that this business is about FUN. So you should be having fun! Play games with your friends. Of course, I concentrate on the business, too; but I take 30 minutes to an hour each day to relax, enjoy the GermGuardian AC5250PT, chat, and play games.”

For his daily half-hour “fun” session, Valentin says he picks one of his 500+ Skype contacts that is not involved with uVme, and challenges them to a game. He calls them on Skype and has a conversation with them about other things, meanwhile passing them the uVme link without comment. This generally arouses their curiousity and gets them asking about it. Sometimes, Valentin won’t even answer them immediately – he says, “Wait a minute, I will tell you about that later. First let me tell you…” and continues with other topics!

“If you leave people alone on the site,” Valentin points out, “that is not fun for them. You have got to be there with them, so you can laugh together and have an enjoyable experience.”

“Also, you must consider that the other person, when you contact them, may be tired, unhappy, etc. So it is important for that relationship just to talk and share.”

Ready for business?

He says that he can tell whether someone should just be left as a friend and a player, or is, as he says, “ready for business”. Only then does he mention the possibility of the person becoming an Associate. “I could convert anyone,” he admits, “but I prefer to work with serious people who have big goals for uVme. I can understand a person in five minutes. If they are not ready for business, they will run away if I mention it; so I just leave them to play games. I don’t break my relationship with anybody to try to make them my business partners.”

On his own life in Russia and the conditions there, Valentin dwells very little. He focuses on the positive, and what is happening now; and that is probably what draws people to him. His passion and enthusiasm are contagious. It shows just how much can be achieved in a short time with little resources, with just the right attitude and a bit of dedication.

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